Monster Integration - Chapter 167 Out of Real: Final Battle X

Chapter 167 Out of Real: Final Battle X

I can see the forcefield opening, they are going to a quarter of the dome.

This entrance may seem small but it's very large, hundreds of monster came inside, there is a problem even four gigantified monsters come together.

"Growl!" A giant Copper rhino rushed in crus.h.i.+ng thousands of normal monsters with his to giant legs.

It the first monster that came inside the dome but before it could attack anyone, it was killed by the attack of super-elites, it didn't even last for than ten seconds.

Its giant body fell, crus.h.i.+ng tens of monsters that were behind.

With super elites, many people launch attacks at monsters that are coming through the open s.p.a.ce but is used, there are too many monsters and they could not kill all of them.

I asked Jill why they are opening the quarter part of the dome as this huge entrance and fifteen thousand monsters could easily enter within ten minutes and there will be many casualties.

She said that they had finished the battle before evening or monsters from other areas also would come and that time we will have more monsters in our hand that we could handle.

That time we will suffer more casualties in our hand.

More monsters started to pour in and the corporal level started to fight with them.

'Caw caw caw..' The wind crows entered inside the dome and started to attack with sharp wind blades.

That G.o.d! That everyone has received instruction on surviving against wind blades.

One has to give preference to mask if they have one or at least cover head with something that able to obstruct the wind blades.

These wind blades were so sharp that whatever they touched will be cut clean.

I saw a group of wind crows is coming toward us from the sky and on the ground, there is a group Treants, Rock thorn ape and Violet gra.s.s snake.

I felt relieved seeing only these monsters are coming and not fiery lions.

I have seen the terror of fiery lion just now, normal warrior of the same level can't even block the single attack of them, with a single claw, the fiery lion had sent boy same level as it flying like a cannonball.

The boy had already become heavily injured when it fiery claw clashed against him, I don't know if he is alive or not after cras.h.i.+ng on the ground.

I saw super elite running toward him and feeding him something but I didn't know he survived or not as moved my gaze and looked at monsters that are coming toward us from the sky and the ground.

'Zip zip zip…' numerous wind blade attacks came from the sky, I dodge and defended against them while Jill had already started using her long range skill, a winding crow will die every time she launched her attacks.

I kept defending against them as it is not the time to launch my attack.

The group of the surface monster coming toward us in full force attacking whoever that comes in their way.

This battle is complete than another battle, here monster had started feeling every corner of it.

This time there is nothing like you pick your monster and fight with it, this time you have to fight every monster your eyes fall on while keeping eye on your back as monsters are everywhere.

"Growl!" I heard loud growl seeing group monsters had come near us with Copper Rhinos at the front and in that group, I saw that monster I 've been waiting for.

'Now it is time for me to attack!' i said in my mind seeing group crows in the sky while

I started to feed Lively Wind large amount of Mana and jumped high, I had been keeping Lively Wind activated for some time right now at minimum mana but now, I that need it, Instantly feed a large amount of mana.

''Whoos.h.!.+" I jumped up with a whoosh, this speed is costing me 5% of my mana every second but I am sure my attack will be done in three to four second.

As I speedily jumped up at high with the help of Lively wind but it is far from enough to reach the where a group of wind crows is flying but I have a plan.

Fire Wind Sky Steps! I activated second skill as I near losing the momentum of my jump.

A small two-inch diameter formed a foothold formed below my right feet if one take a look at it one will think it made of fire and it is right.

The reason this skill called Fire Wind Sky Steps because it can be used by only those who have either fire or wind ability as this is the ability which made a foothold in the air.

'whoosh' i took the second jump with the help of the foothold, the group crows noticed me finally and started to attack but I already had a s.h.i.+eld prepared for it.

'Dub dub dub!' half of the wind blades collided against my s.h.i.+eld but another half against my body, it felt like knives are slicing me.

Without stopping by their attack, I created the second foothold and took a second jumped.

"G.o.d!" I said as I nearly fell while taking a jump, yesterday when I practice there was no obstruction but now, I am taking the jump with the help of tiny foothold while receiving many attacks.

I let go of Lively wind and Sky steps as the power of this jump would be enough to help crash on to the group of wind crows.

The nearer I got more attack I received from the wind crows, I didn't back down and Charge toward it with the momentum of the Crows.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!' I activated as I about to crash into the wind crows.

A minority of crows fled seeing me cras.h.i.+ng toward them but the majority of them still stayed and continued to attack.

'Caw Caw caw…' they cowed loudly as I crashed into their group but I didn't pay heed and swung my sword in full circle.

The wind crows are speed and attack type monsters and had very low defense, even Grade 1 skill is lethal to the Initial level wind crows.

"Pierce Puchi pierce Puchi….." many winds crows around me either cut or injured by the sword and started to fall down but I don't have time to count how many crows that I had to kill as I am about to lose the momentum of my jump.

I stopped the circulation of Nine raging tides despite its running period isn't over, I have no need it in the next part of my plan.

I swiftly take a look downward and decisively ate to two pieces of treant heart, I will need them for what I am going to do.

Next moment I lost momentum and started to fall but I wasn't worried as I launched my next attack.

"Fire Strike!" A silver bolt of fire shot through my sword and directly pierced the head of twelve-meter long violet gra.s.s snake who was directly below me and had its mouth ready to eat me.

I felt weakness for the moment due to huge mana loss but quickly refres.h.i.+ng spread through my body, feeling up all the mana that I've lost.

I am still falling down and I've yet to kill the real target for which I've taken such a huge risk.

Sky Steps! I activated sky when I am half way into falling to both limits my fall and pounced toward my target which is treant.

In mid-air, with the help of foothold, I pounced toward the treat which is attacking Jill and another boy at the same time.

Jill is doing fine, killing monster every few second but the boy in bad condition as he is taking attacks from various monsters, it his luck that I willing to lessen his burden by killing one of the monsters that are attacking him.

'Fire Strike!' I attacked after I got a clear view of its weak spot without instruction from its branches and tongue.

Like other monsters that died by my Fire Strike, it died without knowing what killed him.

''Cras.h.!.+'' I crashed against its branches of Treants but before any monster could notice me, I burrowed toward Treants trunk.

Its thick and verdant branches should be able to save me for eyes another monster for a few seconds, that will be enough for me get my price, for which I did such a dangerous attack for.