Monster Integration - Chapter 1695 - Dangerous

Chapter 1695 - Dangerous

Chapter 1695 - Dangerous

Two months pa.s.sed by since I had healed Miss Constance, and since then, nothing much had changed.

I still spent most of my days in the forest, hiding in the abode, working on my Inheritance while my seeds do the job of killing and harvesting Grimm Monsters, and the only time I had to move go to my seeds when I am harvesting the bloodline.

I had reached the absolute limit of High Emperor nearly two months ago but could not level up as my Inheritance hadn't finished, especially that formation; it took double the time to finish than the rest of the upgrade.

I could take no chances with it; it is my whole life on the line, the slightest mistake in the formation, and my whole body would turn into the puddle.

"Fifth Check Finished!" I said as I looked at the humanoid in front of me. Usually, I inspect the upgrade three times after I finish with it, but this time, I inspected it five times; even the tiniest mistakes are not allowed this time.

After looking at it one more time, I came out of my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and stretched; I had been lying in the same place for hours.

I freshened up and heated the leftovers before eating them. after that, I took a small nap; even though I am not much tired, I still slept for two hours as this might be the last time I would sleep.

Two hours after waking up, I was out of the door; I had talked to my parents and teacher, and they had suspected something, but I am was able to console them. It is a good thing I was not in front of them; it is very difficult for me to lie to people who are close to me.

The city is more crowded than it was two months ago, both sides are pouring people like crazy. The Pyramid had sent more Emperors in place than it should be allowed, even when war is going on, and war hasn't even started yet.

From what Miss Constance told me, people have leveled up to Tyrant. Though she did not tell me an exact number, it should be around or more than ten.

If not for a good result, there is no way Pyramid would have taken the risk of sending so many Emperors in one place; the risk is too great.

It still quite time for me to level up to Tyrant, I am far from ready, or I should say the Inheritance is far from ready, but things should speed up after this upgrade as after reaching the Peak level of Emperor Stage, I would have nothing to work on except my Tyrant upgrade.

Soon, I reached the city gates and pa.s.sed through it after slight waiting. A few minutes later, I reached the forest and increased my speed, and an hour later, my face and body begin to change as I moved.

When I finished transforming into a completely different person, my speed shot through. I became blurring even to the powerful Emperors.

This time, there is no Grand Quest of reaching the Sunlit Dome, but I am still going to go as far as I could; for what I am going to do, I need maximum suppression.

So, I sped through central region at the greatest speed, and with Ashlyn's help, I was easily able to avoid the Emperor powerhouses that are roaming at the edge of the central region.

My speed continued to lessen, and after nearly three hours, the suppression has become go great that I could not even run; I had to walk, which I did for the next two hours before I stopped as the suppression has become so powerful that even walking has become difficult.

'It is the right place, right?' I asked Ashlyn as I looked at dense Sunlight on my palm. It is the furthest I had come in the centra region, and the suppression here is very powerful.

"Chew Chew Chew…" Ashlyn chirped haughtily, explaining how much time she had spent scouting this area and how many monsters and Tyrants have come here.

For nearly three weeks, I had made Ashlyn scout the places in the central region where there is the least amount of monsters and less visited by the Tyrants of both sides.

The area I am standing in is one of the best places that Ashlyn had selected through her continued observation, and it is quite close to the Sunlight dome.

With the confirmation from Ashlyn, I had started making preparation. Of course, I would very much like to level up in my abode as I usually do, but this time, I have no choice but to level up in the open.

For what I am going to do, I need my body under immense supression; the higher the suppression, the better I will have a chance of surviving that formation.

I crushed those thoughts and started taking out things; I had invested too much to back down now.

Not only had I spent months, but I also used my roses to buy things. The things I needed were too rare for Miss Constance to use normal things; I had to provide her something special, and my roses were that thing.

If I had been in the Academy, I would not have had to worry about those resources. Teacher would have got them for me, but I am not in Academy, and nor I want to, at least for some more time.