Monster Integration - Chapter 1766 - Meeting

Chapter 1766 - Meeting

Chapter 1766 - Meeting

Crunch Crunch Crunch

The crunching sound rang out from tens of layers of dried skin that are sticking into my body; not all skin had fallen off, there are still many layers sticking into my body, not to forget overgrown hair all over.

I now had a mustache covering my lips and beard that reached till my c.h.e.s.t and head hair that are several meters long; these are ones that are most visible, there are other places where thick hairs had grown, and it is making me feel very icky.

Without wasting any time, I covered myself with my silver fire, burning nearly all the dried skin and excessive hair on my body.

I looked at my long hair; it is longer than a character in a cartoon. I wanted to keep them such long and surprise the Teacher, but I shook my head and created scissors of fire and cut my meters long hair.

I then begin to style my hair, using multiple fire scissors, controlling them to such a fine degree that they would not cut a hair more than I wanted. Twenty minutes later, I am finished.

I stored my long hair instead of burning them before walking into the shower, cleaning away all the ash that had remained from the burned skin and hair.

"Wow, I really look different," I said as I walked out of the bathroom and look myself in the mirror. There is great change had occurred in me; the change is such big that even I am quite surprised to see it.

First and foremost, my height seemed to have increased by half an inch; I am clearly taller than before and even a little leaner. My skin had become so l.u.s.trous and vibrant that even a baby would get jealous of me.

My hair is now different, they have become even darker, and there seemed to be a s.h.i.+ne into them, not to forget, this time, I have kept them a little longer, reaching my neck. This new hairstyle looked amazing and so different that I wanted to revert back to my old hairstyle.

The changes seemed to have occurred into my eyes, too, as they seemed to be quite vibrant, emitting a faint s.h.i.+ne.

With all these outer changes, my average face became quite handsome. A few years ago, if someone had shown a photo of the current me and said it could be me in few years, I would have kicked that fellow so much that he had fallen unconscious.

While the outer changes are amazing, they are nothing compared to that of the inner changes. It is without a doubt that I had grown considerably stronger without filling a single hexagonal cube of honeycomb, but it is the least notable change.

The Cosmic Elemental energies had not only to strengthen my body and also but cleansed it. My body has become much more flexible and easier to control.

My soul has become clearer, the world in front of me seemed bright, and my thoughts have become clear, which is a blessing to me. The sheer mental work I do in Inheritance s.p.a.ce is huge; the clearer mind and faster will help me greatly.

I wanted to test my strength, but I feel too tired to do that; that inhuman pain had left quite a strain on me that I just had to sleep it all off, and I did just that.

As soon as I freshened up, I went to the training room and did not come out for an hour. When I came out, I wall sweaty all over my body, but there was a bright smile on my face; the improvements were better than I had imagined.

If I fought the last Grimm Monster now, I wouldn't have to resort tricks to defeat it, I could defeat it directly with my strength.

I showerd, cooked breakfast and ate with Ashlyn before laid on the couch and went to Inheritance s.p.a.ce and started to study two scrolls, I did that for three hours of outside time before I opened my eyes and flew out of my house towards the teachers office.


A few minutes later, I landed in front of teachers office building and walked inside and soon, I reached the teachers office.

"Knock Knock,"

"Come in, Micheal," Teacher said from her office, seeing that I opened the door, walked inside. Teacher sitting on her usual spot with multiple screens floating on the left side and she glancing at them now and them while typing orders.

There are two more people sitting opposite to her, one is Professor and the other is Elina, she had returned a month ago from the Grimm Battlefield and unsurprisingly, she is at the peak of Emperor Stage with pretty powerful aura.

"Miche" Teacher looked as she is saying my name but she stopped midway and as great surprice flashed into her eyes as she looked at me.

"What the h.e.l.l is happened to you? you were fine yesterday," Professor asked as she looked at me from up to down. "I used amazing thing yesterday, it worked much better than I had expected it to work," I replied with smile.

"I really want whatever thing change you into this, do you have any of it left?" Elina asked as she looked at me with glittering eyes.

"Sorry, I used up all I have but I do have something that you will very much," I said to her and the glitter in her eyes became brighter. "What is it? give it to me" Elina said, nearly leaping at me.

"Elina manners," the Teacher said sternly, her words deflected all the excitement she was feeling but she is still looking at me with hopeful eyes.