Monster Integration - Chapter 1758 - Reality

Chapter 1758 - Reality

Chapter 1758 - Reality

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked, hearing my question; a guilty expression appeared on their faces.

"We have come to thank you," Raina said, sounding very guilty. "You have saved our lives, but we did even spoke a single word to you when we came out of the tower yesterday," Sophia added, sounding just as guilty expressions as Raina.

"We wanted to come yesterday, but the teacher said you are tired and resting," Raina explained guiltily.

"You are my friends; I need no thank you for saving you guys," I said, which is, of course, a lie.

To be honest, I was a little angry with the twins. I had revealed many of my secrets, healing them, especially the rule-bending power, not to forget my whole reputation and immense resources of Blood Sun were on the line, if I had failed in saving them, repercussions would have been very bad.

Professor had pointed that out last night, even though the teacher did not say anything; I know she is also quite displeased about their unthankful behavior.

"You are too good, Micheal." "We understand how big of a risk you took yesterday in saving us, and we can't thank you enough for that," Sophia and Raina said one after another.

"It is at least I could do for my friends," I said genuinely. Though I am a little displeased by their earlier behavior, they are still my friends, and to save them, I would make the same choices given time.

"How are guys feeling? Are you feeling any discomfort, destabilization?" I asked. Now that they have thanked me, it is time to move on.

I am very interested in the elemental bodies; they are a treasure trove of the knowledge that I required. I would be very much interested in deeply examining their bodies.

"No, we are not feeling anything discomfort or anything." "It could be said that we are feeling amazing; the cosmic bodies we have gained give us impeccable insight and control over our respective elements; it is unlike we have ever experienced before," Sophia said excitedly.

"The Elemental Bodies aren't called children of the universe for nothing; what you guys are feeling now is just a tip of the iceberg of what Elemental Bodies could do," I said with a smile.

Even I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of them for a moment before I crush that feeling. While Elemental Bodies are amazing, my Inheritance runes did not pale compared to them; they bear the same or even greater potential than that of the Elemental Bodies.

"We would love to stay and talk to you, Micheal, but we have to return early," Raina said guiltily, "No problem, you guys coming here personally is already more than enough for me," I said. "We will meet you at teachers home in the evening, Micheal," The twins said before disappearing with old healer Jasmine.

"At least these girls have sensibility; let's just hope the old man had the same sensibility as them and offer you a visit to their great library," Professor said a moment after they left.

"Josie!" Teacher admonished.

"Micheal deserves it, big sister." "He had done a great favor to the Blood Sun big sister; I may not know much about the Elemental Bodies, but I know enough they will going to have a big effect on the Blood Sun, In compare to that giving him few days in their secrete library is nothing." Professor defended and, hearing that teacher, could only sigh.

While to others, secrete libraries of supremes may not mean much but to me, who had celestial Inheritance, it is a world that no treasure could compare. The knowledge in the libraries of Supremes could help me successfully create Tyrant Inheritance.

With my meeting with Lord Al, my horizon had expanded, and I understand what type of Inheritance I have to create; and for it, I need a great amount of knowledge.

I believe I have 90% of what I need; those seven books that hidden being have provided contain an immense amount of knowledge, but I still need more, especially of a different type; I could not make my Inheritance solely of the seven elements, not after such great changes have occurred to my runes.

It would be amazing if I could gain access to their Secrete Library; one week would be enough for me to flip through the pages of books I need and record them in my Inheritance, and after, I could fully focus on creating my Inheritance without care for anything.

There is a good chance they might let me visit their secrete library, and I hope they do; I really need all the knowledge I could get.

"Micheal, don't get your hopes up." Teacher said with a sigh, likely guessing what I am thinking. "While you have done them a great service and very much deserve that reward, they would not be necessary to give it to you."

"Supremes are highly compet.i.tive, and they might not offer you the benefits you need; it will just create the variable they can not control which they did not want to happen, especially when that variable is from the lower-level organization unless, of course, you joined them," She adds.

Hearing her words, the reality couldn't help but be down on me.

While we humans are united in the face of great danger, the union is not as pure as it propagated. Self-interest and politics heavily ruled in our hearts.

"Don't worry too much about it, Micheal; Patriarch Bradford is honorable sort; there is a very good chance he will give you the privilege to visit their secrete library." Teacher said with a smile, seeing the smile on her face; a smile couldn't help spread on my face.