Monster Integration - Chapter 1762 - Fishing I

Chapter 1762 - Fishing I

Chapter 1762 - Fis.h.i.+ng I

These people of Blood Sun are really something; now that I had healed the twins, they could not wait to get me out.

"Since you are not able to find anything, Lady Jasmine, I likely won't be able to find anything," I said and appeared next to the pods where twins are lying.

The pods in which twins are lying look quite archaic; they looked like they are made of stones. If one did not see the micro runes that are covering every inch of the pods, one would not even glance at them.

I first turn my gaze toward Sophia's flaming red inner projection. The whole projection is flaming red in color. It looked like internals of Sophia are made of flaming red crystals. The only place one could see another color other than red is her core, where there is a ting of purple.

Her whole body is transformed by the cosmic flame element, and as time pa.s.sed, this flame cosmic will enrich her at a greater level, increasing her strength even further.

The internal magical structure of Elemental Bodies is different, a way different than of the normal humans, seeing it, I couldn't help but get enamored by it, and many types of inspirations begin to bombard my mind.

As I had said, the elemental bodies are a treasure trove of knowledge; they are children of the universe, and each part of them is powerful and efficient to the extreme.

After staring at Sophia's internal projection for a while, I started to study it more thoroughly. Checking each magical pathway and flow of energy carefully by magnifying it hundreds of times and is a good thing; these pods let me do such a thing.

More than two hours before finally, I put back the projection to its original size and moved my hands toward Sophia.

Old healer Jasmine who was standing not far away from me did not stop, just kept looking as she had been doing for the past two and half hour.

My hand pa.s.sed through the energy layer of the pod and touched the c.h.e.s.t of Sophia. One might think, their skin would feel hard seeing their crystalline bodies, but it is not the case. Their crystalline skin felt soft, soft like a baby's, and it was slightly warmer than the normal skin, which is likely due to her element.

As I placed my hand on the c.h.e.s.t of Sophia, she shook visibly, and her hands twitched a little, but other than that, she did not do anything else.

I sent string of soul sense into her and with soul sense, I had also sent thin string of the Rule Bending power.

These pods are very advanced; they were able to detect my soul and projected it into projection. In the projection, one could see my soul sense spreading all over Sophia's body.

The soul sense is just decoy for my real purpose; the pods are so advanced that they let me see deeper than my soul sense could, but I needed a purpose to touch her and fish out the real thing.

The string made of the rule-bending power reached the core and pa.s.sed through it without any resistance. Even my soul sens is facing the immense resistance, and if not for Sophia letting it spread, it would be repelled from her, no matter how hard I tried.

Still, there is one place where my soul sense was not able to reach and that is her core, as soon as my soul sense touched it, it got repelled hard. It is not surpricing seeing the core have such powerful defenses

The string of Rule bending power reached the Sophia's core and went inside it without feeling any kind of resistance.

Base of the core is made of the Rule Bending power, so it is not much surpring that string of Rule bending power went inside it without any problem.

As the string of Rule Bending power entered inside the Sophia Core, I found it is vast, it is like the whole new world itself and it is very complex, filled with dense fire elemental cosmic energy which is rolling like a tides.

I am shocked seeing such a scene inside her core; I had expected to see something surprising inside her core but did not expect to see such a scene; it looked like I had far too underestimated Elemental Bodies and getting that thing from her core would be harder than I initially thought.

If this string of Rule Bending power caught in the tides, it would be destroyed, which I could not let it happen.

The string may be finer than hair, but it is made from nearly 40% of Rule Bending power I have, once it is destroyed, I will only have enough energy to create one string, which I want to use on Raina's core, so I have only one chance at it.

I observed the tides for a while, but as the strings begin to move, avoiding tide after tide. It is a good thing; I know the place of the thing I am searching for; I just need to find that thing.

The strings moved, avoiding powerful tides that could destroy it till finally, it reached that thing. Seeing that thing, a shock couldn't help but spread through my body, and I was barely able to keep my emotions in check.

In front of the Rule, bending string is a twin-colored capsule, like the medicine capsule that doctors provide to those who hadn't begin the practice yet.

The capsule is red and violet color; the flaming red color is covering half part of it while violet color is covering half of it.

I did not waste any time, and after checking the condition of the capsule, I wrapped the strings around the capsule tightly and begin to pull it out with great caution. I do not want to damage the capsule in my hurry; it would be disastrous if that were to happen.