Monster Integration - Chapter 1718 - Wonder and Horror

Chapter 1718 - Wonder and Horror

Chapter 1718 - Wonder and Horror


I looked up into the sky roared as the strength had filled me; my strength had never risen to such degree before. I feel powerful, extremly powerful that I felt like I could tear the mountain with my b.a.r.e hands.

I could do that, just the mountain had to be small, and it would take me quite time if I use my b.a.r.e hands but still, I could do it.

The power of Tyrants Bloodline is too powerful; it had filled above two hundred thousand hexagonal cells of a honeycomb which is ten times more than what most powerful Emperor level Bloodline had given me.

This Bloodline was just newly awakened, barely consolidated, did not get a chance to grow. If it had been old Bloodline, I could have gotten more, but with my strength, I would not have been able to defeat someone that powerful.

I am barely able to last for few minutes after its Bloodline had awakened. If runes had come a minute late, I would have been in quite a bad condition.

I shook my head of those thoughts and concentrated inside my body, looked at my cells, check if there no imbalance in them as Hexagonal Cells merge into them, but everything seemed perfect; I could not spot the slightest problem inside me.

Seeing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. Lord Al had really helped me a lot; with the things he had fed to me strengthen my body and soul and the honeycomb, I don't think I would have to worry about the imbalance for quite a while.

As I finished checking myself, I looked ahead of me. There is Crockman standing; it is completely dead; what is in front of is a drained husk of it.


I touched it lightly, and it collapsed into the dusk, revealing the most beautiful Essence Rose I had ever seen.

The Essence Rose is a.d.u.l.t palm-size, a little bigger than the Emperor Grade Essence Rose, and has twenty-four petals as opposed to the sixteen petals.

The most striking thing about this Essence Rose that it looked real, very real that even Tyrants would consider it a real rose if they did not sense the energy from it. The Emperor Grade Essence Rose also looked quite real, but tyrants could tell it is not real with just a single look, but this rose, unless they sense its aura, it looked like a real rose of some novel variety.

The essence of Grimm Monster had completely solidified in it, which makes this thing very precious. I wonder how the teacher would react when she sees it.

With Essence Rose safely stored in my storage, I picked the things of Crockman with my strings, including its ax and storage.

I looked at its storage for few second before placing in my storage, as usual, it is sealed which is not surprising seeing nearly all the storage from King Stage are sealed, but formations carved in my storage ring are quite special, they could unravel the hardest seal within seconds.

I have no doubt they will unravel the seal on the Tyrants storage too, and they already started working on it and taking quite a lot of energy from me to do that.

I am quite excited about the storage of Tyrant; I had never killed the Tyrant and examined its storage, but from what I heard, they contain quite a lot of things.

Seeing it might take few seconds for a ring to break the seal, I busied myself. I cleared the sign of a battle or rather the signs of the harvest process. I do not want to reveal my battle power to anyone; it is my greatest trump card against the Tyrants.

A few minutes later, I finished erasing all the signs of husk, and if Tyrant did not look at a specific spot very carefully, they would not find anything.

The signs of huge battles are everywhere, and they could not be erased, and nor I want to. Let them know there had been a Tyrant level battle here; I even conjured a fake Tyrant aura and spread it thickly around the battlefield for those who became curious.

This thick Tyrant aura masks my real aura for a while before it disappeared. My aura is very special; I had designed it in such a way that it will get erased on its own; it is one of the many benefits of designing one's own Inheritance.

With everything done, I moved few kilometers rapidly before stopped a few minutes later and finally looked inside Tyrants storage which had been sealed quite a while ago.


As I looked inside it and scanned it with my soul sense, I couldn't help but gasp in wonder and horror. The sheer number of things inside is amazing, and the number of human bodies is horrifying.

I had never seen such amount of human bodies in single storage of the Grimm Monster. There are over a thousand of them, neatly packed in a container. Some container only has a human body dipped in liquid while other contain, have many pieces of monster and vegetable pieces around it.

There are some containers that even have neatly chopped parts of humans dipped in many types of flavourful sauces.

Bile couldn't help but rose in through seeing such a scene; it looked like the Crocman had gone its own version of supermarket and brought loads of human mean, as we do with monster meat.

"Farmed Humans!" I muttered in horror, looking at all these bodies. There are billions of humans in Grimm territories which they raise as livestock. Looking at the color of bodies and the way they are packaged, they are farmed humans for sure.