Monster Integration - Chapter 1722 - Sentiant Projection

Chapter 1722 - Sentiant Projection

Chapter 1722 - Sentiant Projection

"Little wolf, do better, or I will kill you," I mocked it again with a casual tone, but I am anything but casual inside.

It had been ten minutes since the battle had begun, and since the start, I had been using the full power of the Killing rule of a.n.a.lyse-it. My last battle with Tyrant had taken too long; I did not want this battle to last more than six-hour like the last one.

If possible, I want to finish it within an hour, which is a target I had set in this battle.

"You want to see my powerful moves, human? I will show you even if it shames me to use them on puny Emperor like you," It said, and a powerful aura blasted out of its body, and thick lighting came out and begin coving its hands and claws.

"Blue Lightnings Fury!" It roared and attacked.

Its attack is much faster and powerful, that I did not hesitate and activate 'First Boost!' and swing my sword at it.

There is huge strength roaring inside me. Till now, only around half a million Hexagonal Cells of Honeycomb merged with me, and I am already this powerful; I wonder how powerful will I be when the whole Honeycomb merged with me, all the five million hexagonal cells.


My sword clashed against its claws, creating a deafening sound. The power behind our attacks was intense, but still, no one able to gain the upper hand, which made it even angrier as it attacked again.


Attack after attack came at me, and I have responded against them all flawlessly. Not only have I responded, but I have also attacked proactively at its weak spots to see how its attack.

If I want to get quality data quickly, then I have to make it reveal the limit of combat style, and that is only done by attacking the weakness. I usually don't do that at the beginning of the battle; seeing it made the opponents wary, but I do not have to think about it much.

Even if I am showing such power and attacking its weakness, there is not feat in Lightning Werewolf's eyes. It is shocking, very much, but it still did not believe that I could kill it.


Another ten minutes have pa.s.sed, and I became more proactive. Every attack of my would-be was more powerful than the previous, and I would always target its weak spot, that as battle long-on, it went on completely defensive despite having the power to go on offense.

To gain an edge, it would increse power behind its claws every moment, but that is not helping it at all; I easily destroying each of its attempts to get an edge, and that is making it really angry.

"Blue Lighting's Destruction!"

It shouted, and an even more powerful and thick aura burst out of it. The lightning bolts covering it became thicker and darker, and I could feel the powerful distributive energy from the lighting.

With this destructive, its powerful increse multiple folds, and it attacked for the first time in quite a while. Its attack is fast and destructive like lightning, and if I dare to underestimate it, I will regret it very much.

First Boost + Second Boost!

I activated 'Second Boost' top of the first and swung my hands-on counter. Lighting Werewolf is truly more powerful than the Crockman; this attack is the limit of what Crockman was able to perform before it awakened its bloodline.

Such power had gotten me to retreat a week ago, but now, I am confident in dealing with it without a shred of fear.

Our weapons clashed, and thick, powerful lighting energy coming at me. It looked like a snake that came to smite to shred.

I became a little careful seeing the lightning form. When one upgrades to the Tyrant stage, it is not just power that increases; there are many more things one could do; this Lightning Werewolf barely molds in the average category; it could not do many things that powerful Tyrants could.

It could not even make a basic sentient projection, though it is trying and made some process; otherwise, it would not be able to forge its attacking energy in the form of a snake. Though its progress is not much, and I did not have to fear it.

The lightning snake made of powerful destructive lightning crashed into the defenses of my armor and instantly got shredded into pieces before getting s.u.c.k.e.d by my runes.


That was just the beginning, and as the attacks got stronger and stronger, the lighting snake got bigger and bigger.

With it, the power of the lightning snake had also increased, and so is its size, but despite that, my armors defenses still shredded it, and my rune absorbed it before giving me converted energy back.


Time pa.s.sed when suddenly, I noticed something, and it became sure; I continued observing it, which couldn't help but surprise me a little.

While fighting me, this lightning Werewolf seemed to have gained sudden understanding about sentient projection and improving rapidly.

Seeing that, a faint smile couldn't help but appear on my face. I am not going to do anything; I will fight as I am fighting while observing. It is a great opportunity for me too.

Sentient projection is a very important part of being a Tyrant, and since I am strong as a Tyrant, then I could also make the sentient projection. I was going to ask the teacher when I returned to the academy, but now this battle is presented a great opportunity for me to observe.

It is going to be a great help for me, as I am sure, as the Lightning Werewolf has started from the basics, and as long observe it carefully, I will be able to learn many things from it.