Monster Integration - Chapter 1724 - Got You!

Chapter 1724 - Got You!

Chapter 1724 - Got You!

They say careful of the insane as they are unpredictable; I would say careful of the smart.

If I had followed this line, I would not have been in my current predicament; it looks like I had a little too careless fighting Lightning Werewolf.

The powerful Blue-Red Lightning had covered my body, forming an inescapable coc.o.o.n. Every bolt of Lightning covering the Werewolf is not confining me, wanting to tear through my armor which I could not let happen.

My armor is the only thing stopping Lightning from tearing my body apart. A single bolt could heavily injure severely, and if a couple of more struck me, then I would be dead; even my powerful body would not able to help me from turning to ashes.

The bolts of Lightning are extremly powerful, and I could not let them pa.s.s through my armor, and they would do if I did not do something in a few seconds.

Powerful lightning snakes striking me from all the corners; their strength is extremly destructive, and if not for the powerful defense of my armor, I would have been finished by now, but the defense of the armor is not going to last.

Very soon, the Lightning would tear through my armor, and I could not let that happen. I am still young; there are still many things that I haven't experienced yet.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, You may be a limit breaker and have the power to fight the Tyrant, but you are still not Tyrant; think on my words when you reach underworld!" Lightning Werewolf said before it laughs loudly.

'It looks like I would have to use that,' I thought and activated the specific formation, and just as I did.

The strings of my armor begin to s.h.i.+ne, and many tiny runes appeared on them and my armor which had been completely sealed, not letting in even tinies part of Lightning, finally let the Lightning in and not just from one place, all from everywhere from armor.

The strings begin to suck the lighting in wild abandon, and as they did, the strings begin to grow rapidly like never before. The blood in lighting that increases the power of it fell prey to my strings as they begin to such without care for the world.

Due to that size of my armor begin to grow visibly, and as it grows, the strings begin to absorb the lighting greater intensely, making the armor grow even faster.

This is 'Giagantification,' and I am using I am using lightning werewolf's Lightning instead of my own energy to grown, just like I did when I fought against the Werewolf in the arena to manage the immense power that Werewolf had thrown at me.

Soon, my height had reached five meters, but it is just the beginning as I barely started absorbing the power of the lighting.

The Lightning is still covering me, and there is barely any change had occurred in it. This attack is the most powerful attack of Lightning Werewolf and contains its blood; the power it contains is immense.

In fear of some bolts of Lightning might infiltrate my armor, I had covered myself in pseudo Bloodline energy. Though the defense of my armor is airtight, even when I am letting the strings absorb the lighting.

I want to be careful; I did not want to make the same mistake I had earlier. It is a good thing I had developed this move; if not for it, I would have turned to ashes by now.

"What is happening?" The laughter of the lightning werewolf stopped, and it asked a question as it finally saw my form growing rapidly and reacted immediately despite the intense shock it is feeling.

Powerful aura again blasted off its body, and bolts Blue Red lightning appeared again, and as they did, its body struck visibly, and brown purple fur it had become paler, using blood in combat had its price.

"Die You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

It roared and attacked me, and seeing that I also moved my sword toward it, which had been growing with my size.


My four-meter-long sword clashed against it, and unlike before, it moved back swiftly before it could attack me with lightning-like before.


Our weapons begin to clash, it is attacking me from all the direction, and its speed is extremly fast, it is a blur of Blue and Red that is coming at me from every direction, and I am very big of my strength, not only of power but also of knowledge to fight it.

It is a battle I had never fought before; I am growing rapidly while responding to each of its moves. I am calculating everything, the slightest mistake, a fraction of error in calculation, and its lighting would strike me, which I can not let happen.

We continue to fight for nearly a minute before it suddenly stopped looked at my forty-meter gigantic shape, which now barely any lightning lingering on it.

"Turn To Ashes!" Shouted Lightning Werewolf as aura exploded and even more lighting covered, and it sent all its lighting at me throught its claw, and it appeared next to me instant but when it instead of striking me, it pa.s.sed through me.

Its eyes constricted seeing that, and shocked look couldn't help but appear on its face; I had dodged the powerful attack of it with a huge body.

"YOU HAVE USED ALL THE CHANCES YOU HAVE; NOW DIE!" I said in a booming voice as I appeared behind it and moved both of my giant palms toward it.

"It is not easy to kill me, human!" It shouted back and moved to dodge when it noticed it could not move from its spot, and a look of horror appeared on its face when its finally noticed extremly fine threats had climbed over its legs and now binding it.

It tried to move away and even able to stretch the strings when my hands finally caught it in my palms.

"GOT YOU!" I said in a booming voice.