Monster Integration - Chapter 1717 - Harvesting Bloodline III

Chapter 1717 - Harvesting Bloodline III

Chapter 1717 - Harvesting Bloodline III


Its arm crashed against the cage and cracked begin to fill on already crack laden cage, but I did not care; h.e.l.l, I even stopped supplying it the energy as all focus is on the Green and Silver Runes that begin to come out.

It immediately started to spread to the outer strings covering the crockman, and it won't be long before they covered it fully, and by the time it even break the cage, I do not care; I am confident in dodging its attacks till then.

Seeing the cage not broken, it again charged its arm with an aura but suddenly, in the mid-attack, its arm stopped.

"Human, what are these runes?" Crockman asked, and its voice is filled with panic. I am sure it could sense the danger from the runes; otherwise, its voice would not be as this panicky as it is right now.

"Your doom!" I replied with as much flair as I could. I always wanted to use this line ever since I heard from the movie. Saying it, it did not felt tacky at all; I felt quite good saying this like, to be honest.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I have awakened the lost archaic bloodline of my tribe; you will never be able to kill me with whatever it is." It roared, and its armor moved again, flaring with an aura like never before.


"Ive destroyed your cage, and now it is time to destroy you, Die Human!" It roared and moved its fist at me; I also took out my sword and move toward it.


Its fist and my sword moved closer and closer, and when they were inches away from each other when I heard a loud buzz from the runes, which finished spreading, and Crockman stopped, just stopped.

Not only its attacking arm had stopped but also every other part of its body. It is like it was a marionette, and someone had pulled its strings; not a single movement could felt from it.


The next moment, it let out a bloodcurdling scream; the scream is loud and emotion-inducing that even I felt pity for it, but the next second, I forget everything as purified bloodline essence, and this is not Bloodline Essence of the Emperor but of the Tyrant.

Thick purified bloodline essence came inside me; it is extremely thick, thick, and hot like lava, and not only is it thick, there are even crystallines dust inside it. If I am not wrong, are concentrated bloodline essence, and seeing that a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

It seemed like the Bloodline of Tyrant is much stronger than I had initially thought. The way my runes are guzzling it, I had never see guzzle any Bloodline essence.

A few seconds after my runes begin guzzling the Bloodline, the change begins to occur in them. The faint golden specks present in diamond runes begin to get denser and brighter slowly.

Soon five minutes pa.s.sed by, and the Bloodline Essence is still coming at me with the never-ending stream, h.e.l.l its quant.i.ty had increased instead of decreasing.

It had been quite a while since any harvest process lasted more than five minutes; usually, runes finished within two minutes no matter how powerful the Emperor is, but it is Tyrant I am harvesting, and it is going to take time.

There is not the only Bloodline that is getting harvest; its essence is also getting harvest and the place of harvest in its own body.

In its huge stomach, a blob of dark essence is forming, this blob is very dense, and it is growing every minute. Seeing it, my eyes couldn't help but s.h.i.+ne up as this blob will turn into the first Essence Rose of Tyrant Grade that I am going to harvest.

Time pa.s.sed by and more than ten minutes pa.s.sed, and harvesting still continuing strong and it remained strong till mid of twelfth minute when suddenly, the quant.i.ty of purified Bloodline Essence started reducing rapidly that it stopped altogether after seven seconds.

My runes had absorbed their share of the Bloodline Essence and change in it is quite visible. The golden-red part had covered about 5% of each rune from barely 1%.

This change may be small, but it is actually quite big, at the stage my runes are. It is very difficult for any change to occur in it.


I was observing the change that had occurred in my runes when they buzzed loudly and lighted up, and with it, they released a sea of strengthening energy.

As strengthening energy hit me, I stagged, nearly fall to the ground. It is so pure and powerful that my mind wasn't able to comprehend it for a moment. It is really beyond what I had thought, and it made me ecstatic.

The strengthening energy filled me before it begins to fill the hexagonal cells of Honeycomb, which merged into my body and soul, giving a sensation that I had drank euphoria.

Seeing I will not be able to control myself in this euphoric feeling, I sat down on the ground and enjoy the euphoric filling while watching hexagonal cell after hexagonal getting filled with the strengthening energy before merging.

Each second, hundreds of cells would be filled, and as the time pa.s.sed, they got filled at greater speed, and the euphoric feeling inside me became even denser.

I don't how much time it pa.s.sed when the last of the energy filled the hexagonal cell, and it merged inside me, making me feel the strength I had never felt before.