Monster Integration - Chapter 1719 - Return

Chapter 1719 - Return

Chapter 1719 - Return


My angry first crashed on the huge tree, instantly breaking it into two, a second later upper part of the tree on the ground.

I felt a little better after punching the tree; seeing the human bodies in the storage have made me extremly angry.

It is a good thing there is no Grimm Monster around me, or I would have attacked it my rage no matter how powerful it would have been.

I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself further. Seeing thousands of farmed humans packaged neatly in preservative packages is too much for me; my angel still bubbling like lava, and if any Grimm Monster appeared in front of me, it would explode.

A few minutes later, I finally calmed down a little and again looked inside the storage. Seeing the bodies again, my anger started to flare, but I quickly controlled it and moved them into the morgue. Farmed or not, they are still human and deserved the respected buries.

After I moved everybody and body part of human into the special morgue in my storage. I looked at the storage of Crockman, and it is huge, filled with so many things that for a moment, I forget the human bodies I saw.

As I begin to look at the things in Grimm Monsters storage, the rational part of me took over. I looked at each of the things, a.s.sess them before moving toward another.

The difference between the storage of Emperor and Tyrants storage is too great. The grade of things Tyrant has is much higher. A few seconds into looking around, my eyes started to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

There way too many things that are useful to me, especially the collection of herbs it had; it is too huge.

It had taken me nearly half an hour to access all the things, and I am quite satisfied with the things I have found inside it.

"What should I do now?" I asked myself before I begin to move. I wanted to fight the Tyrant once more, but I soon discarded that throught. I want to fight the Tyrant, but I will do that when I am mentally and physically prepared.

I was moving toward the city, and anyone that looked at me would see me as a green beam. My speed is too fast, even I am not able to believe I am moving this fast, and the thing is, it is not even my greatest speed.

It is the fastest I could go while not cras.h.i.+ng into any of the trees; I am using the full power of my killing rule to a.n.a.lyze everything that my soul sense sent me at an extremly fast speed, and as I became more proficient in it, my speed became greater.

The increse that Grimm Monster gives me is really huge. I am now powerful as it, and if I fight it again, even with Bloodline, I will able to defeat it.

Even though my strength had increased, I am still incapable of facing most of the Tyrants. The Crockman is one of the below-average Tyrants, and I am was quite lucky it was Crockman who chased me; if it had been any other Grimm Monster, I would not have been alive today.

While I could not face most of the Tyrants, there are still some I could face. When the city was lockdown for a month, I had seen a couple of Grimm Monster Tyrant with below-average strength, which I am sure I could kill.

I am going to leave the Devils Gate soon; I had fulfilled all my targets. I had gone to the Sunlit Dome and reached the peak of Emperor Stage, and most importantly, got the strength to face the Tyrants with all my goals fulfilled, it is time to leave.

But not before I could fulfill my gift, though, for something I did, a teacher would be pretty angry. Some Tyrant Grade Essence Roses would be great to soothe her anger, and I will gain experience fighting Tyrant, not to forget Bloodline if I am lucky.

With Ashlyn as a guide, it took me barely two hours to reach the boundary of the forest, which sick compared to four times more I used to need, and it is not even my greatest speed.

On the way to the forest, Ashlyn had given some good news and things. She had dug out seventy-one Emperor Grade roses and even informed me of eight live Grimm Monsters that had been captured into the seeds.

As I reached the boundary of the city, I had intentionally slowed down my speed and moved toward with normal Emperor's speed, which seemed like the speed of a snail to me comparing to the speed, I had traveled through.

Soon, I reached the city gates, and the familiar soul sense came over me. "Mister Duffy, meet me at the Administrative Offices," A telepathic voice rang out in my brain.

Hearing that, I put up an expression of surprise on my face for a second before having the look of understanding appear on it.

"Y...Yes Sir," I replied with the fearful stutter as I should in these circ.u.mstances before flying toward the Administrative office where Tyrant had asked me to.

I am surprised the Tyrant had called me; I would have been surprised if they did not. I had stayed in the forest for nearly a month, and I have to explain my reasoning for it.

If it had been before, I would have been scared of such a thing, but now, I am not. Even a Tyrant as powerful as Miss Mars could not see through me.