Monster Integration - Chapter 168 Out of Realm: Final Battle XI

Chapter 168 Out of Realm: Final Battle XI

I faint refres.h.i.+ng power travel through my body taking away most of my weakness as I silently move towards the trunk of the Treant.

I now have about 30% mana left in my body, which should be enough I think.

I finally reached the Treants trunk and could see the small hole made by firebolt.

First time when I started to use Fire Strike skill, I used to miss some time but now I have practiced on hundreds of monsters that I barely miss my targets.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!' I place my sword inside that small hole and made it big enough that my hand could get.

I weakly took my hand inside the hole, I had to provide extra mana to skill to make the hole big enough if it was previous Treants that I faced, I wouldn't even have to use the skill to make the hole with my current strength.

I removed adult fist size mana heart and I was surprised to find it purple instead to green like the mana heart of another treat

I took the small bite, half the size of treant heart pieces that I had in my sleeve as I've been warned about peculiarities of this Treant heart by William.

The small bite of treant heart felt like a piece of ice in my mouth and soon it melted completely and frigid cold feeling spread all over my body.

That G.o.d I was already prepared otherwise I would have definitely would have caught off guard.

William had told me earlier that mana heard of this treatment would give a feeling of frigid ice instead of refres.h.i.+ng feeling that other mana heart gave.

Soon I got familiar with it and was able to move my limbs freely, it is just a feeling and nothing else.

This feeling didn't affect the body, as long as I kept my emotions in check, I can definitely eat it amidst battle without affecting by its biting cold feeling.

I decided it in twenty-one small parts and put inside the holes in my sleeve.

I took all that risk is this Treants heart, as long as dint have it, I can instantly gain mana in second and use my skill without care.

Counting these pieces of mana heart, I have total thirty-five pieces, which would be able to last me for a little more hour in this battle.

I will have to kill another treant monster, especially after an hour to keep a supply of mana heart.

Gaining the treants heart, I feel lit more relieved, now I can fight without care for the world at least for an hour.

"Growl!" I was thinking of taking a few more seconds of rest when I heard the growl of Copper Rhino as it is coming toward me.

''Fire Strike!" I lunch the fire strike seeing the minster is as I will hardly get a chance if a group of monsters attacked me.

"Thud!" Its dead body fell with the thud but that noise attracted the attention of monsters.

Two black slime toads and one Rock thorn ape came toward me from the distance.

I quickly piece of the treant heart for mana recovery as I felt the cold sensation all over my body.

I wanted to use Fire strike again to kill another monster but the black slime toads to fast.

"Croak croak!" they crocked loudly attack me with their tongue, there also had black corrosive substance like skin, once touch it can melt skin and in large amount, it can even damage my Grade 1 artifacts.

"whoos.h.!.+" I activated Lively Wind and feed it enough mana that I would avoid their attack.

I dodged their attack to the left as in the right rock thorn ape is attacking me but before I could launch an attack at them, I saw swift wind blade attacking me from above and they are so swift, that I don't think I can avoid them.

'See!' I took a sharp breath as I felt a hundred if knives piercing my skin.

This is definitely mid-level wind crows attacking me, the initial level doesn't have this power and quant.i.ty.

I am lucky that it is only mid-level wind crows if it were peak level then this wind blades definitely would have pa.s.sed by armor and injured me heavily.

"Dhud dhud" "Growl!" Rock thorn Ape loudly drummed its chest and ran toward me but unfortunately, its speed is too low, it can't catch me when I using the lively wind.

"Sizzle!" The black tongs of Black slime toad attack me, I dodged them but this time few drops of slime from their tongue sprinkled on my armor and it made the sizzling sound.

Thank G.o.d! The amount is very little otherwise armor would have burned by this corrosive substance.

Black slime toads are one of the ugliest monsters, I've ever seen.

They looked bloated as they stood on the two legs while black substance could be seen dripping from their body.

Wherever that black substance hit on the ground sizzling noise could be heard.

I keep dodging the attack of surface monsters while bearing the burned of wind blades falling from above.

If I did not have this Lively wind, I would have definitely beaten black and blue by these monsters.

I wanted to attack from the sky but in the air are mid-level wind crows if it were initial level, I would have jumped without fear but it different for mid-level wind crows.

''Bam!" I head loud bam above me and when I looked to see, the whole group of mid-level crows annihilated by long range skill.

I did not see who attacked it but I did not waste this G.o.d give chance.

I activated sky steps at the same time, I started to feed a large amount of mana to the lively wind and jumped.

I made the first foothold with sky steps and take the high jump and as I reach high enough I made the second foothold I took the second jump.

While going up I ate the two pieces mana heart and felt frigid all over my body.

At this distance, the tongue of black slime toad won't able to reach me.

"Fire Strike!" I activated my skill shot the silver bolt of fire through my sword and it hit it without on the spot.

As I lose the momentum and started to fall, I again activated sky step to managing my fall and to lunch the second attack.

"Fire Strike!" I launched another attack at the second Black toad, killing it one shot.

''Thud!" I landed on the ground with a thud and could see Fire Thorn ape charging toward.

Seeing that I smiled and was about to activate lively wind when I felt intense danger behind my back.

"Roar!" A loud roar of fiery lion rang out behind me and when I crane my neck a little, I saw fire tide coming toward me.

There is no way I could dodge, it spread ten meters around me, even if I feed all my mana into the lively wind, I still won't be able to get out of fire tides range in time.