Monster Integration - Chapter 1709 - Rewards II

Chapter 1709 - Rewards II

Chapter 1709 - Rewards II

"Get in; the solution's effects would start to diminish if there is no active body inside it to absorb it." Lord Al said.

Hearing that, I wasted no time and started stripping; I removed all the articles of clothing I had on my body till I was in my u.n.d.e.r.w.e.a.r before stepping inside the pool.

'Hun!' A faint surprise couldn't help but rang through my body when I noticed the solution in the pool was thicker than I had expected. Lord Al had used only ninety-seven ingredients, including the huge amount of water from the spring.

It is Alchemy; I should not be surprised by it.

As I dipped myself to my neck, I found different types of energies coming inside me. This is because the energies contained in the pool are not of a single type, there are a total of twelve types of energies present in the pool, and they are targeting different types of things.

Some parts are being targeted by more than one energy, like my runes which had been targeted by four types of energies which they are gladly s.u.c.k.i.n.g up with all their might.

These energies are not only targeting the body, soul, and runes. They are also targeting the honeycomb. They are not filling it like normal strengthening energy does; instead, they are strengthening its structure.

Seeing that ecstatic smile couldn't help but appear on my face; with honeycomb strengthening, not only would future complications lessen, but the honeycomb will also be able to fill the energies better and merge flawlessly with them.

These energies are extremely nouris.h.i.+ng, and they are feel good that I just want to close my eyes and enjoy their sensation, and I plan on doing just that, but before I do that, there is one thing I have to do first.

I closed my eyes and started to build the momentum of energy; it is time to reach the seventh floor of the Refinement Tower. This time when I got out, I did not want to unprepared. If I could across Tyrant, I do not want to run away like a beaten dog.

I build and build the momentum till I could not contain it anymore and released it towards the seventh floor.


The energy crashed into the seventh floor, and as it did, it shattered the floor that was blocking it and entered the seventh floor; and I did not waste any time and started refining the energy.

Finally, after so long, I could use that formula of the Inheritance energy that I had derived long ago. With it, my Inheritance energy would now become very powerful, many times more powerful than the previous version of Inheritance energy.

I just felt giddy just thinking about how powerful my moves would be when using this Inheritance Energy.

I refined the energy for nearly two hours, and when I finished, I felt quite tired and laid back in the pond with my eyes closed, and within a second, I fell asleep.

"Micheal, wake up; you have only half an hour in the garden," The sound of Lord Al woke me from my deep sleep.

"How long I slept?" I asked groggily as I opened my eyes. I seemed to have slept for quite a while as the purple liquid had turned faint brown, and there are no energies are coming inside me.

"You have slept for little more than twenty-one hours," Lord Al replied. Hearing that, I couldn't help but felt surprised for a moment before understood the reason behind it.

I had been awake for three weeks with the help of the environment of garden and food that I ate, but I had to sleep, and if it not for Lord Al waking me up, I am sure I would have slept for a day more. I will get the sleep once I got out of here and reach the safe place.

I dried myself with my ability and wore a new set of clothes, and found Lord Al looking at me; there seemed to be something different about his expression, which I can't put a head on it.

"Chew, Chew!"

I was in my thoughts when Ashlyn's excited chirp brough me out of my thoughts, and I saw her coming out of the pond, she seemed very happy about her experience, and I mean, who wouldn't? The ponds of Sir Al are amazing.

"Thank You, Lord Al, for making a pond for Ashlyn," I said. I am truly surprised he made it for her; I thought giving her the food already is the limit of his generosity, but it looks like I was wrong.

"Of course, it is at least I could do for Her Ma; I mean this little girl after you have entertained me for long." Lord Al said, stuttering, the first time I had ever seen him stutter. He has always been so calm, seeming to know about everything.

"Sir Al, are you fine?" I asked worriedly, fearing this soul had lost the power, just like that lady with wings.

"Its nothing. I am fine." He replied with his usual smile, but I still felt something wrong, though I did not ask about it.

"You have less than a half-hour remained Micheal, and I have prepared a reward for you," He said and again moved his hand with a flourish and wooden treasure c.h.e.s.t appeared in front of me, it is long and wide as my whole hand, there must be many good things inside it seeing its size.

"Thank You, Lord Al," I thanked. I wanted to open it immediately and see what is inside it, but I know propriety, so I silently put it inside my storage after I thanked him.