Monster Integration - Chapter 1726 - Nine

Chapter 1726 - Nine

Chapter 1726 - Nine


A few seconds later, the door of the elevator opened, and I found myself face to face with a blue-haired Tyrant who looked to be in his early forties.

If I remember correctly, then his name Nickolas Robbins; he is one of Tyrant who went for Engine-like thingy with Sir George and other Tyrants when I had released the news.

"You are late!"

He said before I could even open my mouth, and I found myself covered in Tyrant energy. I got yanked out of the elevator a little too forcefully before everything become a blur. I could easily break out of the energy cover, but I did not; I decided to wait and watch for a while.

On the way here, I thought why Miss Mars had called me. This may very well jeopardize my ident.i.ty, which I worked very hard to create, and I would be in loads of trouble if people get to know it; she understood it but still called me; she better have a good reason for it.

A second later, the blue became clear, and I found myself in a huge hall, and there are auras of more than ten Tyrants concentrating on me.

"You are here!" I heard the familiar voice and soon found Miss Constance in front of me. I am quite surprised seeing the state, which looked quite bad. Her clothes are torn, and her hairs are disheveled with a sign of healed injures all over her body.

"Mars, are you sure about him?" A voice called, another familiar figure about the same age as Miss Constance appeared in front of me, which is in the same state as Miss Constance.

I don't know his name, but I have seen him fight many times through Ashlyn. His aura is equal to that of Miss Constance and belongs to the same Elite legions are her. "You will know soon, Ryder," Miss Constance replied before she called me.

"Miss Constance, why have you called me?" I asked before she could speak, and I let her know by my tone how displeased I am about her sudden call.

"Look?" She did not answer directly, just moved away from me, and I looked at the scene behind her, and my eyes couldn't help but constrict, seeing that.

I did not see that when I came as I am more focused on her sudden call and answers, I will demand her, but now I looked at the scene in front of me, the answer is very clear.

On the other side of the hall, I saw nine medical pods with dens runes s.h.i.+ning on them. These medical pods are not a simple thing; they are some of the best medical pods of our world produced by a medical scientist of Pyramid.

They are made especially for the Tyrants and very helpful. The teacher did not like them; she believes the healer who requires helps from the tool is not a true healer; though I did not believe in this philosophy of hers, I still designed my healing moves so that I would not require any outside a.s.sistance.

Between the healing pods, I could see a Tyrant and a couple of Emperor healers moving around while few Tyrants healing hovering around them.

I moved and instantly appeared beside the pods; I had been looking at two Tyrant, I would have seen a flash of surprise appearing in their eyes.

"The Grimm Monsters have set a huge trap if, for their timely rescue, these people would not have been able to survive," "Even after rescued, these people do not have much time if they did not get a.s.sistance, they would not be able to survive for more than six hours," Miss Constance said.

I did not know the reply; instead, I touched the leg of the middle-aged woman who is in extreme agony; it a good thing is gagged and bound in a pod; otherwise, it would have been very difficult to control her.

'Wormaster!' She had fallen prey to wormaster; one could see thousands of worms wriggling across her skin, eating her up from inside; if my calculations are right, this woman would not be able to survive more than two hours.

"Brat, how much time you think she has?" An old voice asked. It is Tyrant healer who spoke, he looked to be in his early seventies, and his eyes looked very stressed.

"She would not be able to survive for more than two hours if she did not receive immediate medical treatment," I replied, and the old man couldn't help but nod after a moment of surprise.

"She hit the hardest, while others have to six to seven hours to live, she has barely two," He said with a sad sigh. "My meager skills are not enough to save her, not any of them. The Grimm Monsters have stuck a too powerful blow," he added before looking at me.

"I don't know who you are, but this girl seemed to believe in you. Can you do anything about them?" he asked while motioning his eyes toward Miss Constance.

While he asked, his tone is clear that he did not believe I have any chance, and I could blame him for a.s.suming that. It is a strong belief that only Tyrants could heal the Tyrants, and there had been very, very few people who had been able to break this belief.

"Yes, I can," I said with confidence that not only seem to surprise the old healer, but other people around him, the only one who isn't surprised is Miss Constance.

"Please focus on stabilizing the condition of others while I will heal this lady," I said before the old man could say anything.

"Life Coffin!" I said as I placed both of my hands on the lady, and as I did, hundreds of vines released from my hands and begin to weave themselves rapidly, and twenty-second later, a semi-transparent green runic coffin appeared around the lady.

"It is going to be painful; please bear it," I said gently, and thousands of hair-thin vines shot from the coffin towards the lady.