Monster Integration - Chapter 165 Out of Realm VIII

Chapter 165 Out of Realm VIII

With William with me, no one dares to stop us as we directly went for the shop.

I feel bad seeing those in line grumbling but seeing super elite walking, no one objected loudly.

Some wanted to object but they stopped by those who were from and behind the one who wanted to object.

Seeing us coming, Maya, Williams girlfriend who is casually watching the movie behind the shop came to the counter excitedly.

Normal member of an organization is responsible for the selling of skill while Maya who is close to becoming super-elite is a supervisor, her job only to keep an eye on those who are selling the skills.

"William you came! You must be jill, I am Maya. William talked a lot about you, jill!" said Maya with a charming smile.

I can see why William like her so much, she is a very beautiful girl, the same level as Jim's girlfriend and she also has the ability to back her beauty.

She had greeted Micheal and jill with a charming smile while totally ignoring me.

I smiled ruefully in my mind, these peoples of organizations if they see normal adventurer, they will treat them like air especially powerful members.

Jim's girlfriend was also like this, I did not get sad seeing this but instead, I feel even more inspired to work harder.

To become strong enough so that they will acknowledge me on their own.

''Nice to meet you too Maya, my brother wouldn't stop praising you and I can why!" Jill praised.

There was not a speck of annoyance on her face or in her voice, it looked completely polite conversion but one can sense raging undercurrent between them.

''I hope, its all good things." Said Maya with her charming smile.

A beautiful smile appears on jill face and she was about reply when Micheal cut in and stopped their war of polite words.

''Maya, we have come for a skill that you promised Michael." Said Michael to Maya.

Maya's cheeks reddened a little hearing Williams voice but she quickly controlled herself.

''Oh right, here are the fourteen skill, choose one which you liked!" She said lightly and counter projected fourteen screens containing information about fourteen skills.

Without care for Maya's words, I concentrated on the fourteen screens of skill info.

These fourteen all are Grade 1 skill of the which nine are attack type, three are defense type and two are related to speed.

Of nine attacking skills, six are skills which need specific type ability to activate, of which four abilities are needs elemental abilities while the last two needs other abilities.

The three attack type skills which can be used by anyone but only one is powerful and surpa.s.sed the Nine Raging Tides skill that I had.

It is a great skill, somewhat similar to jill's knight grade skill Piercing Spindle, this skill probably is watered down version of Piercing Spindle.

But no matter how great they are but they are not enough to injure B or B Upper-grade monster as Specialist grade can use the only fraction of its power as half skill.

It is completely different when it used by Corporal grade revolvers as they could bring out its true power.

It is the most expensive skill of all fourteen skill costing 6.3 million credits.

I move to three defense type skills, of the three skill two can be only used by this who have earth type ability while the third one can be used by everyone but its defense is very mediocre compared to other two defensive skills.

I like one defense skill name Mud Wall, it has a very good defense but unfortunately, it can be only used by those have to earth elemental ability.

Sighing I move to last two-speed type skills and they are very good skills compare to other attack and defense type skill.

First-speed type skill has quite a peculiar name called Lively Wind, it is quite a good skill and increases the speed by lot.

The more mana you put into, the faster your speed will be but it has a great drawback.

It uses too much of much mana, mana is not a problem as I have treant heart and potions which could expedite mana recovery, I would have definitely selected this skill if not for my heart is on the other skill.

The last skill could not be totally considered speed type skill but it has some elements of speed type skill.

This Skill called Fire Wind Sky Steps, quite a domineering name to give to the skill but this skill worth it.

Reading its description any knowledgeable person can tell it is derived from Knight grade skill and the one derived it had done the job quite beautifully.

Fire-wind sky steps is a skill that creat small foothold in the air in the air with the help of your ability for the moment.

It's like standing on the air for a moment, with the help of this skill, I can take a double jump in the sky or toward the monster.

It had many applications and one can use it for attack and also evade, it is a multipurpose skill.

With the help of this skill, I can make seven footholds in the sky but due to in specialist stage, I can make only three and each foothold will cost me, 10% to 20% mana but this skill also has a drawback though.

The foothold is only two inches in diameter and can only stay in the sky for half a second.

One will need good senses and balance to master this skill but I am confident in myself, if I work hard, I will able to take at least two sky steps with it.

''I will take Fire Wind Sky Steps skill," I said. Jill and William clearly startled by my choice but they didn't object as they I am smart enough to skill to chose the skill with is best for me.

"Ok, place your holowatch in the counter!" she said curtly, I did what she told me and placed my holowatch on the counter.

"Ting!" sounded in my holowatch stating, the skill transfer is complete.

Seeing it is done, I turn to left. After this skill taking the skill, I am still a little unwilling though.

I also wanted the Lively Wind skill, fire wind sky steps were my first choice while lively wind my second, the combination of these two skills would have been amazing.

I wanted to buy it but I can't, according to my estimate, I have mana core worth little more than four million while the lively wind cost 5.2 million.

Earlier when I line up for fire wind sky steps because I had enough money to buy it as it cost 3.8 million.

''Micheal you should buy more skills if you want William has 50% discount here!" Said Jill, she must have seen unwillingness on my face.

''There is no need, this one is enough!" I said while shaking my head.

In a fifty percent discount, I can definitely afford it and I really wanted to buy it but I didn't, I don't give them the impression that I am using our friends.h.i.+p for gain and even my pride wouldn't let me do that.

"Don't you consider me your friend, if you really didn't see me as a friend then you didn't have to!" Jill said angrily.

Fighting side by side few days, she really knew all my strength and weakness.

In the attacking side, I have no need for the skill, any normal person could tell I have a powerful knight grade skill and all the attack type here won't be much against B and upper B grade monster other than providing the strength of self-preservation.

What I lack in speed and defense and these skills would help to increase my speed and defense.

I wanted to say no but seeing her expression and knowing her nature, I know she would feel bad if I didn't accept it.

''Ok, I'll take lively Wind," I said as this is the only thing which could help me in tomorrows battle.

I can see the Maya expression, her eyes clearly showing disdain for me.

She is defiantly thinking I am using her boyfriend and his sister for my gain and all was an act, her disdain even more increase after seeing Ashlyn in my hands.

One can definitely tell she is low-grade beast and one is slightly knowledgeable, can easily able to species of Ashlyn mutated from.

''I'll pay!" I said firmly when I saw Micheal came forward and taking out monster cores from his pocket.

Micheal and Jill wanted to reject my request but hearing firmness in my voice, they let me pay for my skill.

I quickly take out monster cores worth of 2.6 million from my backpack to pay for skill.

Jill wanted to buy me another skill but I rejected it and quickly left toward my tent, jill also came with me seeing her brother had no intention of leaving as he is quite busy with his girlfriend.