Monster Integration - Chapter 166 Out Of Real: Final Battle IX

Chapter 166 Out Of Real: Final Battle IX

I looked at monsters crazily attacking the blue done, one will just shake in fear taking one look at them.

The most fear produced by the gigantified monsters which are numbers had reached near hundreds.

Their expression looked like they want to eat you into a single bite, many people had an expression of fear on their faces seeing the monsters but there is also confidence.

Their confidence stems from the skill they have brought yesterday, from which they would at least would have the power of self-preservation.

Four thousand people divided into 10 groups are lined up across the whole dome.

Each group had their territory and they will fight in their own territory, the groups are divided brilliantly, no matter how many monsters came, they will effectively handle by the ten groups.

There is another good news that Jill had told me earlier, that there is some reinforcement came with her brother yesterday from westblood.

Having one more super elite can change the course of the battle and from the way, jill was talking there is definitely more than one super elite came from the westblood.

My eyes are little red due to insufficient sleep I got.

Yesterday afternoon after I brought the skill, I started to study it immediately.

Within three hours, I understood the basic part of both skills which I would need for today's battle.

Compare to knight grade skill, grade 1 skill are very easy to understand and those who have already understood the Knight grade skill, it is easy for them

After studying I started to practice it as they allowed half the dome for skill practice.

I got the grasp of Lively Wind pretty quickly and luckily, the more mana you feed it to the lively wind, the more faster your speed will get and while practicing I heard quite interesting use of this skill.

This skill is a little special, it is true that this skill uses lots of mana but that is only applied when you want maximum speed.

The special use of this skill is that you can keep it always active, you just need to keep supplying it minute amount of mana and when you need to dodge an attack, you can instantly feed it a large amount of mana and increase your speed.

Seeing this use many people started to flock for this skill at shops that this skill became the best selling in the camp.

While Lively Wind is one of the easiest to master Fire Wind Sky steps is the hardest, while practicing I can't remember exactly how many times I fell.

Bruises had formed on my face and bones broke while practicing this skill.

As it description had said that this skill will form foothold of a 2-inch diameter which is less than half of my feet size and that foothold will only hold for half a second.

After jumping I have to quickly activate this skill, forming the foothold below my feet and use it as leverage to take the second jump with the strength of only one leg.

Ive come across many challenges while practicing this skill, the first challenge is that I have to activate this skill at the perfect timing of my need, either when I'm going up or falling down or between both.

Second is that within half second of activating the skill, I have to balance myself on half-inch diameter foothold without falling and then leverage it to take the second jump without falling.

It seemed easy but it is very very difficult, one needs extreme coordination to perform this skill.

I failed hundreds of times, fell on the grown with many unimaginable angels, one time even hurt my crown jewels as I didn't activate my armor while practicing. I learned that lesson in a hard way.

That not the end of it, at Specialist stage, this skill can help you make three footholds.

Creating and jumping on three footholds consecutively is very hard compare to doing that in one foothold but one able to do that one would reach unimaginable benefit from it.

I practice till late midnight and gained basic mastery over it but it cost me my sleep as I am able to sleep for only two hours.

''The Dome will open in thirty seconds!" Shouted unknown super elite, hearing this everybody became tense and gripped their weapons tightly.

There are more than thirty thousand monsters made of eight species in total.

The first monster is Treant obviously, second is another plant type snake monster which looked like it made of violet gra.s.s, that is why everyone calling it Violet gra.s.s snake.

The third monster is chimpanzee monster which had sharp thorns made of rock all over its body, we named Rock Thorn Chimpanzee.

It is one the dangerous monster here, I have seen it bore a hole into another monster without much obstruction as thorns around its hands which revolved at high speed.

Forth monster is Black Slime Toad, which had black slime flowing all over its body whatever it touched will be melt.

The fifth is Copper Rhino which had a full body of copper color and even its hair also made of copper.

Sixth is another snake type monster which has ugly dots all over its body and all people it calling it Dotted Snake, this name gave a completely different feeling to one.

It shoots poisons which directly corrode the skin as long as it made the contact.

The seventh monster is flying type monsters, they had the highest numbers.

They are wind crows, they attack with sharp small wind blades.

The last and most dangerous monster species that attacking us is Fiery Lion, they have the shortest numbers but they are extremely dangerous.

They are are fire elemental monsters and have wide range attack named fire tide which can engulf the area of ten meters easily but this is not their most dangerous attack.

Their most dangerous attack is their claws which split the Rick Thorn Ape in tow with a single claw attack.

They are definitely B upper-grade monsters, only they can do this foot.

All the monster are bipedal monsters except for two snakes and crow monsters.

'The dome is opening!' I heard sound from behind, the blue dome is opening and monsters growled excitedly seeing that as they tried to get in with madness and hunger in their eyes