Monster Integration - Chapter 1755 - Conversation I

Chapter 1755 - Conversation I

Chapter 1755 - Conversation I

Somewhere Deep In Grimm Territory

"All of you have sensed that fluctuation and seen the footage of twin-colored clouds over Blood Sun that our spies have provided?" The old werewolf asked the multiple Grimm projections sitting around him.

"According to the records, it is signs of Elemental Body's awakening; there is no mistaking it," Said the Foxman. Hearing that, everybody's expression became unsightly. Unlike humans, Grimm Monsters have some contact with the outside world and know how terrifying the Elemental bodies could be.

"We don't have to worry about it; 95% Elemental Bodies failed to awaken in the small world, and seeing the knowledge and disparity of resources, the elemental body that awakened in the Blood Sun had likely failed the metamorphosis, and its host had died," Said the Bearman sitting opposite of the Foxman.

"Whether it had died or survived, we have to know soon as possible." "We are very close to reaching our goal; I don't want any variables appearing and messing things at the last moment like that happened three thousand years ago," The werewolf said, and everything acknowledged without a serious face.

In The Headquarters of Pyramid

All the thirteen chairs of Pyramid Council filled with thirteen projections, and all of them looking at the projection of the Lenora May.

"Lenora, what is that phenomenon that appeared above your organization?" Asked the middle-aged man, he is Sylvian Chalise, the current leader of the Hawthorn Sea.

"It was a phenomenon of Awakening of Elemental Bodies; It is failed," Lenora replied. There is no need to explain further. All the top healers from every Supreme have visited the twins and knew all the inside information.

"Their funeral will be held tomorrow, and it will be a personal affair," she said before her projection disappeared from the table.


"Well, this is much better than the one we had stayed in before; it even has the underground mana spring," Professor said as the Grandmaster left, leaving three of is in front of the beautiful house.

In front of us is a beautiful two-story house, it is not small, but it is not big either. It is in an isolated location like that the Tower, and the most notable thing about it is the underground mana well that Professor mentioned.

As I entered the compound of the house, I felt the rush of mana covering me, making me feel comfortable all over my body.

The natural mana wells are really rare; even in the academy, we do not have more than fifty of them, but here in the Blood Sun, there are hundreds, even thousands, that they spared few to make the guest houses over them.

"We could not compare to the resources of the Supremes; the foundation they have is really deep," the Teacher said with a sigh, and I couldn't help but nod.

Really, the foundation of the supreme is too great. The Tower made of Blood Red vitality crystal, bringing out resources like divine crystals; our academy could not be compared to it.

The decoration inside the house was simple, but each thing used as decoration is of the highest grade. Even Tyrants eyes would get red with envy seeing the stuff around the house than an emotion of thievery couldn't help but arouse their heart.

"Josie, Micheal, you guys freshen up; I will start the dinner," the Teacher said; I nodded and walked toward one of the bedrooms.

Grandmaster Carr had invited us to dinner, but we rejected the invitation saying we are tired and we are. I am very tired and sleepy. If not for my stomach is rumbling, I would have directly slept without care for showering and eating.

In the room, I directly went for the shower and, fifteen minutes later, came out feeling clean. After changing into a new set of clothes, I walked into the living room and saw the Teacher in the kitchen making preparation for the dinner.

"Do you need a hand teacher?" I asked, "No, you rest, the dinner will be ready in an hour," She said, and multiple hands of energy came out of her, and she begins cooking in a real sense.

As I watched her energy hands move, I couldn't help but marvel at her energy control. It is much better than mine; even with thousands of hours of practice, I could not do what she is doing. Cooking soul food with the help of my strings is still difficult for me, but I am working on it and will be able to do it soon.

Soon Professor came out looking fresh out of the shower, and I joined her in the living room. "In these few days, I have heard quite a few things about you; they are quite shocking," Professor said as I sat beside her.

"What did you hear?" I asked, "I heard that you could now kill the Tyrants," She said in a low voice and even created an energy field around us when she said it.

Hearing that, I was quite shocked. The news of what happened on the airs.h.i.+p should not have been out yet, especially of what I did. Pyramid keeps a very tight lid on such things, but it looks like the news had got leaked somehow.

"Who told you that?" I asked back; instead of answering her and hearing my question, a look of shock couldn't help but appear in her eyes. "So, its true. I thought Sasha was joking when she told me about it," She said incredulously.

"How many did you kill till now?" she asked when calmed down enough, "Seven," I replied with a sigh. Now that she knows, there is no need to hide it.

"Seven!" She exclaimed loudly, even more shocked than before. It is a good thing she had covered us with an energy field, or her exclamation would have attracted a Teacher who cooking soul type food with great concentration.