Monster Integration - Chapter 1769 - Bone

Chapter 1769 - Bone

Chapter 1769 - Bone

"Darling, even with your Bloodline, it will be very dangerous for you to drink S+ Grade Blood Furnance Potion; take the S Grade one; it will be a lot safer to you," the Teacher advised.

"No," she said adamantly before her eyes softened. "Times are changing, and everybody is stronger. Look at Micheal, how strong he is; despite being on the same level, I felt like he could crush me with single finer," Elina said. Her words took me by quite a surprise.

I am releasing the aura that of the powerful Emperor; it is quite strong, stronger than what Elina is releasing, but nowhere nearly real power; despite that, Elina was able to predict my strength which is not easy seeing how tightly I am controlling my energies.

Her intuition seemed to be strengthened by her Bloodline; I will have to work harder to strengthen my energy control and would even need to use Rule Bending power to avoid such powerful intuitions provided by the Bloodlines.

"Fine, but let me make the preparation first," the Teacher said with a sigh. She sounds a little defeated; first, her sister decided to drink the potion, and now her daughter. If I had been in her place, I would felt the same as what she is feeling.

"Since you have given me a gift, Micheal, it is fair that I would reciprocate the gesture," Elina said suddenly and took out a broken bone size of her hand. It looked quite dirty, and there are lots of holes in it as if some insects have burrowed inside it.

The moment my gaze fell on it, I shook, and I sensed intense hunger from my Inheritance runes for that bone; I never felt such heavy hunger even when I saw the divine crystals a few days ago.

This feeling far surpa.s.sed the ones that my runes have given me seeing the divine crystal. It is a hundred times stronger, and if it was not for my self-control, I would leap at Elina and taken the bone from her hands.

"What is this bone? Where did you get it?" I asked. With the reaction of my runes, it is very clear this bone is very important to the runes, and I want to get is more of these if possible.

"I had got it from the ruins I went a few months back." She replied. "This dirty-looking bone is extremely strong; even my strongest attack could not leave a scratch on it, and my bloodline wants to burn it into ashes," she added before she threw the bone at me.

I caught the bone and found the reaction from my runes got even more intense; I ignored their reaction and begin to observe it carefully.


As I observed the bone, I couldn't help but get surprised. At first glance, the dirty looking signs on the bones have seemed to be the signs of decay and not of dirty and other things, but this decay did not seem to be caused by the pa.s.sage of time, but due to the powerful attack, the decay seemed to be too uniformed to caused by the time.

The small holes present in bones are made by the insect; they are too clear and precise, they also seemed to be from the attack.

As for what being this bone is from and what part it belongs to, it is very hard to discern since it is broken. At first glance, it seemed like a bone from the limb, but the more I observe, it is not the case.

The bone seemed to be emitting some kind of invisible energy which even my senses were not able to sense, but the closer the bone gets to me, the more hunger my runes would feel.

I observe it for few minutes and found there are more questions about the bones in my mind and answers. I will have to research it in detail if I want to find something concrete about it.

"The bone is very useful to me, do you any more such bones?" I asked Eline with hopeful eyes. It would be amazing if Elina has more of these bones.

"No, it is the only one I got!" She said, and I could only sigh in regret. Still, I am very happy, I am able to get such treasure, I can feel this bone is going to be very useful to me.

I stayed in the Teacher's office for half an hour more before I flying out of it. In a short time, many big things have happened which will have a huge effect on the Academy.

For a second, I throught I made a bad decision bringing out Bloodline Furnace Potion seeing quickly Professor made a decision to use it, which could have grave consequences on her and Academy, but when I thought about it, I found the decision of Professor is wise and not rushed at all.

Currently, Professor has something that could stabilize her Bloodline. If she drinks the Bloodline Furnace Potion now, that hair could also help Professor strengthen the resistance of the Bloodline against the potion, which will, in turn, increase her chances of survival.

I will pray that she survives; she is one of the few Elite Tyrants that the Academy has, and we need strong people like her in the coming war, not to forget she is one of the people in Academy I am very close to, it would be a great personal loss if something happened to her.


Soon, I reached my home and went to my office/research room, and took out the bone that Elina gave me. This bone gave a hundred time stronger feeling than that of the divine crystal, and I want to know what this bone have that made my runes hunger for it intensely.

The more I find about it, the better I will be able to utilize it in strengthening, not to forget it will also help me in finding more treasures like it.