Monster Integration - Chapter 1759 - Invitation I

Chapter 1759 - Invitation I

Chapter 1759 - Invitation I

The day pa.s.sed by, and soon the evening approached. The fake funeral started to in the afternoon finished in the evening.

It is a shame that I did not get to attend the funeral; I had never been to a fake funeral. Teacher and Professor both have been to at least one fake funeral.

"Ring Ring!"

I was sitting in a living room, talking with talking with Professor and Teacher when a bell rang and the projection of a person who rang the bell appear in front of us for a second before disappearing, at our level, even if that images flashed for hundredth of a second, we would have able to see it clearly.

"If you get a chance, Micheal, ask for it," Professor said. I nodded at her, understanding what she meant before appeared next to the door and opening it.

"Lord Mycroft," I said as I opened the door. "Micheal, the Patriarch, is waiting for you," He said without entering the house.

"Ok," I said and took a step toward him, and just as I did, I found scenery in front of me changed, and I found myself in front of a five-story mansion that looked like it is made of marble and it is made of marble and not a normal marble either but a special marble which naturally gathers ambient mana.

The mansion is a simple design but still looked beautiful; it looked very natural and is not something made by humans. The way it melds with the surrounding is really amazing; the architect who built this building must be really talented.

It is in a secluded spot; all around it, I could see the trees and sounds of monsters that lingering very close to the mansion but not daring to cross the invisible like around it.

"The mansions name is Mist Abode, it was designed by the 41st Head of Blood Sun, he was a very accomplished architect." Lord Mycroft stated as he took a step toward the mansion; I nodded and followed behind him silently.


Lord Mycroft opened the huge gates of the mansion, and as I entered inside, I felt like I had entered the mana well. The mana is so dense that I could literally taste it, and it is also very gentle that it was easily able to seep inside my skin.

Just like when he took me to the tower made of the Blood Red Vitality crystals, this time he did not give me any chance to talk and climbed the stairs; I silently followed behind him without any objection.

"Patriarch, I brought Micheal Zaar!" He said, for a moment, there was no reply before an old familiar sound came from inside.

"Send him in,"

The old sound came inside the room, and the next second, the elaborate door opened enough that I could pa.s.s through it comfortably. "Go in," Lord Mycroft said; I nodded at him before walking inside.

As I walked inside, I found myself in the spartan hall with minimal decoration, but everything it had is of the grade that would make even Leader Cla.s.s Tyrant's eyes go round with envy.

There are three people inside the hall, aside from the patriarch, who is sitting on a red wooden chair, with twins sitting on both sides of him.

"Grand Lord," I greeted respectfully. "Micheal, after what you did, you did not have to be this formal with me," Patriarch Bradford said. To that, I could only smile.

No matter what he said, this man in front of me is one of the most powerful people in the world. Even with my current strength, he could kill me without me knowing how.

"Take a seat, Micheal; I have some things to discuss with you," He said and motioned me toward the chair. "Thank You, Grand Lord," I said and took a seat.

"First and foremost, I have to thank you for saving my students. If not for your timely help, my precious students wouldn't be sitting beside me," He said as he looked at Sofia and Raina lovingly.

"They are also my friends Grand Lord, and as long as it is within my power, I would do anything to help them," I said, "I hope we will be able to do the same to you, Micheal, when you are in need," Sophia said. "I will be counting on you then," I replied with a smile.

"Micheal, how do you feel about joining Blood Sun?" Patriarch Bradford asked, surprising me greatly. I had expected this question to come but did had not expected he would ask this soon.

"Grand Lord, this too hard question which I could not give an answer to right now," I said. I did not directly reject his invitation; it is not wise to do that when it came to people like him.

He did not seem to be mad about my rejection; he seemed to have expected I would say something like it.

"Micheal, you should be aware that for the Celestial Inheritance host to break through the Tyrant stage, you will need resources that your academy could not provide."

"You will need resources like divine crystals and knowledge that only Supremes possess, and if you join us, every resource we have will be at your disposal; we will not hold back even a single thing from you," said the patriarch and his proposal held such an allure that I had nearly opened my mouth to accept his offer.

I know what he said is true; the person of such standing would not lie to someone like me and not forget the miracles my predecessor had done are enough for him to offer something like it, not to forget he should already know about the things about me other than my healing talent which alone is enough to warrant such thing.

"You give me too much importance, patriarch," I said again, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with his proposal.