Monster Integration - Chapter 1694 - The Formation

Chapter 1694 - The Formation

Chapter 1694 - The Formation

"Once again, thank you for healing me; if not for your timely aid, I would have died," Miss Constance said at the exit of my abode.

"Any healer at my place would have done the same," I replied, "No, they would not," she replied, and before I could say anything, I found her hugging me.

"I don't think you will need it but if you found yourself in trouble in trouble, call me," she said as she let off a hug and walked out of my abode, and a few seconds later, she disappeared from my view.

She had recovered faster than I had expected; she had needed a day barely to recovered her peak strength.

I stayed at the door of the abode for few seconds before I came back inside. I had also planned to leave, but it is not the right time; the Grimm Monsters are still searching for me madly.

Their mad search has raised quite a eyebrows on the human side, and now both sides are fighting gound all over the forest, every hour some Tyrants are fighting, and I am sure she would join the battle soon.

Humans have called the backup, and now they are not in disadvantageous potions as they had been, and with Miss Constance, the humans would get a further advantage, and this time, it would not be easy to trap her.

It is not just Tyrants fighting madly but also the Emperors as both sides have poured even more numbers in the forest, and fighting is going on everywhere.

I am also doing my share; my seeds are regularly catching the Grimm Monsters, and before leaving the forest, I would have to go harvest the Bloodline of Grimm Monsters it had caught, this thing I have to do personally.

I walked into the living room and laid on the couch comfortably before closing my eyes.

The next moment, I am in my Inheritance, and in front of me, there are two humanoids. One on the right is of the Emperor upgrade, while the one on the left is Tyrant, which is much bigger.

This time, I did looked even look at two humanoids; there is something else I am planning on working on today.

I went toward the idea box, which is the left side of a huge Inheritance s.p.a.ce, before taking out a tiny formation; when I expanded it, it grew over a meter size from the tiny palm-size.

This is an idea I had once discarded being extremely dangerous, but after seeing the internal power structure of Miss Constance, I decided to incorporate this very dangerous formation in my Inheritance.

This formation is extremely dangerous, but if anyone could survive it, then it would be me.

Since the Prince Stage, I had been progressing at Absolute Limit, which made my body and soul very strong. Strong enough, they could bear the pressure this formation will bring.

If anyone could survive this formation, then it would be me, and this formation is not even complete yet. So I would try my all to make it safest and train myself for it to bear.

It would cost me dearly, likely empty my storage, but it would worth it, and now I even have Miss Constance. With her, I won't have to worry about getting those precious things I need.

If I succeeded, I would get even more s.p.a.ce in Tyrant Inheritance, and I desperately need more s.p.a.ce.

How many runes I could use in Inheritance is completely dependent on the strength of my body and soul and the stage I am leveling up. I had already had huge s.p.a.ce for the Tyrant Stage, but it is not enough.

I have to cut sizes of many formations and leave out of some of the new moves and amazing variations of some, but if this formation worked and I did not die, then I will get all the s.p.a.ce I need for my Tyrant upgrade, not to forget the power that will come with it.

I expanded the formation in front of me further and begin to work on it and worked on it for more than ten hours before I stopped.

I got out rested for few minutes before taking out the Tome. In the Tome, I had mastered my first Soul Food Recipe after over five tries, and this is just starting as there are hundreds of more recipes ahead.

I don't think I will have as much a problem learning them as I did with the first soul food recipe.

I had lacked something, and through a whole lot of effort, I gained it and able to master the first soul recipe, and now using that foundation, I will master others; h.e.l.l, I am already very close to mastering the second recipe.

I continued to switch between Tome and working on Inheritance till it is meal time again.

As such, two days pa.s.sed, and in two days, the mood of Devil Forest quieted down a little. Though the fights are still going on just as intensely, the searching had stopped since Miss Constance joined the field again, and this time she is really vicious.

She had nearly killed the Poison Master yesterday, and if not for Black Mambaman coming to rescue, it would have died.

While the battle was being fought around the forest, I made my way to the city but not before harvesting the Bloodline of the Grimm Monsters, which brought me really close to the absolute limit.

I now need to harvest one or two Bloodlines at most before I reach the absolute limit, which is kind of crazy when I think about it.

Once upon a time, I used to need months to find a single Bloodline Grimm Monster, but now I am consuming so many Bloodlines that I do not need even a month to reach the absolute limit.

After I harvested the Bloodlines, I finally made my way to the city after more than ten days.