Monster Integration - Chapter 1703 - Stepping Into The Sunlit Dome

Chapter 1703 - Stepping Into The Sunlit Dome

Chapter 1703 - Stepping Into The Sunlit Dome


It shouted and threw its huge box ax at me; seeing it coming, horror couldn't help but dawn on my heart as I know this attack is undodgeable.

The attack is too powerful and fast; I had had not expected this dumb b.a.s.t.a.r.d to have an attack as powerful as this. It looked like I had underestimated it too much, but I am blaming myself; I did everything I could to survive, and Ashlyn also helped.

But now, just when I was reaching my goal, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d revealed its trump card; I had really thought I would survive this.

It barely took a moment ax to arrive next to me; the ax had cut everything one its way without losing an inch of its moment before arriving before me, and now, its blade is inches away from me.

Time seemed to have slowed down when the ax was inches away from me; I found its blade slowly inching toward me and till there is barely finger distance between the meter-long curved blade and my head.

I wanted to close my eyes so desperately, but I did not; instead, I kept them open forcefully to watch my death.

Finally, the ax reached me, and its hot blade touched my skin and about to pierce through it into two cut my head into two when something amazing happened.


The protection amulet inside me activated, and the blue energy layer covered my skin instantly and repelled the ax at double speed.

I am shocked to see that happened as I had not expected it to happen. The suppression here is too powerful for the protection amulet to activate here. Just then, I remember that I am not under suppression.

The silver field covering me is repelling the suppression; thus, it could not suppress the protection amulets I had.

While I was shocked by surviving, I did not let this shock stop me, nor did I care about the repelled ax, which is going back to Grimm Monster at double speed.

I moved toward the Sunlit Dome with the blurring speed, as I do not have much time either; the nullifying s.h.i.+eld will go out within a few seconds.

It took me less than a second to cross the kilometer, and now in front of Sunlit Dome, my heart is beating loudly.

I don't know whether this very thick solid-looking Sunlight would let me pa.s.sed through it, but I have no choice but to try as the other option is death, and with that thought, I took a step inside the Sunlit Doe were none or fabled few Emperors able to reach.

The solid surface of the Sunlight did not stop me; it felt like I am pa.s.sing through the barrier of paper, which I could easily pa.s.s through.


Came out of my mouth as I stepped into the other side of the barrier. In front of me is a huge garden filled with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen, not only flowers but also herbs and other precious stuff.

Beautiful walkways made of golden sunlight bricks could be seen all around the garden. There are also small ponds all over the garden filled with golden liquid with a mix of s.h.i.+ning purple.

In the center of the garden is a huge stele made of golden purple Sunlight. On it, something is written in an unfamiliar language.

I look all the garden in before took a step on a walkway and begin to walk toward the huge golden stele, which about twenty meters long and four meters wide. I felt like it is the most important part of this huge garden.

As I walked, I looked at things around me, especially plants and ponds. They barely have any aura, and one might think of them as show plants, but when one concentrated on them and catch the faint whiff of aura they produced, they would be shocked.

Each and every plant here Tyrant Grade material and not a simple Tyrant Grade material but a powerful one.

Even normal gra.s.s here is a powerful resource that even Tyrants would salivate after. The liquid in ponds is especially shocking; it is not liquid Sunlight as I had usually a.s.sumed.

Though it contains a huge amount of liquid sunlit, it is not all; there are powerful herbal essences in it. As I had observed the ponds, I had noticed that some of the flowers and blades of gra.s.s would fly by gentle wind and mix with the pond.

I had gone to the many ruins and saw many things but never saw something as wonderful as it.

Seeing that, I wanted to dip myself into the pond even more, but I controlled myself. From my experience, I know I should not hurry; I should observe it for a while before making a move.

Ashlyn seemed to think that as well; she had come out, but she did not fly out of my shoulder.

Like me, she is just looking around with obvious greed in her eyes, seeing all those precious things around.

With Ashlyn on my shoulder, I walked toward the center of the garden while drinking the sights of the garden.

Whoever designed the garden must be absolutely generous of landscape design. The way they placed everything is simply amazing.

Seeing such a beautiful garden, I wanted to something this grand in the academy. I will try to make it; it will be incredible. If an academy has a tenth of something this beautiful.

An hour later, I reached the garden center and looked at the stele, which had something written in a beautiful language that ozzed ancientness. I wish I could read this language; it would be amazing to know what the text means.


I was staring at the stele when suddenly it buzzed and started to s.h.i.+ne in golden purple light.