Monster Integration - Chapter 1721 - Lightning Werewolf

Chapter 1721 - Lightning Werewolf

Chapter 1721 - Lightning Werewolf

'Chew Chew,'

Ashlyn chirped in my mind, telling me she will bring the prey within a minute. Hearing that, I calmed my excited breathing and waited with the bated breaths.

It had been ten days since I walked out of the Sunlit Dome, and after spending a week in the city, consolidating my strength, I got back in the forest three days ago, and now, my strength is far greater than it was when I finished s.u.c.k.i.n.g up Tyrant Crockman.

In the three days, I had s.u.c.k.e.d the bloodline of fourteen Grimm Monsters, which filled about two hundred and fifty thousand hexagonal cells of Honeycomb, which are slightly greater than what Crockman did.

Which had again increased my strength immensely, and that now, I could kill even the most powerful Emperor with a single swing of my sword, but that is to be expected. Emperors are no challenge to me; the real challenge is the Tyrant, one of which I am about to face.

It is quite risky to use Ashlyn as bait to attract the Tyrant, and I would not have done that if I had not seen her speed which is very shocking.

Only Elite Tyrant like Miss Mars could catch Ashlyn now; as for average Tyrant, they could forget about it.

To prove that point, three days ago, Ashlyn had made a pretty powerful Tyrant chase her for an hour before she disappeared right front of its eyes. After failing to find Ashlyn, it had it caused quite a commotion that attracted a human Tyrant against which it had fought for few minutes before ran away after getting seriously injured.

Few seconds pa.s.sed, and Ashlyn chirped in person before she came at me with blur and stayed inside me.

A fraction of a second later, A lightning werewolf came, clad in blue armor, which had blue lighting flying all over it. It looked surprised seeing me, not expecting a partner of such swift bird being a puny Emperor.

"So, that wretched bird is yours, human." It said and bore down its aura at me. "Bring it out, and if you do that, I will give you swift death, or you will be tortured with my lightning before I eat you alive." It said, blasting me with the full power of its aura.

"Why every Grimm Monster starts with threat, cant you guys talk nicely for a second," I said casually, totally discarding the aura that is bearing down on me.


A surprised sound couldn't help but came out of its throat as if it had not expected an Emperor to talk like that in front of it.

"Hahaha… A puny Emperor dared to talk in such arrogance." "Wretched human, if I did not show you your place, then I wouldn't be Dakr of my name!" It shouted with great anger and raised both its claws at me, and released a burst of powerful lightning.

Seeing the powerful lighting coming at me, I did not move from my spot. I remained where I am till the blast of huge lighting in front of me before swatting my hand at it casually like I am swatting a fly and not some powerful attack that could vaporize most emperors instantly.


"How? Are you really an Emperor?" It asked in shock a second later. Shock is written on my face as if it could not believe what it saw. "Last I had checked, I had not made a breakthrough into Tyrant Stage," I replied with the same casual tone.

"A limit breaker, I could not believe I had found a limit breaker!" It said softly before its eyes begin to glow with greed.

"The reward from the council would be huge if I kill a limit breaker," It said to itself before suddenly a powerful aura burst out of it, and it came at me with blurring speed.

"Die Human!"

It shouted as I appeared in front of me and attacked with its lightning-covered claw. Its claws are pure black, about three meters long, and have extremly sharp fingers. They wouldn't feel much resistance even when they cut through my bone.

"Come, Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" I shouted back, and my sword appeared in hand before it moved toward the Grimm Monster with greater speed than its claw.


Our weapons clashed, and lightning flew out of its claws which smote a couple of trees around us; other than that, nothing happened. Though it had a huge shock on its face, it was bigger than before, and I could understand its shock.

If I was a Tyrant and my attack not only got stopped by the puny Emperor but also got shaken all over it, nearly made me take a step back, I would be shocked.

"You have to do better, little wolf; if its all you have, then I can kill you next second," I mocked, which immediately morphed its shock into anger, and few more bolts of blue lightning came out of it and covered it.

"Wretched human, you will pay for insulting me!" It roared and attacked. Its attack is much powerful than the previous one; the lighting coiling around its claw has also seemed thicker.


A loud metallic sound rang out again, and bolts of lightning flew out and smote some more trees, and the fury in the lightning werewolf's eyes deepened further as it attacked me again.

Clang Clang Clang

It attacked me with the ferocity of lighting, one blurry claw after another came at me, and I deflected all its move easily.

While I may look calmed outside, I am very shocked inside. The attacks of the Lightning Werewolf are very powerful, but I am dealing them with utter ease; this was not the case when I had to face the Crockman, whose attacks were weaker than that of the than that of the lightning werewolf.