Monster Integration - Chapter 1763 - Fishing II

Chapter 1763 - Fishing II

Chapter 1763 - Fis.h.i.+ng II

Taking out the capsule is much harder than I throught; even with the special properties of the rule-bending power, the capsule is quite heavy. It had taken me thrice the time to take out the capsule than it took to reach the capsule, but I finally did it.

Finally, the capsule came out of the Sophia Core.

The capsule, despite its size, did not show on the projection; not only that, even Sophia could not sense it despite it being inside her. Still, I did not want to take any chances and quickly brought the capsule up toward my hand.

Soon, it had reached my hand and seeped inside my skin before directly going inside my Inheritance core before anyone noticing.

A few seconds later, I removed my hands from Sophia's c.h.e.s.t and walked toward Raina. She gave me a smile seeing me appearing next to her, and smiled back before I started to study her internal projection.

The internal structure of twins is similar, so similar that even one might feel they are clones of each other and not sisters. If not for their different elements and nature, I would have definitely regarded them as clones.

I observed the internal structure of Raina for an hour before putting my hand on her c.h.e.s.t, which is a little colder than normal, just like Sophia's was warmer than natural. She shook visibly but did not resist; it is a clinical procedure, there is nothing personal about it.

Just like I did with Sophia, I spread my soul sense into her body with the string of Rule Bending power.

Soon the string of Rule bending power reached her core and inside her tree shape core is a glacial world that is filled with powerful snowstorms of cosmic ice energy. They are just as powerful as the fiery tides in Sophia's core.

The string went deeper into the core and found the twin color capsule, which looked similar to the one I had found in Sophia's core, with it having snow-white half instead of the fiery red half.

After a very cautious few minutes, I was able to bring the capsule out of Raina's core, and a few seconds after that, the capsule was safely tucked away in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce. With that done, I took back my soul sense and remove my hands from Raina's c.h.e.s.t.

"So, did you find any problem with twins?" Old healer Jasmine asked, startling me quite a bit. She had been silent for so long that when she spoke suddenly, I couldn't help but get startled.

"Yes, I did found something, but it could not be considered a problem," I said gently before I manipulated the projection of the twins and focused on the part magical veins that are connected to the twins of the

"See the magical veins connected to the leftmost section of the twins; these twenty-something veins are transferring about 15% less amount of energy than the other veins, and due to close proximity to the core, the pod was not able to detect it," I said.

A flash of surprise couldn't help but appear on old healer Jasmine's face, and she suddenly appeared beside me and quickly magnified the veins on the projection and begin to look at them carefully; she had done that for about twenty minutes before she had stopped.

"Looks like I am really getting old that I could not even detect a simple problem," Old Healer Jasmine said.

If anybody to hearing her say that, they would be shocked. She is one of the foremost healers in the world and could be counted in the Top 10.

"It is a very sneaky problem, and I would not have been able to detect it if not for me being present during the Core Formation of the twins," I said.

"The magical veins behave normally till a certain level of energy transmit through them, but when energy crossed the limit, the problem inside the veins begins to act up; it is a problem that twins are born with," I added.

"The veins are quite tricky to heal, especially of the Elemental Bodies, which we barely know anything about. Do you have any suggestions?" She asked.

"We don't have to do anything about it. If you had not noticed before, the veins are healing themselves slowly; within a week, the tiny problem would disappear itself," I explained.

Hearing that old healer Jasmine and twins couldn't help but take a sigh of relief, problems in the veins are big things, and as one progresses higher, the problem became bigger. The sooner one deals with such a problem, the better.

"Other than that, did you find anything else?" Old healer Jasmine asked, "No, this is all I could find." I said with a smile. "Good, now I could finally take a sigh of relief," She said as she looked at the twins who were getting out of the pod.

A minute later, lord Mycroft appeared in the lab and took the twins away. I couldn't help but smile in my mind seeing that Lord Mycroft has a high standing in the world; he could be said to be one of the most powerful people in the world, could easily be counted among the top 100.

Such powerhouse is seemed to be responsible for ferrying people around, of course, seeing he is ferrying to Sophia and Raina, who had elemental bodies, n.o.body would dare to laugh at him; the twins are too important, both to their organization and the world.

"Come, let's go into my office; the method you used to heal the twins is quite peculiar; I would love to know more about it," Old Healer Jasmine said after the twins left.

"It would be my honor, lady Jasmine," I said, and I followed her toward her office. It is a rare opportunity that very few would get; this old lady is filled with knowledge, it would be great to know the ideas of the expert healer other than the teacher.