Monster Integration - Chapter 1706 - Conversation And Snacks II

Chapter 1706 - Conversation And Snacks II

Chapter 1706 - Conversation And Snacks II

"She is very intelligent, not to mention grown far beyond her limit." It commented and turned toward me from Ashlyn.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but sigh of relief. Ashlyn held too many secrets, while powerful being as this might not get interested in them, I still did not want any of it to reveal.

"Let's start the discussion; which subject do you want to begin the discussion in?" It asked. Its eyes became excited, and it begins to look at me like a hopeful puppy looked at the person holding the treat.

Seeing what I understood till now, I know this is a very important opportunity which I should not waste on normal things. There is only one thing which worth using this opportunity, and that is my Inheritance.

"Clear Heart Inheritance," I said after a second of silence, hearing that small smile couldn't help but appear on its face. "The whole Inheritance or something in general?" It asked again.

"The Inheritance I had created," I replied, and before it could say anything, runes of beginning to appear in front of me, and a few minutes later, two humanoids appeared in front of me.

The left one is a peak Emperor Upgrade which I had just used, while the right one is the incomplete Tyrant upgrade which I am currently working on.

"You have an impressive energy control for your level," It said before moving its gaze toward the two runic humanoids. It only looked at them for a few seconds before it turned to me.

"Your current Inheritance Structure is a complete mess; it looked like you did not even know the rules crafting Inheritance through the Clear Heart Method when you begin." It commented. Its comment made me blush a little in shame.

"You are absolutely right, my lord," "When I started, I did not know how to craft Inheritance in Clear Heart Way. I understood the rules when I got the book on Clear Heart Inheritance from of your treasure palaces." I explained.

"Hmm, still you have crafted pretty good Inheritance, and your knowledge of six elements of your const.i.tution is amazing. People of Grade 1 world like yours rarely have such deep elemental understanding." It said.

I was about to open my mouth to correct it, saying I had the Seven Elemental Const.i.tution, not six, when I stopped myself. Though it did not mention it explicitly, I could guess that it had not seen I have a rule-bending power, and I felt like I should keep quiet about it.

There is a lot of formation in my Inheritance that is made for Rule bending power, but other elements could be work through them, so it should not suspect anything.

"I a.s.sume you designed everything on your own without outside help?" It asked, and I nodded. "Yes, everything is my creation, though I had got inspired by many things and added them into my inheritance," I said and took a sip from the tea before placing it back on the table.

"That is natural; inspirations are needed without it; n.o.body could create anything." It said with a smile before its eyes became slightly brighter, and it looked at me.

"Now explain to me how you conceived the Inheritance when you designed the Inheritance first?" It asked like a teacher.

I am a little surprised by its question as I had throught it would ask me about the formations in my current Inheritance, but it looked looks like it wants to go back further.

"My Inheritance Armor is based on the ability Armor I had used when I was a knight," I said, and a second later, the swirling ability Armor appeared in front of me; it barely took a second for me to materialize it.

"It is crude but quite efficient when you are not using the runes and using swirl to concentrate the pow…." It's stated its view detailedly, so detailedly that even I got surprised by it.

Some of the facts did not even know to the designer, me, and even asked it explain to me, and it did.

Soon, it asked me to show him my first Inheritance design, and I did; I remember every upgrade of my Inheritance by memory, and I could materialize them in an Instant.

As I saw my first Inheritance design again, I couldn't help but shudder. The sheer amount of mistakes I had made are horrifying, but I am still proud of it. I had created something where thousands have failed.

It shredded me by its comments on my Inheritance but also praised me on some parts. Most of the time, it would ask questions like why I did that, why I designed something that way and not in that, why I use that rune and not a different rune.

I had known the discussions with it would be good for me but did not expect this good. It is amazing, beyond amazing, I might say; it challenges me like no one ever did, and I am joying it.

A teacher is very versed in runic knowledge, but she is nothing in front of this being. The knowledge it had bottomless; it seemed to know everything and asked the question n.o.body dared to ask.

It had made me question everything about my Inheritance but also reinforced my beliefs on it. It is not answering all my questions; most of the time, it gives me hints to help me find the answer to my own question.

I think more than a day had pa.s.sed, but I am not sure, nor I care; the only thing I care about is my conversation with it and the treats that appear on the table every few hours.

Tea was just the beginning; there had been different types of cold drinks, hot drinks, biscuits, cakes, and others. All of them are being made in front of me and from the garden's materials.

I even asked it a question about it, and it answered, sometimes even explained the recipes and process in great detail, which would be extremely helpful to me.