Monster Integration - Chapter 164 Out of Realm VII

Chapter 164 Out of Realm VII

It feels like a small market back in the original camp, just like original camp in the boundary of the scind forest.

There are hundreds of individual shops opened by people, selling many weird things that they found in the forest.

Even I was surprised seeing a number of things there.

Today there is no lunch and dinner from the camp, everyone has to buy it for themselves but no one complained about it, seeing there are so many makes.h.i.+ft restaurants.

I see the many people buying and selling things, I would have done so but I have no knowledge of ores and for many weird herbs and fruits, I have to call Ashlyn who is happily flying in the sky.

I don't think there is anything precious in what they are selling, otherwise, Ashlyn would have smelled and come to me chirping not flying happily in the dome.

Two or three people seen such shops but most of the people concentrated on eleven places.

Hundreds of people could be seen in line in front of each shop, these eleven places are making everyone so excited that those aren't in line also looking toward it now and them.

The only thing that could make people this crazy is Skill, these eleven places shops must be selling skills.

I am right when I asked some people who came out of shops buying the skills.

These shops are selling potions and skills, they said that there are only fourteen skills and every shop are selling the same skills.

I did get disappointed hearing every shop are selling the same skills but quite happy seeing there fourteen skills, they are selling.

The thing made me most happy and surprised that, they are charging the same price as adventurers paradise and not overcharge as government.

Even the shop handled by government super elite had cut down the prices and selling the same price as rest.

I found it quite baffling but decide not to think about it much, getting skill cheap is already enough for me and I will see if I could by two skill with the monster cores I had.

I heard another good news while walking.

The price if the monster core we got from the scind forest is a lot higher, it is comparable to the core of Corporal level monster of the same level, some even sell at a higher price depending upon the energy they contained.

I expected the higher price but never expected the price comparable to the core of one stage higher of outside monster.

Means the price of the core of Specialist stage monster of this realm comparable to the price of the core of Corporal stage monster in outside and price may go higher if the monster is a higher grade one.

I roam the market for a while before I felt hungry and called the Ashlyn from the sky.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped cheerfully as she landed on my shoulder and we walk toward the makes.h.i.+ft restaurant.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn waves her wings in saying no and pointed toward the different direction.

I am quite startled seeing her behaving like this, normally we would eat whatever place I would pick but now I was just walking towards the restaurant, she disagreed and waved her wings toward another makes.h.i.+ft restaurant which is quite far.

She looked quite adorable when she waved her wings, one just wants to pick her chubby self and ma.s.sage her against the face but I control myself and did not do that, she will definitely get if I did that.

I walk toward the makes.h.i.+ft restaurant she is waving her wings.

"Umm its really good!" I said after taking a bite, it is at the same level as what we ate in the westblood.

The chef might be a novice but monster meat more than make up for it.

Ashlyn had quickly gobbled her plate and asked me a second, seeing she is not full, I asked for the second plate.

Feeling full, I got out of the restaurant with Ashlyn in my palm, I roamed the market for forty-five minutes, hoping to find miracle fruit or Mystical medicine but no such luck, Ashlyn never responded to anything.

Seeing the crowd around the shops had a lot of thin out, I also line up the front of the shop which has the shortest line.

There are fifty-some people are in the line and talking people ahead and behind me, I got the clear idea on what they are selling.

"Micheal!" I heard a familiar voice shout my name, it is jill and when I look up, I saw Jill and her brother coming toward me.

She has a huge smile on her face and she is overly affectionate to her brother.

She was quite a bad mood when William left yesterday after saying a word but now her mood is completely opposite.

From my understanding of Jill, William must have given her something she dearly wants, otherwise, he would not be this affectionate with her brother.

"Are you buying skill?" she asked, I nodded. yes, that is why im in line for half an hour.

''Can you come out of line?" Asked William suddenly, I looked at him hesitantly.

It has been twenty minutes I've been in the line and if I step out it, I line up again from the end and all twenty minutes for naught.

"Don't worry you will not have to line up again?" William said, hearing that I get out of line.

"Maya said in favor of mystical medicine you have given her, you can pick any skill of that fourteen skill!" said William as we were walking.

I got startled hearing that I got happy before shaking my head in mind.

From talking to people, I come to know that the cheapest skill costs 2 Million while the most expensive would cost 6 Million.

The price of a piece of mutated treant heart most would be 2 million most and the skill I am thinking of buying is worth 3.6 million.

The difference is too much much if it was a difference of 100, 200 thousand, I would have definitely accepted but the difference of 1.5 million is too much, even if I am greedy for money, I still have some princ.i.p.als.

"Sorry, it's too much, I can't accept it," I said while shaking my head.

William just about says something but jill cut him up.

"Snort! It's not you taking advantage of her but she is taking advantage of you, whatever skill you will take, she will only have to pay 25% percent of it only, even if a most expensive one, she will still pay less than what she owed you.!" Jill said with a snort.

I look at William for confirmation, he nodded and said, "What jill said right!"

''In my opinion, you should buy two skills instead of one! Few Millions are nothing for her!" Said jill again.

Look like jill is not a fan of Williams new girlfriend. William just smiles but didn't say anything, he is quite smart to know, not speak for the favor of girlfriend when in the company of sister or opposite.

''Ok, I'll select one," I said as William take me toward the shop in left.