Monster Integration - Chapter 1757 - Shock

Chapter 1757 - Shock

Chapter 1757 - Shock

"There is something I want to give you, teacher," I said and took out five sealed boxes from my storage.

"What are these?" She asked, seeing the boxes. "Open them," I replied without answering. She looked at me for a second before she picked up a box and opened it.

"Emperor Grade Essence Rose, wait, no, its not Emperor Grade but TYRANT!" Teacher exclaimed loudly, especially the last word as she looked at the Tyrant Grade Essence Roses. Professor had also picked one box and opened it; inside it was black Colored essence rose.

The Tyrant Grade Essence Roses are very different from Emperor Grade and others essence roses. The energy inside them is huge, so huge that if I am able to somehow explode all the energy, it would even be a threat to the Elite Tyrant.

Till now, I did not focus much on the applications of the Essence Roses; the only I had focused on researching for data which could be used in my Inheritance, but with the sheer amount of energy, these Tyrant Grade roses couldn't help but make me think about bombs.

The things that could harm the Tyrants are very few, but these Tyrant grade essence roses have potential, and for that, I did not need rare and precious resources. I will just need to do some tinkering with roses, and I am sure I could transform them into bombs.

Academy had researched quite a lot in essence roses, they are being used in the artificing and alchemy, I will have to read those research notes carefully when I went back to the academy.

"These Essence Roses are too powerful; with such power, they could be used in many things," the Teacher said softly as she took an essence rose in her hand. She is handling it very delicately, fearing it would explode if she handled it wrong.

Despite having such huge power, it will not going to explode; it is unlike the first generation of essence rose, which were delicate and got spoiled with slight mishandling.

I have done great research on them, and now even if someone throws a punch at them. The energy inside then would just be dispersed instead of exploding.

"These roses means you could kill the Tyrants, right?" Teacher asked; her voice is much calmer than before, but hidden excitement could see deep within her eyes.

"Only the most weakest one; I am no match for Elite," I replied. Hearing that, excitement hidden deep within her eyes had not decreased but increased.

"It does not matter if Tyrant is weak, a Tyrant is a Tyrant, defeating a Tyrant while being an Emperor is a great thing, there have been very few people who were able to do it," She said, to that, I just smiled.

"Here are the Emperor Grade Essence Roses you had asked me for; their amount is more than you had asked for," I said and handed her storage.

"So much essence roses!" Teacher exclaimed as she seeped her soul sense inside the storage. "Have you killed all Emperors in Devil's Gate to harvest so essence roses?" Professor asked as she looked as she looked at the storage in her sister's hands.

"Nothing of that sorts; I could now just create traps which could capture and harvest the Grimm Monsters," I said with a smile. Both of their expressions froze after hearing that, and they started to look at me as if I am some kind of monster.

It took them more than a minute to get control over their emotions and ease the expression on their faces.

"It looked like Devil's Gate had been quite fruitful for you," Teacher said with a smile. I talked with the professional and teacher for few more minutes before we went to our separate rooms, seeing all were very tired, especially me and the teacher who had not slept for days.

A minute after I opened the door of my room, I was in a deep sleep. I did not set any alarm; the fake funeral tomorrow is going to be a private affair, no outsiders are allowed to attend it, so I can sleep with my heart's content.

There is one important thing I have to do tomorrow, but it is in the evening, so I did not have to be worried about not waking up on time.

I slept through the night in deep, dreamless sleep and woke up in the late morning, feeling completely refreshed. There is not a hint of tiredness that could be seen in my eyes, and my Rule Bending power which had been drained for a couple of days, had also completely filled.

As I woke up, I did not immediately get up. I stayed in bed for a couple of minutes, thinking before I got up. Forty-five minutes later, I walked out of my room showed.


I am very surprised to see them here; I throught they would be in some secrete place, especially today when their funeral is being held.

"Micheal!" Twins said in unison as I walked into the living soon. Both of them looked the same as yesterday, but unlike yesterday, they are not releasing any energy or emitting any aura; one could not sense anything from them; it is like they are normal persons.

It is not due to their energy control; they will need quite some time before they are able to control the energies of their elemental bodies.

They are wearing very powerful artifacts; these artifacts are not only isolating the energy that is coming from them but also repelling any soul sense that touched them. These artifacts are extremely good, from what I could gather, forget Elite; even Leader cla.s.s Tyrants would have a hard time getting through them.

It seemed like the old man really loved them very much to give them such artifacts. Well, it should not be surprising, seeing the resources he was willing to sacrifice to save them.