Monster Integration - Chapter 1754 - Invitation

Chapter 1754 - Invitation

Chapter 1754 - Invitation

Sophia and Raina came out of the tower and looked around in the air before they flew toward us; in few seconds, they are in front of us.

"Mom, Dad, Teacher!" They greeted, "My Girls," their mom sad teary-eyed and moved to hug before she gently got repelled.

"Mom we are not able to control over new powers properly until we do that no hugging," Sophia said to her mother, which brought the smile on the face of those who are listning.

I looked at the twins properly, who had completely changed. Sophia and Raina's hair had became fiery red and snow while but it is not great change that shocked everyone, what shocked them is their skin.

The twins bodies have transformed to a cellular level; their flesh had disappeared and transformed to the elemental crystal. Sophia is crystal red while Raina's snow while. It is not a hint of flesh that could be seen in it, everything is crystal which acting like a flesh.

The twins eyes had also had changed, they have not only became crystalline but they have to changed the color.

Before Sofia had red eyes and Raina had Ice blue, now Sofia's eyes had became half Purple and half Red while Raina's eyed had also turned half purple and half blue. The seed seemed to have affected them more than I had imagined.

From what I could observe, it is soft like a flesh; when twins move their hand and feet, it behave like a flesh, stretching, contracting just like the flesh. They have got the emenetal bodies and it is not just mere a const.i.tution of theirs, it is what are now.

They could not be considered even human after getting elemental bodies; according to Lord Al, they a Cosmic Elementals, childrens of the universe. They have got one of the most envious things in the universe.

"Girls, what happened to your skin?" Twins mother asked, looking at her expression, it seemed like she is quite worried about her childrens crystalline skin.

"We don't know mom, it is likely due to us gaining the Elemental bodies," Raina said before she looked at me for the answer. "You are right, the elementalization changed your bodies but you don't have to worry about it much. When you are able to control your energies well, you can make your crystalline skin appeared fleshy," I answered.

It is not something Lord Al said, but I deduced with my own conjuction.

The twins turned to their teacher and begin to talk something with him which I could not able to see or hear. From what one could see, the old man seemed very happy talking to his students, almost giddy which stark different from the usual expressions he bore.

"My students Sophia and Raina died to due to unstable elementalization, their funeral will be held tomorrow at this tower." Patriach Bradford said, shocking everyone to their core; only twins did not seem surprised by the news of their own death.

"I will spread the news, Patriarch," Lenora May said a second later.

Everybody here is smart, especially the w.i.l.l.y old foxes who barely took a fraction of second to understand the meaning of the patriarch words.

The phenomenon is too huge for one to conceal, so they might as well blow it up and release the news of everywhere. Though this news will not be able to fool all the Grimm Monsters, it will fool them for long enough that twins would grow powerful enough that they would not need to fear anyone.

After talking few words with Lenora, Patriarch Bradford disappeared with twins, leaving everyone with a sigh.

I could tell everyone here is very interested in the twins would like to interact them with more but the old man did not give them any chance as he whisked away his student in second.

"Lady Marina, Lady Josphine, it would be our great honor if you could stay in Blood Sun for few days." Lenora said with smile before she turned to me, "Sir Micheal, Patriarch asked me extend the invitation you, he will meet you tommorow personally in his residence," she said.

I was quite dumbstruck hearing that, not the invitation but her referring me 'Sir'. Who is Lenora May, she is leader of Blood Sun, a very powerful Leader Cla.s.s Tyrant, her referring me 'Sir' who is not even a Tyrant feels very weird.

"We would be happy to accept your invite Lady Lenora," Teacher said. "Good, Grandmaster Carr will take you to your new residences," she said before disappearing into flash.

"Lady Marina, Lady Josephine, little friend Micheal, lets go," Grandmaster Carr said excitedly before he took the air.

'This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was not excited when I met first time,' Professor said telepathically which got her look from the teacher.

"Little frind Micheal, since you are staying at Blood Sun for few days, how about giving me some time for discussion, I would love to talk to you about some things," The old man said as he looked at me.

"Of course Grandmaster, you are one of the foremost expert in world in field of Alchemy and Runic Formations, it would be my honor to have the academic discussion with you," I replied.

"Then how about a day after tomorrow at my residence?" He asked. "It would be my honor," I replied respectfully.

I did not let the recent success get over my head. I was only able to heal the twins due to the unique advantages I have. My stay in Blood Sun is a great opportunity for me, and I should use it to get the greatest benefits. It would be hard to get such an opportunity in the future.