Monster Integration - Chapter 171 Out of Realm: Final Battle XIV

Chapter 171 Out of Realm: Final Battle XIV

"Bam!" The monster's body collided against me and I lost consciousness for the moment.

Next second when I got conscious, I got relieved to find I am still on the giant body of Fiery Lion.

That was close shave to death! I said internally and started checking my injuries.

I got surprised to find that there was no claw mark on my body and just the fiery lions body collided against me, sending me away.

I still received heavy injuries though but they are manageable as long as I eat the treant heart.

I quickly ate one treant heart and chilling sensation spreading all over my body, healing my injuries.

My face changed a little seeing how few treants heart left in my sleeve, I quickly have to kill another Treant monster to replenish my reserve.

This time I healed completely without disturbance, before joining battle I first want to access my abilities.

After leveling up, my mana reserve got bigger with it, I will have an easier time executing much skill without worrying about mana.

One thing that made me most happy that now, I can launch three mana bolt with fire strike and mana it will cost me the same as before about 85%.

After reaching my mana and abilities, I got up and take a look at the battlefield, I got little startled by what I saw.

There seem to be six new super elites in the battlefield with many more elites.

I thought they would be bringing two or three super elites if we are lucky but never expected them to bring six of them.

With fifteen super elites, the battlefield mostly controlled, although monsters keep boring in, people handling it well with rising momentum.

One thing I found most fascinating that I've never seen super elite drinking any potion to replenish their mana no matter how many attacks they launched, I will ask William about this if I got the chance.

I stayed hidden for two minutes before spotting my target, I stood up and jumped forward while activating both lively wind and sky steps.

With both skills activating together not only my speed is fast but I can also jump longer.

After jumping from a second foothold, I made the third foothold seeing my target is still little way.

'Zup zup Zup…' seeing I am jumping in the sky, I quickly come under a barrage of wind blades but except for they didn't do much damage as long as it is not Corporal level one that is not attacking me.

Attacking from the sky is one of the safest methods, there is no obstruction from the surface monsters.

And I am at a relatively high distance from which not treants branches not black slime toad to reach me.

Jumping from the third foothold I attacked, ''Fire strike!" I wave my sword three times consecutively.

Seeing I have three silver fire bolts in my hand, I decided the other two bolts to kill the dotted snake and Black slime toad that were near it.

I started to go down as I lost the momentum of a jump but as I was falling I activated sky steps again and created a foothold, with the help of my landing had become a breeze.

I quickly went treant and removed it mana heart, I divided its pieces into my sleeves and started the fight again.

Time pa.s.sed by as I keep fighting, the monsters are getting killed every minute of the collective effort of everyone.

There are casualties but most of the people quickly saved by the super elites.

Only unlucky some people like me who were reached near death door, some crossed while others are saved by their efforts or others.

It's been four hours since I've been fighting and I've got many times seriously injured and sneaked attack but I survived.

The battle had become completely chaotic, I am fighting at a completely different place that I was fighting before.

I have no idea where jill or my other teammates are but I am sure they will be fine knowing their strength.

As I fought, I especially targeted treants, whenever I spot the Treant and I will kill it first and then take out its heart right away without waiting for later.

These hearts will help me very much in the future.

The four hours were quite dangerous but also quite fortunate, I learned quite a lot and got the full control over my strength as I have just leveled up.

The most important thing is about my skill Fire Strike, whenever I activated the fire strike it would take near 90% percent of my mana and it's the same after leveling up but now it's different.

I've come to know that if I supply only 30% percent mana to Fire Strike, it will produce only single firebolt.

Now I don't have to feed 90% of my mana to fire strike for three fire bolts when I have only need for one.

Although I would have come to know this eventually in a week or two after researching skill it's good, now that accidentally discovered it.

My other two skill contribution is not less than Fire Strike, with the combination of both, digging and avoiding attacking became easy but most importantly it makes attacking extremely easy through the help of sky steps.

No monster ever able to dodge my attack which I launched through the mid-air.

In these four hours, we have killed nearly half of the monster and if we go on at this speed, we will finish this battle by mid-afternoon.

I feel a little frightening to thinking that four thousand people will able to finish more than thirty thousand powerful monsters in eight to nine hours.

In one point of view, it seems extremely hard near impossible but on another point of it seem very possible.

Everyone here had been fighting monsters nonstops for near three weeks.

In these three weeks, except for sleeping, they fight. They fought so much in the three weeks that it had become an instinct.

In the fighting not only they leveled up, but they also gained immense experience and let's not forget the environment of this realm which helps them rapidly increase the purity of their mana as long as they had not reached the great limit.

I can say with confidence that every person who entered this realm with the Specialist power had reached the great limit and some of these had reached the purity of 90% and there is no need to talk about Corporal level one.

As time pa.s.sed by more and more monster got killed and pressure is also lessened which in turn increased the speed on monster killing.

By the time early afternoon came only three thousand monsters remained which were killed every second.

That time I had expertly look at the entrance as this is the when monsters launched another surprise attack and I expect they did launch it with about hundred and fifty gigantified monsters.

The gigantic monster came with a loud noise, they looked very scary and threating but they were not able to do much except squs.h.i.+ng one is idiot, who forgot run for whatever reason.

The Giagantified monsters were killed in fifteen minutes of entering the dome, it would have taken longer if there were normal five thousand monsters instead of them.

Soon after the gigantified minister is dead, the people became more enthusiastic about killing monsters that they finished the whole three thousand monsters within half an hour.