Monster Integration - Chapter 1708 - Rewards I

Chapter 1708 - Rewards I

Chapter 1708 - Rewards I

With three new books, our discussion has become even interesting. These new three books are much better than the one I had obtained in the treasured palace. With concepts that are both simple and complicated, I had got completely immersed in them.

Days pa.s.sed by, but I do not care about them; the amazing food is keeping my mind fresh and making me powerful at the same time.

If one could imagine what heaven is for me, I would reply, 'The Garden of the Sun.' The intellectual conversation that makes one mind stretched to the limit and delicious food made by such a powerful being. If this is not heaven, then I don't know what is.

"You should understand that s.p.a.ce is limited when you craft your path nascent stage." "You should think about every rune a hundred times, work on the formation till it became more efficient."

"Efficiency is one of a key to forging a great path, and I hope you work rigorously on making your formation powerful and efficient at the same time," Lord Al said as we walked through the Garden with hundreds of formation floating around us.

"Yes, I will try," I said as we walked toward the center of the Garden and took seats on the sofas. We have been roaming around the Garden for few hours, and it is again time to sit on the sofas again.

"Micheal, it will be the last day of discussion; according to rules set by the main soul, I could not hold the discussion for more than a week time of Solar Realm, which is equal to the three weeks of your world." Lord Al with a hint of regret.

I couldn't help but feel surprised hearing that, and sadness couldn't help but well up in my heart. I knew that discussions would not last forever, but I hoped they would last at least a month, but it looks like that is not the case.

"You said three weeks, which means we have two days, not one," I said after I got my emotions under control. "Yes, you could remain here today and tomorrow, but tomorrow you will receive your rewards for entertaining me, so today will be the last day of our wonderful discussion," He said with a sad sigh.

"Now, let's continue. You don't want to waste time wallowing the sadness, do you?" He asked, and I shook my head and put a smile on my face before I brough out another subject of crafting Inheritance, and we started our discussion again.

Like always, while we discussed, he treats me with delicious things. Unlike me, who is focused more on discussion than the food, Ashlyn is completely focused on the food. She would only come to the central part of the Garden when the food appeared; she would fly around the Garden or sleep under the trees.

Hours pa.s.sed as our discussion continued, and before I know it, the whole day had been pa.s.sed. "It is was a great discussion Micheal, no one in this world had such understanding as you, especially on the six elements of your const.i.tution, that even in higher, there are very few people of your age above you in understanding." Said Lord Al as he ended the discussion.

"Thank You, Lord Al. Your guidance has been immensely helpful to me!" I said respectfully. These words were not just mere lips service but came from the bottom of my heart.

"You are not the only one who learned something new Micheal, I also learned many things from you." He said before looked ahead.

"The people who have come here receive the reward, as what type of reward had received depended on the time they kept me entertained." "You Micheal entertained me longest, and if not constraint of time, I am sure you would have kept me entertained for even longer, and for that, you deserve the special reward." He said and moved his hand in his signature style.

As he did, a hole which is three meters wide and one meter deep appeared on the open gra.s.s. As the hole finished, the water from the stream came flying and begin to fill the hole.

A minute later, when the hole filled with water 75%, the water stopped, and again Lord Al moved his hands with a flourish, and tens of flower,, herbs, and roots came flying, some of them directly burrowed into the water while squeezed into the air and dropped their essences into the pond.

The changes begin to occur into the pond as more and more things got mixed into it. Sometimes, the lightning would cover the pond, sometimes it would freeze up, and while other times it would start to boil, what effects the pond would have depended upon what type of ingredient the Lord Al ad into the pond.

It feels like I am watching a magic show, but I know this is no magic show but an Alchemy that is beyond my comprehension.

If Jim had been here, he would have gotten mad with excitement seeing it. It is every Alchemist wet dream to learn the mysterious techniques, and I am sure, watching Lord Al, powerful Alchemist of the, would learn something important.

Unfortunately, my Alchemical knowledge is too shallow for me to learn any Alchemical technique. Though I was not able to learn something about Alchemy, I could clearly feel the way Lord Al manipulating the energy, and I am watching it very carefully.

He is using a technique to manipulate energies, the same technique he used when he made those wonderful snacks, and I am trying to gain as much insight into it as possible.

Time pa.s.sed by, and before I know it, about an hour pa.s.sed, and Lord Al had finally stopped. "This Alchemic solution I had specially crafted for you, Micheal. It will help you all aspects, from Body, Soul to your Inheritance runes," Lord Al said he presented pond filled with purple liquid to me.