Monster Integration - Chapter 170 Out of Realm: Final Battle XIII

Chapter 170 Out of Realm: Final Battle XIII

Note: This chapter is extra long.

'Bam!' next moment I crashed against something and felt like I am rolling and entangling in something soft.

I hope that it's not dangerous monsters otherwise I have to bear more injuries while leveling up.

I waited for a few moments but I did not receive any attack and when opened my eyes a few seconds later, I why hadn't I received an attack.

I crashed against the gigantified monster and seeing the fur of golden yellow color, it is probably a fiery lion.

I seem to entangle in its thick fur, I tried to move but I can't due to my heavy injuries.

It handnt been more than four minutes since I had eaten the pieces of treant heart.

Lots of their chilling power is traveling inside my body, both healing it and providing mana for my level up.

I just stayed entangled without moving, let my body heal and level up and after that, I am going to kill the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who sneaked attacked me.

As I started to gain a feeling of my body, I felt little hot, only to find there is still little fire if the fiery lion that hadn't consumed which is now burning my body little by little.

I am in no mood to care for it, it will only able to injure me little as nearly all of it whetted by me, the injuries I am receiving from it, will be healed by the power of treant heart.

After two minutes, I gained little control over my limbs and I ate two more pieces of treant heart to speed up my breakthrough and leveling up.

The chilling feeling of treant heart gave me some relief against the burning injury than I received by fire.

Two more minutes pa.s.sed and most of my injuries had been healed but the most important part is in three minutes, I will be leveled up the mid-level of Specialist grade.

I can feel the raging the mana that is coursing through my veins and after I fully became mid-level specialist grade revolver, my mana will increase again.

I will be able to use all my skill more efficiently and most importantly I am dying to know how many Fire Bolts I will be able to release with my Fire Strike.

I wish it will be five but I know that's near impossible, it will be my good luck if I am able to release three bolts seeing the quality of my fire.

If I had the fire of Fiery Lion, I am pretty sure I would be able to release more than ten bolts of fire at the mid-level of specialist grade.

"Roar!" I heard loud roar not far me when I crane my neck I saw fiery lion sniffing around looking for something.

So this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is most likely that sneaked attack me and now sniffing for my trace.

I now understand why it was able to sneak attack on me, its peak level Specialist stage monster in B upper category.

It power greater than the monster same level as it on the battlefield.

It was my good luck that I crashed against the gigantified fiery lions dead and deeply entangled between its hairs right now or I would have been easily caught.

'Finally!' i said in mind, the leveling up is completed and I can feel raging mana of mid-level specialist grade in my veins.

I just want to jump up and kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who still sniffing around for my trace.

If I make about the movement it would immediately and that would have been fine if not me deeply in this s.h.i.+t.

I can only make a small movement without being restricted by its hair.

I still have a sword in my hand albeit deactivated but it also a good thing, I activated my sword and control its size that of the short knife.

I never did openly manipulated the size of my sword fear of it being identified as knight grade artifact if known it would bring me a s.h.i.+t load of trouble.

'The first Tide!' I activated the power of the first tide and silently started to cut the hairs of a fiery lion that has to entangle me.

My regular strength is not enough to cut the hair without fuss and activation first tide create minimum fluctuated.

The knife in my hand started to cut my hair as it is b.u.t.ter and each pa.s.sing second my body got more freed.

The power Nine Raging Strike given a boost by my level up.

The power of Nine raging Strike depend upon my physical prowess and each tide will multiply it one, so now that my physical strength increased by my level up then it is obvious that power of Nine Raging Strikes will also increase.

Soon I cut all the hair entangling me but still laid hidden as I search for a perfect chance for attack.

I have to commend this monster for its tenacity, it had been more than ten minutes since it attacked me but it's still searching for me if other monsters were in its place they would have definitely had lost interest after few minutes.

Suddenly it jumped on the monster's body and started sniffing ferocious, I did not make any abrupt movement seeing that stayed rooted in my spot as prepared for an attack.

As long as it will give me a slight chance I will attack at this distance, I don't a thing, it will able to dodge it.

''Roar!" I was about to attack it when I heard the deafening lion roar and saw big Fiery lion coming toward the giant body, it is even bigger than the one front of me.

Its defiantly Corporal level, I thought and confirmed it from the aura it excluding from the distance.

Hearing that loud roar, the att.i.tude of the monster in front of me change, it turned ferocious to meek in second and I can see that that roar isn't directed at minster front me.

The Fiery lion seeing the Corporal level coming toward the gigantified body, its tucked its tail between its legs and fled without wasting any second.

I didn't get chance to cursed at it seeing corporal level Fiery lion coming toward it, while wildly attacking whatever comes in it may be it either human or monster.

My heartbeat started to quicken seeing it coming toward, it came near the body with heavy steps and attack the human and monster that fighting nearby without discrimination with it fire tide.

After coming near the body, it attacked many monsters and human who fighting near it and started to walk away from it, I heaved a sigh of relief seeing that.

Abruptly it stopped and moved, it directly looked at me where I am hiding.

I know I am busted, it knows I am hiding it here, it smiled hideously and opened its mouth to launch fire tide at me.

I am f.u.c.ked, if that fire touched me, I am definitely going to be burned alive, I have zero confidence surviving that fire.

'f.u.c.k it!' I said internally, it does or dies right now, I am definitely going die but I will sure as h.e.l.l not going to heaven without any fight.

I would have hope to live when facing Peak specialist level monster but against Corporal level fiery lion, I don't think my silver bolt able to kill it even if it squarely on its temple.

My only hope that any super elite save me before its attack landed on me but despite hoping I know chances of being saved by super elite near zero.

I could only try my best and injure it a little before dying.

I have less than a second to attack as it looks less than second for it to launch fire tide.

"Fire Stike!" suddenly I stood up the attack, the silver bolt shot out my sword toward its head.

Seeing bolt coming toward it, it dodge by moving its head but it lost concentration and the attack it is preparing diffused.

"Roar!" it roared loudly seeing it lost concentration due to the puny creature.

It went mad to come toward me swift speed, I can see its sharp claws which could easily tear my armor off without much effort.

I suddenly come to myself and sensed there is still power left in my s.h.i.+rt and that time, the fiery already crossed distance between us.

''Fire Strike" I launched a silver bolt of fire, it went so fast that monster barely had time to react but it still dodges it but not entirely as silver bolt grazed by its cheek.

"Roar!" it raised madly seeing my attack touched it, it increased its speed and only two meters away from.

Sensing there is still power in my sword, I launch my last attack hoping to injure it a little before dying by its claws.

"Fire Strike!" I said and the silver bolt shot through my sword when monster little more than away from.

Time had turned even slower than before and I can see silver bolt ever so slowly charging toward the monster while it trying to dodge but its speed too fast and it approached its head before it could move its head even a little.

I've expected this, it is near impossible to dodge my silver bolt at such close distance, even if it is Corporal level monster.

I just wanted to see it get injured before dying but what I saw next completely blew my mind.

My silver bolt moved toward its head, more exactly toward it, the monster wanted to close its eyelid but it was too slow and bolt entered in its eyes.

''Bam!" Suddenly I felt each and everything turned normal and next moment I saw the monster in front of my eyes as it crashed against me with Bam, sending me to oblivion for a moment.