Monster Integration - Chapter 1693 - The Pitch

Chapter 1693 - The Pitch

Chapter 1693 - The Pitch

"I know you could cook but did not know you could cook soul food," She said, a second after I recalled my energies. She sounds quite awed as she looked at the large pot in front of me.

"It is a hobby," I replied modestly and got a snort in reply. "Quite a hobby you have, cooking a soul is no simple thing, the skills, and its dedication it requires to cook the soul food is immense,"

"All those who could cook the soul food are Tyrants, and they are old," She said while hungrily staring at the pot.

"Arth's Soul Pot is a great dish; it will expedite your healing," I said, changing the subject and took the pot to the dining table and begin to make the serving for the three people.

She arched her brow, watching me make the third plate for Ashlyn, but I smiled and filled the plates with food before taking my place.

"Let's eat," I said, and Miss Constance wasted no time taking a bite of the food, and for next five minutes, there was no sound except that of eating, and even after five minutes, the words came out of Miss Constance mouth is asking for the second serving.

She looked a little embarra.s.sed when she asked that, but she had not only asked for a second but also for a third serving.

"You know the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d of our Academy are really stingy, whenever I asked them for soul food, they always reject, unless you offer them something really good, they will not cook for you," She complained as she put the spoon down.

I smile at her complaint but did not say anything. Even if I agree with her, it is not my place to say something, especially when it involves the Tyrants.

"So, what do you think about our Silverstone Academy?" she asked as she straightened on her chair.

'Here it comes,' I thought as a conservating smile appeared on my face. "It is a great organization with great history," I answered in carefully considered words.

People are testy about their organization, and I did not want to speak about something that will angle her. She might look harmless and even friendly with her vibrant green hair, but she is Elite Tyrant with powerful kill me with a single touch.

Hearing my answer, a bright smile appeared on her face, "You don't have to be conservative with your words Micheal, I am not some testy old women who would explode if you say something bad about my organization," she said.

"So, what do you think about joining us?" She asked directly; this time, that smile on my face froze up for a moment. "It is quite early for me to decide; I haven't even started working on the Tyrant upgrade yet," I replied with a straight face.

"From what I have read about the Celestial Inheritance, the Tyrant part is hardest to design. The knowledge and skills required to create it are quite hard to get," she said, and I nodded in affirmation.

"If you join us, you would not only gain access to the vast library of ours that had precious books collected by our predecessors for past ten thousand years but also the expertise of Grand Professors will be at your disposal,"

"Not to forget we will also provide you with precious resources; one of such resources are divine crystal, you know how extremely rare those resources are and also you will get a position in your leaders.h.i.+p, and there is even chance you might become the leader of our organization, just like your predecessor did of Wisdom Tower," she finished her pitch while flas.h.i.+ng me a tempting smile.

The offer is extremely tempting, far greater than any of the Supremes representatives have said so far.

For a fraction of a second, I had even thought of accepting her offer before shaking my head internally. The offer may be extremely tempting, especially about the library and divine crystal-like resources, but I will not accept it, not until I had exhausted all my options.

While it is true that Academy could not compare to the Supremes and did not have a vast library filled with rare and precious books or extremely rare resources that even old monsters would fight to the death for.

I am not in any hurry to accept the offer; I have 70% to 80% knowledge requite to create the Tyrant upgrade, and as for resources, my runes are consuming bloodlines and making themselves stronger.

Not to forget, her excellency has left something which has extremely rare resources for her successor. I will have to pa.s.s the test she had left and get the resources; though it will not be easy, I am confident that I will able to do it.

So, my condition is not as hopeless as others might think. Though one thing is clear that the Academy did not have everything I need, I may have to look for somewhere else for them, but it does not have to be Supreme.

"Do you really have permission to offer me this?" I asked to which she flashed me a brilliant smile.

"You might not believe it, but your performance in the champions.h.i.+p had impressive, and organizations are sure that you will grow even stronger King Stage before leveling up Emperor, and they were right,"

"When you were healing, I could feel the strength of you. It is extremely strong, near peak strength that Emperor can achieve, and I am sure you will grow even stronger before you level up to Tyrant,"

"Not to forget your healing arts, for that alone our organization will offer you all these things." "In the coming war, a healer of your caliber would be extremely important, a hundred times more important than the elite Tyrant like me," She said and looked at me intently.

"So what do you think about the offer?" she asked again, and this time, her expressions are very serious.