Monster Integration - Chapter 1705 - Conversation And Snacks I

Chapter 1705 - Conversation And Snacks I

Chapter 1705 - Conversation And Snacks I

"Supreme Archiver said that every being has some knowledge to offer, even ants can teach you something new If you observe them," It said and moved its hand in a flourish, and as it did that, two sofas with a table between them had appeared.

"Take a seat, little human," It said as it took a seat opposite of me. "Micheal, my name is Micheal," I said as I took a seat.

It was really irking me hearing it call me little human, seeing it does not much older than me.

"There are many humans who have come here, and I held a discussion with every one of them. Some discussion lasted for hours, while others lasted for days." It said.

"Those who kept me occupied for the most time had got the greatest benefits, but even those who lasted for mere hours had also gone back with great benefits," It added and again moved his hand with a flourish.

As it did, two beautiful tea empty teacups appeared on the table in front of us, but they did not remain empty for a long while as tea leaves came gently floating from the garden, and behind it came some flowers and gra.s.s and water from small stream behind the stele.

The stream water felt slushed into cups without spilling on the table; tea leaves drop their green essence. It mixed well with water, as it did a couple of flowers, and started dropping their essence into the last.

The last flower to drop its essence is a dark red flower, and just it drop its essence, the tea begins to boil, it boiled for a few seconds before stopped, giving a light green, golden tea.

The whole process of teamaking is very soothing; just watching it, I felt like my mind is getting calmer by the second.

"Give it a sip, this recipe of Armah Tea obtained by Supreme Archiver in his younger days; he has very fond memories of tea." So it said and took a sip of tea, seeing that I hesitantly took the cup.

I am not worried about tea being poisoned; if it wanted to kill me, it would have done that already with much ease.

I put a teacup to my lips, and before I could take a sip, its steaming hot smell filled my nostrilled, giving me a thick, refres.h.i.+ng sensation that filled my whole body for seconds.

The teacup had been attached to my lips for more than thirty seconds, but I did not take a sip. The steam is doing more than enough work, not only spreading refres.h.i.+ng feelings but also healing many tiny injuries in the body and soul.

My body and soul have been filled with tens of thousands of injuries. The Honeycomb had left many injuries, the bigger ones have been healed, but very tiny ones have remained.

They have become especially dangerous after I burned my blood. If I had not stressed my body and soul by burning my essence, these injuries would have slowly healed on their own but with so much essence lost.

These injuries expanding, and I am not able to heal them as most of my body is focused on producing the essence that I had lost.

I finally extricated myself from the control of my steam and took a sip of the real thing, and just as I did, I couldn't help but close my eyes and slumped back on the sofa with a shaky teacup in my hand.

The taste of tea is extremely good; it felt like a bite of nature itself. The taste of tea light, but it had dawned over everything I had ever drunk; the only thing that could compare to it is a wine that I had drunk a few hours ago.

As the sip of wine reached my stomach, and transformed into a gentle river that spread into every inch of body and soul and started to heal all the cracks that were present on them.

"Its good tea, right?" Its voice brought me out to reality, and I placed the cup on a table. It will take me a while to finish the tea seeing the energy of the first sip still filling my body to the brim, not to forget I want to cherish its taste slowly.

"Its the best tea Ive ever drunk," I said while enjoying the sensation of energies coursing through my body.

"This tea reci" "Chew Chew Chew!"

It was saying something when Ashlyn chirped interrupted rudely.

I could not understand completely what she said, she had blocked the connection with me, but I am familiar enough with her chirp to know that there is some rudeness in her chirp with her usual arrogance, which is not a good thing.

I paled and quickly took Ashlyn in my hands, "I am sorry, my lord, Ashlyn sometimes says things she did not mean to, say sorry Ashlyn," I said to her.

"No, its fine." "This little is girl is right; I had ignored her wholly while talking with you and did not even offer her refreshment as a good host would; it is bad on my side," It said, and another golden teacup appeared on the table and a few seconds later simmering hot tea appeared on the cup.

Ashlyn flew to the table and started to drink it as regally as a small bird her size could, seeing the cup is half of her size. It's quite funny, actually, and I would have laughed if I was not sitting in the company of such a powerful being.

"Interesting," "Correct me, I am wrong, isn't this young girl is a variation of Spark Sparrow, which is a common monster in the lower continents." It said. "Yes, sir, Ashlyn has mutated Grey Spark Sparrow," I replied while worrying inside me, hoping it would not have too much interest in Ashlyn.