Monster Integration - Chapter 1710 - Waiting

Chapter 1710 - Waiting

Chapter 1710 - Waiting

"Micheal, deal with that 'Curse' inside you as soon as possible; it is much more dangerous than it looked," Lord Al cautioned.

"I will keep that in mind, Lord Al," I replied. "Go then; I hope one day you will able to meet the main Soul." He said, to that, I just smiled. What he had just said is a very big thing, the chances of that happening is extremely low, but I will try to make that happen with all my efforts.

"Goodbye, Lord Al, It is my great fortune to meet you," I said; he just waved his hand with a smile without saying anything.

A few minutes later, I reached the edge of the Garden, I step, and I would walk out of it, but before I do that, there is one thing I have to do.

I reached out to my storage and took out the mask before putting it on my face. A moment later, changes begin to occur in my body and face. Lord Al had made me remove the mask the first hour into our conversation, and I did.

I used the same face I had when I entered the Garden; there is no need to change into another face. The Grimm Monsters are going to kill or capture any human who entered this deep, so it did not matter which face I wore.

Little more than a minute later, my face and body changed, and Armor appeared on my body. The Armor looked slightly different than before, more radiant, which is too b expected seeing the rise I had in every aspect of my strength.


With one last look at Lord Al and a deep sigh, I took a step through the solid golden sunlight, and the next moment I appeared outside.

"Who is she?" Al asked himself and couldn't help but shudder when he remembered the silver flash of the in that small bird's eyes which suppressed his very being. It made him feel the danger it had felt a few times and know that even his main soul is not a match of whoever it is.

I don't know who that bird really is; it did not reveal any aura, just a suppression that told me she stands much higher on the power scale than the main body. So the only question is, what is she doing in this tiny world?

He soon shook his head; nothing could be said about these powerful beings, and no one predicts their throught; I should also wait and watch after I inform the main soul of this.

He thought and looked at a muddy pool where that bird had been. She had extorted him for it after her partner slept, and it is not just a little pond she had absorbed but also a vast underground alchemical lake in the underground; she had absorbed it all, and now the Garden only what is visible to the eyes.

It will take a decade to fill them again, which is fine with him. Then, he could watch the happenings of the world while replenis.h.i.+ng the reserves; he is sure this decade would be interesting with such a powerful being in this small world.


As I stepped outside, I was. .h.i.t with intense suppression. It is extremely powerful but still felt less powerful than I had expected it to be; I am not feeling as much as suppress as I should be, or its just I have become powerful enough.

I don't know how powerful Ive became through everything I had gone throught. Not a single cell of Honecomb had been filled; all those powerful energies from food and ponds that had merged with my body had directly bypa.s.sed the honeycomb.

If the energies had filled the cells of a honeycomb, I would have been able to guess my strength, and now I would know through the combat.


I couldn't help but be surprised seeing these arcs and about to move to dodge the attack when I stopped myself and whipped out my blade.

'Let's see how powerful I have become!' I thought and moved my sword toward the closest Arc. This attack is powerful, but I am confident that I could deal with it with the advancements I had made in the past three weeks.


My sword moved at the blurring speed, and when it touched the first energy arc, it directly ripped through it cleanly before moving toward the other energy Arc. Seeing such clean-cut, I couldn't help but feel surprised.

I had thought with the density of energy present in the blade, cutting them would be much harder than crus.h.i.+ng them, but it looked like I was wrong. My new Inheritance energy is more powerful than I thought to make the sharpness enchantment so powerful that they directly cut through these highly dense energy arcs.

Rip Rip Rip

With the first Arc cut so smoothly, I poured even more energy into the sharp enchantments, and the next moment its results were visible as my sword cut thoughts these energy arcs even more smoothly, and within few seconds, hundreds of energy arcs cut smooth by my sword.

"I did not think you would be waiting for me for such long; I am extremely flattered," I said with a smile to the Crockman, who is looking at me with shocked eyes.

It is not the only one shocked; I am too is shocked, not because I had seen it waiting for me, which is a little surprising but not much, seeing how Grimm Monsters get obsessed with their prey, a prey that brought them shame.