Monster Integration - Chapter 1727 - Healing I

Chapter 1727 - Healing I

Chapter 1727 - Healing I

"It is going to be painful; please bear it," I said gently, and thousands of hair-thin vines shot from the coffin towards the lady.

Thousands of hair-thin vines pierce through her from all directions; there is not even a single area where my vines had not been pierced. It is important to cover every part of the body when healing someone this serious.

As the vines pierce through the lady's skin, they begin to spread inside. The look of pain in the face of a lady has become even prominent, and she screamed; fortunately, the coffin not had muted all the sounds.

Every special energy of Grimm Monsters is treated differently, with Worm Type is one of the most difficult to deal with.

The Worm type of energy creates all sorts of words, big and small, visible invisible, worms with all kinds of functions, and the stronger Wormmaster, the more varieties of powerful worms it can create, which can be b.i.t.c.h to deal with.

The wormaster that injured this lady is at the league as that of the Poison master that had injured Miss Constance.

The good thing is that Worm Energy in the lady's body is not as thick had Poison Energy had been in Miss Constance's body. If it had been Constance in their place, with her strength, she would be easily able to hold on for days.

These are regular Tyrant who had got injured by the Elite Worm master; it is a good thing they have been rescued quickly; otherwise, they would have died long ago.

As my strings begin to spread, pale brown energy begins to come out of them and filling the runes of the coffin. Unlike before, when I had extracted Poison from Miss Constance, I don't spread my vines into every part of her body before I begin to heal; with worms, I had to begin extraction from the start.

My vines spread inside the lady and pierce through every worm they come across and suck them whole before dividing into multiple branches and spreading.

The look on the lady's face became that of horror, and she screamed like she is in extreme pain, and she is. The worms started their counterattack, and it is very painful to her. While the pain is bad, I could not anything about it; I need these worms to react.

The worms have begun to attack my strings madly, and my vines are moving toward them in vengeance as they continued to pierce through their bodies wild abdomen.

In just ten minutes, half of the runes have been filled with pale brown liquid, which looked like spoiled s.h.i.+t. The last time when I am healing Miss Constance, I had needed more than an hour to reach this stage.

Well, a lot of things have changed in the past few months; not only have I grown much stronger, but I had also made necessary upgrades in my healing arts with the data I had collected when I healed Miss Constance, which made the process of healing much faster.

I have to be fast here, it may not look like it, but I am giving all my efforts to heal her. She is not the only one I have a deal with; there are other eight who are also barely hanging by their lives.

With half of the runes filled with Worm energy, the counter supression it was able to create is great. It had slowed down the offense of worm, and with my strings quant.i.ty increased tremendously, I was dealing with them at a much faster speed.

The runes on the coffin filling at a visible rate, but such healing also had cost; the pain that the lady is feeling is huge, the veins on her head begin to pop out.

"He is torturing her, Mars!" I heard behind me say, and the next moment powerful aura of Elite Tyarant crashed down on me hard for a moment before it was crushed by a familiar aura of the same caliber, which envelope my body like a warm blanket.

"He is healing her, Robbins, and if can't watch it, then get out," Said the familiar voice.

I did not focus on what is happening behind me, and nor I am surprised to see it happened. My peculiar healing style tends to get people all riled up, but it is extremly effective and fast, so I am not going to change it.

If people don't like the pain, they could always go to the other healers.

The aura of the man named Robbins disappeared after Miss Constance's warning, but he did not leave the room, and the aura of Miss Constance around me became even more, reinforce to save me from another idiot's outburst.

It would have been fine even if she had not covered me with aura; though the aura of Elite Tyrant is very powerful and made me feel a little stuffy in the c.h.e.s.t, I could bear it without affecting my healing speed.

Ten more minutes pa.s.sed, and nearly all the runes on the coffin filled with the pale brown energy. The counter supression such energy is creating is great that the worms can barely do anything against my vines.

My vines are now projecting special suction energy, attracting worms that burrowed in even the deepest part of her; it won't take long to take out all the Worm Energy outside her body.

Time pa.s.sed by, and my strings spread further and further into her, bringing out warms that are hiding the deepest part of her.

Worm energy is too dangerous to even leave behind a single strand of it; it had a habit of burrowing deeper into the body and festering there; by the time one notices them, it is already too late.

I would have sent the burst of healing energy to her that would have helped her even more, but I could not. There are eight more patients had remained, and I would need all the energy I have to heal them.