Monster Integration - Chapter 1696 - Level Up

Chapter 1696 - Level Up

Chapter 1696 - Level Up

I spread the huge roll on the place which had been just cleared by the Ashlyn. She had burned the tree with such intense fire that no smoke came out of them as they turned into a matter of seconds.

I could not do something like it; the wick of flame I could call out would take ages to burn these powerful trees.

It took me more than a minute to spread the huge roll. As it spread on the ground, a huge formation materialized. The formation is necessary to deposit specific resources to a specific formation.

With formation spread, I took out the resources and started to place them in a specific position.

The resources I am bringing out are extremly rare, especially those which I had brought with my essence roses. If any common Tyrant sees them, their eyes would surely turn green with envy.

It took me more than twenty minutes to place all the resources, and once I am done with that, I sat in the center of the formation waiting.

Ashlyn had gone out for the one last round, seeing if there are any Tyrant in the area; if there are, we can delay, and if there are monsters, she could kill it. Killing few monsters sneakily would not raise an eyebrow.

Chew Chew!

A few minutes Ashlyn came back chirping and came inside me; according to her, everything is clear; with her giving clear, I should be safe.

No matter how big a spectacle I create, it would be suppressed here, and even those few hundred meters away from me won't be able to sense anything as every sound and every with getting s.u.c.k.e.d by the trees around me.


After Ashlyn came inside me, I went inside my inheritance s.p.a.ce and saw a black runic humanoid in front of me. I looked at it, specifically looked at the formation in the center of the stomach; that formation could decide my life and death.

After looking at it for a moment, I tapped on it and, the next second, thrown out of my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.


I opened my eyes and activated the formation as the energies begin roiling inside me.

The formation buzzed, and many resources begin to turn into the smoke before they came at me.

Though their speed is quite slow, the supression affecting everything. While the essences of resources coming at me at a slow speed, they are still coming and not getting s.u.c.k.e.d by the forest.

Only Tyrants could breach the s.h.i.+eld. Even I, with all my strength, could not breach its raw power.

Multicolored essences came at me, fusing with runes that had turned into powder before forging into different runes. The special resources I had brough had also started to come inside me and started to create the runic formation.

I am keeping track of everything; it is my life that is at stake here. Any unaccountable changes could make things dangerous for me.


I had just thought of the unaccountable changes when an unaccountable change started happening. The think sunlight begins gathering above me, it did not come inside me, but it started to gather above me.

Of all the data I had read, the sunlight never reacted during the breakthrough of the Emperors.

It is reacted during the breakthrough of the Tyrants but not all of them. According to the data that Miss Constance has provided, thirty Emperors made the successful breakthrough into Tyrant since the pierce of this ruin merged with our world.

Of the thirty-two people, the sunlight reacted only in three breakthroughs. As for what it did, no one knows; the three Tyrants did not provide any info other than saying the sunlight is very beneficial to them.

If it had been a normal breakthrough, I would have been ecstatic seeing it reacting, but this breakthrough is a little complicated.

All the previous Tyrant breakthroughs have happened in the outer and middle region, not a single one of them happened in the central region, and it had been theorized that it is extremly difficult to move the sunlight in Central Region.

The sunlight had started piling above me, and there are very high chances that it will come at me.

As for how it will affect my runes, especially on that formation, I don't know, but I hope that effects would not be bad; I don't want to die this early in my life; there are many things Ive yet to accomplish.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and sunlight kept piling above me, growing thicker and thicker, till it begins to feel like a liquid, and that liquid came at me.

As the thick sunlight poured into me, I felt a wonderful warm sensation. The feeling is different from what I had expected to feel. I thought it would be hot, but no, it is warm and thick as newly picked honey.

It came inside me and begin to merge with my runes, and to my surprise, my runes seemed more excited to suck thick sunlight than the essences of many rare and precious things.

That is not the only surprising thing; Nero also taking this energy; he took almost one forth of it.

Time pa.s.sed by, thick sunlight and essences continue to merge with my runes. The runes kept breaking into powder, and in their place, new runes would be created, and they would form the formations.

Hundreds of runes formed every second and create tens of formation. In just half an hour, more than half of the runes have been created, which is faster than I had throught.

Most importantly, that special formation is near completion; it won't take more than a minute for it to form.