Monster Integration - Chapter 1704 - Piece Of Soul

Chapter 1704 - Piece Of Soul

Chapter 1704 - Piece Of Soul

I took a couple of steps back as I saw the stele glowing and texts moving. Though I do not sense any danger, it is always better to be careful against such a powerful thing.

The s.h.i.+ne on the stele got brighter, and text on the stele formed the humanoid shape, which is quite surprising as I had thought something else might with those unknown texts.


I was observing the humanoid shape of the texts on the stele had formed when I got shocked by my life. The humonoid shape text shone and transformed into a real humanoid that walked out of the stele.

"I always find it amusing how people get surprised to see me walking out of stele despite getting a forewarning," Said the being in an amused voice as it walked out of the stele as I rabidly took the steps back.

"Calm down, little human, I am going to hurt you," Said the being seeing the sword appearing in my hand and with me standing in a battle-ready position.

I thought about its words for a moment before I put down my sword. I can't sense any aura from this being, but I am very sure its very powerful, and killing me would not be a problem for it.

With the sword put down, I looked at this alien humanoid being in front of me. This being in front of me is not a human. It is also not a Grimm Monster or any other race I had heard or read about.

It boar 80% similarities to humans; it is male and little over six feet tall and wearing a dark robe with extremely beautiful designs of celestial bodies, with special, focused on a different type of sun.

From what is not hidden in the robe, I could see it had brown skin, which is not flesh, and on it, beautiful golden runes are drawn.

The thing that makes it different from humans are his horns, there are two beautiful horns on its forehead, and like its eyes, they are golden and purple in color with ancient runes drawn on them.

I am most surprised by this being's age; it is young about my age. One does not expect to find such a young person in a mysterious place like this which is usually a.s.sociated with old geezers.

"Who are you?" I asked before I could stop myself. "This one is a piece of soul belong to Supreme Archiver of The Great Sun World, Alhan Metheason," The being introduced itself grandly.

"You are not a real person?" I asked again before I could stop myself. This being in front of me looked too real; I could not spot any flaw in it, which tells me it is a fake person.

"No, this one is just one of the tiny pieces of soul released by the Grand Archiver into the universe," It explained with a laugh.

An earthquake couldn't help but spread in my heart; what it said, the information it had given me with a small round of words, is earthshaking and couldn't help me make me excited.

"Why have you come to our world?" I asked; there is no way a powerful soul would have sent its piece of its soul here for nothing.

"The intention is not as nefarious as you think, little human." "The Intentions of Grand Archiver are n.o.ble; he just wanted to guide and help those world who were fighting the sp.a.w.ns of Abomination, and for that, he even sacrificed part of his soul," The being replied.

"You might not know it, but in the past one thousand and five hundred years, over a hundred humans have come here and benefited from the grace of this one," It said grandly before its eyes became sharp.

It had said there are more than a hundred people have entered here which is quite shocking news.

I had seen the suppression and know how strong it is and had not thought there would have been more than a hundred people able to enter the Sunlit Dome throughout the one thousand and five hundred years.

"You, on the other hand, little human quite special, of all the people that had come here, only you had the Celestial Inheritance," It said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

A shock again couldn't help but spread through my heart, seeing it casually mentioning my Inheritance. It is very hard to detect my Inheritance, and before I revealed it in front of the whole world, n.o.body had guessed that I have it, but this being seen through it in a single glance.

"Don't be a surprised little human; even if I am just speck of Supreme Archiver, I am far more powerful than you can imagine." It said, and purple and golden sunlike eyes begin to s.h.i.+ne intensely that I had unconsciously taken a step back.

"Don't be afraid, little human, you having a Clear Heart Inheritance is a good thing. You might be elated to know that Grand Archiver created his own path through the Clear Heart Inheritance." It informed.

This had helped me quite a bit in calming down; this past few minutes had been quite intense.

"Now let's sit and exchange the knowledge," "The Grand Archiver spend his whole life collecting knowledge; one of his greatest pride is holding the discussion with t.i.tan Of Life Yggdrasil itself," It said, and its eyes became a little misty.

When he said the word 'Yggdrasil.' His voice turns very respectful as it is speaking about someone great, while I became shocked hearing the 't.i.tan'; this word had great meaning.

The being inside me had also referred to itself as t.i.tan with Annihilation as its t.i.tan, and I have no f.u.c.k.i.n.g idea what to think about it.