Monster Integration - Chapter 1756 - Conversation II

Chapter 1756 - Conversation II

Chapter 1756 - Conversation II

"Dinner is ready!" Teacher announced and brought everything to the dining table. Professor and I took a seat to the opposite of each other.

Soon we begin to eat, usually, we talked while eating, but everyone seemed too hungry to talk even a little. For forty-five minutes, the dinner table remained silent; the only soul that could be heard is the sound of us eating.

"This new recipe is really amazing; it seemed like you have learned few recipes since Micheal had given you the tome," Professor said as she put her cutlery down.

I had given the tome to the Teacher on the first day I had come to the Blood Sun, but I did not expect her to learn the new recipes in just a few days. I am not much far behind the Teacher, and I know difficult the recipes have become, but she still able to master a few of them on such short notice.

I should not be surprised. There is a huge distance between the Teacher and me. I would need quite much time before I could catch up to her.

"Yes, I was able to learn the few recipes; it was a pleasant surprise how quickly I was able to learn them." She said there was a pleasing smile on her face when she said it.

"Those soul recipes are d.a.m.n hard, but learning them is also very helpful. The skills I learned while learning the recipes have helped me quite a lot in controlling my Bloodline power." Professor said, and sparkling azure-colored energy lit across her right hand before disappearing.

The color of energy is surprised me; before, the color of energy of the Professor used to be ocean blue color, and there were no sparklyness in it, but now it is quite different; it looks like some change had occurred in the Professor's bloodline.

It seemed to be related to the white hair that I had given to Professor, which had miraculously stabilized her bloodline the moment she touched it.

"Micheal, you have done the amazing thing today; you are able to do something that n.o.body in the world able to do, even that old man Carmichael," the Teacher said suddenly, breaking me out of the reverie of my thoughts.

"You have made your teacher feel really proud," She added with eyes seeing. "I am glad, teacher," I said. I did not act humbly and took the compliment graciously while feeling very happy inside, its not every day I could make my Teacher feel proud of me.

"By the way, how the Silverstone Academy got hands-on the Emperor Grade Essence Roses that even Academy does have?" Teacher asked suddenly, and her expression starkly different from what she had a second later.

Seeing her gaze, I couldn't help but shudder. I knew this moment will come long before, but I did not expect it to come this soon, not before we go back to the academy.

"Its just that, Teacher, I needed some very rare resources, and the lady Mars offered to give them to me in exchange for the essence roses," I explained weakly. To that, there was no change in her expression; instead, she just arched her brow.

I couldn't help but sigh seeing her arching her brow; I know I have to explain her in great detail. Me giving those Emperor Grade essence roses to Miss Mars would have caused quite a problem to the Teacher.

The essence roses are novel resources that every organization wants, and the only one who could produce them is me.

Academy did not have any Essence Roses of Emperor Grade; before leaving the academy for the Devil's Gate, I had fought and harvested only one Emperor, and it is the Werewolf than I fought in the arena, and that essence rose in the hands of the Pyramid.

"Its like this, when I was in Devi…." I begin to explain to the Teacher while the Professor watched it all with great relish.

"Astrot Roots, Pertra Oun Crystal, why did you need such rare resources? As far as I know, these resources are not required for your breakthroughs," the Teacher asked. "It required for this," I said and erected the energy field before producing the runic diagram of the Honeycomb.

She got startled looking at the diagram before she begins studying it earnestly, and within few minutes, a drastic change had appeared on her face as if she realizes what the formation is about.

"Expander, you used expander, you know dangers of imprinting such thing is?" She questions loudly.

"Even if you survive the implantation, it will destabilize body and soul and could make them collapse at any time," she said and looked at me worriedly, hearing that expression on the Professor's face had changed drastically.

"Relax, Teacher, I had acquired something which helped me use the expander without any side effects; if you do not believe me, you can check with your own eyes when we return to the Academy," I lied, but some of the things I said are true.

There is no danger of Expander to me. If I had not visited the Sunlit dome and had not received many benefits there, I would have had to live in fear, but now, I don't have to fear it; the Honeycomb had imprinted with my body and soul with a near-perfect degree.

"Are you telling the truth?" she asked back, "Of course, if not for the power given to my expander, how could I have healed the Tyrant like Lady Mars," I lied again.

I had healed Miss Constance much before I had imprinted myself with the Honeycomb, but the Teacher did not have to know that. If she comes to know the real facts, she will murder me herself for taking such huge risks.

"Its good to know, but you should still let me check on you when we go back to the academy," she said, "Of course," I replied.

I have every intention of doing that; the curse had broken the many layers of formations that the Teacher had placed, I will ask her to reinforce them. Though with curse rising strength, no formation will able to stop it, it will be fine if it is able to buy some time till I reach the Tyrant stage.