Monster Integration - Chapter 1725 - Summon

Chapter 1725 - Summon

Chapter 1725 - Summon

Eleven more days pa.s.sed by since my battle with Lightning Werewolf; since then, I had killed four more Tyrants, that is more than I had expected, totally I had killed six Tyrant within a month, which is a very good score even for Tyrant and I am not a one yet.

It would have been great if I had been able to awaken the Bloodline inside one of the Grimm Monsters; other than first, all the Grimm Monsters were normal.

There were many Tyrants with Bloodline; those with Bloodline have a much easier time reaching the Tyrant stage, and they are also quite powerful compared to the ones with Inheritance. Even the weakest of them are above average, which I do not have the confidence to defeat.

Though I was not able to awaken the Bloodline of Tyrant after the first one I had fought, my seeds have caught many Emperors with Bloodline, which gave me quite a rise in strength which is likely the last big rise I will have for a few months.

In the next few months, I will be at the Academy and with my family. Most of my time will spend working on the Tyrant stage of my Inheritance which had become even harder and amazing with my encounter with Lord Al, with whom I had said goodbye from outside of the dome.

Tomorrow is the day I will leave, and to be honest, I will miss the Devil's Gate and its unique environment. Still, I am quite excited about my return. It would be great to feel the night again; even the beautiful golden sunline will bore you if you experienced it twenty-four seven.

There is still a day before I leave, and currently, I am doing what I had been doing past ten days after my fight Lightning Werewolf; I am practicing sentient projection.

Currently, a beautiful seven-colored thumb-size sparrow is flying around me. Its features are very vivid in that it looked like real sparrows, but its movements are not as smooth as the real sparrow; It may look flawless under my energy manipulation, but they are not; any Tyrant would able to tell that.

My forehead is sweaty right now as I tried to project my consciousness inside the sparrow, which is extremly difficult; I had been trying that thing for ten days and did not have the slightest success, which is quite frustrating.

I had not throught that projecting the consciousness would be this hard; it looks like I would have to take some guidance from a teacher who is one of the best in the world in a sentient projection that even people from supreme come for the tips.

I tried for a couple of more minutes before I stopped, today is not the day I would succeed, and there are many more things I have to do.


With a tired sigh, I got up and walked toward the shower; I had been at this thing for two hours, which is very tiring.

After taking a cold shower, I walked into the kitchen and begin to cook. Today, I only used my hands as I still could not cook the soul food with my strings, my control is not perfect enough, but I am getting close; if I continued practicing, I would be able to do that in a month.

The thing I had learned from Lord Al had been very useful in mastering the new soul recipes than now; I have a total of eight soul recipes in my a.r.s.enal, which is great.

One and a half later, I finished cooking and set the table for two; just as I served her plate, Ashlyn flew into the table and begin to eat.

The dinner was amazing without a doubt; every soul food recipe is amazing. It is not only nouris.h.i.+ng to the body but also to the soul, and preliminary soul recipes that I am learning could be eaten by anyone.

"Come to the sixth floor of the Admin immediately!" I had just taken out my sword when a familiar voice rang out in my head. "Why?" I asked back; it is miss Constance who spoke, her voice seemed quite urgent, and I could even detect a hint of tiredness from it.

"Just come as soon as possible; I will explain everything when you came," she said hurriedly and cut off the telepathic link before I could ask her any more questions.

I left, stumped for a moment before I took back my sword and walked out of the training room. I had never seen her voice so urgent, and if not for me having no choice, I would have never heeded her call.

My ident.i.ty is quite s.e.n.s.i.t.i.v.e; If Grimm Monsters find out I am here, they will bring huge trouble to me. Not to forget humans, there is a complex political structure, and I have made quite an enemies who might kill me to save themselves some future trouble.

I soon walked out of my house and took the air immediately, and flew toward the administrative building at a fast speed which is still within the boundaries of the Emperor.


On the way, my holowatched buzzed with mail and I was about to discard it and when I saw the sender and opened it.


Three minutes later, I landed in front of the Administrative Building and enter inside. In inside, I walked toward the blue elevator reserved for Tyrants. I could feel the eyes of receptionists and Emperor Level Guards on me as I went toward that elevator.

As the sensor scanned the key, which was kindly provided by Miss Constance, the door of the elevator opened with 'sup' and closed as I entered inside before it begins to go up fast; I did not even have to press the floor b.u.t.ton.