Monster Integration - Chapter 1761 - Reinhart Tower

Chapter 1761 - Reinhart Tower

Chapter 1761 - Reinhart Tower

"Teacher, why did not you give Micheal permission to enter the secrete library? You know he deserved it after he saved us?" Raina asked a minute after Micheal left.

Both of them are a little angry with their teacher. They are very well aware of how important the knowledge is for the host of Celestial Inheritance and giving it Micheal not only would have a lesson the burden of favor Micheal did for them but also would have created a good impression in Micheal's heart for their organization.

"You girls still do not understand the might of Celestial Inheritance." Their teacher said. "We can not afford to give him a single advantage before he joined us formally,"

"Seeing his strength and what he is able to do, I am guessing he is already very close to creating Tyrant Inheritance, and if we give him what he needs, then he might as well finish Tyrant Inheritance, and we can't have that." He added with a sigh.

Twins opened their mouths to say something but closed after some thoughts. They are not naïve to think every powerful person will have the same interest as them, and sometimes the interests clash.

They love their friend and hope for him to succeed in every avenue of life, but they still hope they and their organization would remain strong to influence the world around them and maintain survival.

The Supremes may seem all-powerful and indestructible, but throughout history, supremes have been wiped out too, and Grimm Monsters are also not the only ones who were able to accomplish that deed.

History is proof of what an all-powerful person can do; Ramona Hawthorn herself had destroyed a Supreme with thousands of years of foundation.

"Looking at your expressions, it looked like the old man did not give you what you wanted," Professor said as I walking into the living room.

It would be wrong to say I am not disappointed with how my meeting had gone, but the result is not surprising. As the teacher had said, the supremes would not let a variable rise, especially the variable they could not control.

We ate dinner together before they left for the academy. Teacher had already been here for nearly two weeks.

Teacher did not stay long anywhere for this amount of time, and if the Blood Sun had not been a supreme, she would have left it as soon as possible.

Other than that, I also have to perform few checkups on the twins, who are a treasure trove of knowledge.

Four to five days are not enough, but I could not stay here longer; I am sure if I did not leave this place in the week, they would find a way for me to leave. So, it is better for me to take my leave gracefully without any hard feelings.

I stayed up a little late, going over the footage I had recorded in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, extracting the important data from it; it is exhausting but fulfilling work. What I got now is not even the tip of the iceberg which I will get tomorrow when I checked up on the twins.

Next morning, I woke up a little late, freshened up, and showered before walking into the kitchen to cook myself a great breakfast. Fifty minutes later, there was an elaborate breakfast in front of Ashlyn and me.

I had just finished with the breakfast when the doorbell rang, and old healer Jasmine had appeared. Like Lord Mycroft, she also teleported me from the doorway, but the place she took me is completely different than where Lord Mycroft took me.

"Welcome to Reinhart Tower!" Old Healer Jamsmine announced as we appeared by the huge gla.s.s window.

Through the gla.s.s, I could see the clouds everywhere below me'; the clouds are so dense here that I could not see the ground.

I looked outside for a few seconds before I turned back and looked at the huge hall, which is filled with instruments. These instruments are the wet dream of all the healers; nearly all the instruments are from runes, so rare that only supremes could have them.

'The Reinhart Tower is really legendary; just a single hall contains such precious instruments; I wonder what the rest of the tower contain,' I throught.

The Reinhart Tower is the headquarters of Blood Sun's medical departments. All the powerful healers of Blood Sun work here, and old healer Jasmine is director of the tower.

"The twins are waiting for you, Micheal," Old Healer Jasmine said and took me to the adjacent room, where twins are lying in a huge pod with an internal projection of their bodies floating above them; when I saw those projections, I stopped on my tracks.

"Amazing," Couldn't help come out of my mouth, "I was this shocked too when I saw it yesterday; it is beyond amazing," Old Healer Jasmine said, and I couldn't help but nod.

"The elemental bodies are really something; they are completely different from anything Ive seen before," "The way their core absorbs the energy and digest it couldn't help but make one jealous," She said, and I again couldn't help but nod again.

It could be said that they are improving at every breath, their core would suck the energy, and it is not the normal energy that we take but the energy with the speck of cosmic, which would then spread over theor bodies.

Even if these two did not get any resources, they would continue improving, and their speed would be shocking that barely anyone would be able to compete against them.

"I had looked at every inch of them but did not find anything wrong with them, but my old eyes might have missed something that you will able to see," Old Healer Jasmine said as she motioned me toward the pods of the twins.