Monster Integration - Chapter 1720 - Precious

Chapter 1720 - Precious

Chapter 1720 - Precious

"Whew, that old woman was quite intense!" I said as I flew into the air as I got out of Administrative Hall after three long hours of questioning, more of an interrogation where that old woman would bore down her aura with every question.

Soon, I reached my home, and it is just as I left it; there is not the slightest change in it. Though the floors looked a little cleaner, the drone must have cleaned a few minutes ago.

The first thing I did after reaching my home was to shower. I hadn't had a shower in a month; the only time I have submerged myself in liquid in the past month was when I am inside the medicinal pond, which does not count as a bath.

I remained in the shower for more than half an hour, was.h.i.+ng away all the grime my body had collected a past month.

I close the tap and walked out of the shower, instantly drying myself with my ability before wearing comfortable clothes.

I am feeling slightly hungry, but I am not planning on cooking or eating. I wanted to sleep. First, the battle had been too heavy for me, not to forget the strain of not sleeping for a whole month is dawning on me, wanting me to lay on my comfortable bed and close my eyes.

"You are alive; I had thought you got yourself killed!" A voice spoke in my mind telepathically. "I was a little unlucky and come across an especially powerful monster in the deeper region. It has taken me nearly two weeks to heal fully." I replied.

The one talking through me was Constance Mars, the Elite Tyrant that I had healed a few months ago.

"You have seemed to have made quite a progress, reaching peak Emperor at twenty-one; it is quite a feat." She commented. A clear surprise could be detected from her stone.

"I was just lucky!" I replied humbly and heard her snort right after. "If it had been others, I would have believed in luck, but in your Inheritance, there is no luck involved." She said, crus.h.i.+ng my humbled reply.

"Lady Mars, I have a small request for you?" I asked her. "What is it? if its within my power, I would do it." She said back.

"It is nothing that big; I was hoping if you help me expedite my process of exit from Devils Gate!" I said to her.

Usually, it is only every six month one could leave the Devil's Gate, but that is under the normal conditions. Things are not normal in Devil's Gate; there is a pseudo-war-like condition, and every week new people would come.

Leaving is still difficult, but I could leave with my Sam Duffy ident.i.ty. I had already stayed for more than nine months and collected enough merit that I could apply for the exit but seeing the current condition, the higher-ups could delay it.

With the help of someone like Miss Mars, who is from Elite Legion of Pyramid, I would not have a problem leaving when I want.

"Your timing is good; I am also leaving three weeks later and handed the duty of overseer." She said, which surprised me a little. The Tyrant guarding the airsh.i.p.s of Devil Forest is common, but they never use Elite Tyrant for that.

"Has the Grimm Monsters begin attacking the airs.h.i.+p?" I asked slowly after a moment of thinking. I did not receive the answer to my question for a while, and I thought she would not answer me when she spoke.

"What I am going to tell you is confidential; I hope you can keep your lips sealed," She said with a low voice.

"My lips are sealed, lady Mars," I said. "In the past four months, three of our airsh.i.p.s have been attacked; we have lost quite a few people in those in those attacks." She said.


I couldn't help but suck a sharp breath hearing that. Attacking the airsh.i.p.s is a pretty serious thing; it seemed like a condition deteriorating more rapidly than I had thought.

'You answered that, right?" I asked, "Off course, we humans never take things lying down; they destroyed our three airsh.i.p.s, we destroyed their five, I personally destroyed two." She replied, hearing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

We talked for few minutes before she cut the telepathic link between us.

It looked like I would be leaving sooner than I had expected; I hope I would get to fight at least one Tyrant before I leave.

Three weeks may seem a huge amount of time, and it is. I could kill hundreds of emperors in such time, but Tyrants are completely different. Not only would I have to find a weak Tyrant, but the fight also needs to have in a secluded place where it could not attract any attention.

That was the last thought in my mind before I slept, and I had slept for one whole day before I woke up with a very hungry stomach that I just freshened up quickly, and I begin to cook myself a great hearty breakfast.

An hour later, a table food of a.s.sorted breakfast dishes in front of me which I had eaten with great p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.

Though these dishes are not at the level of what Lord Al had cooked, they are still great. I wish Ashlyn with me to eat, but she stayed in the forest. Which is also good; after we left, she would not be able to roam the open forest as such for a few months.

After I finished eating, I took out a wooden c.h.e.s.t that Lord Al had given me, and my heart couldn't help but beat up in excitement.

When I opened the c.h.e.s.t a few seconds later, I had nearly fainted seeing the things inside it. The things inside the c.h.e.s.t are very precious, one of the most precious things I had ever got.