Monster Integration - Chapter 1692 - Soul Food

Chapter 1692 - Soul Food

Chapter 1692 - Soul Food

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn came chirping in my room as I opened the door for her to come in from the outside.

As I leveled up, the more functions of the abode had opened up for me, and now I could go outside through any room of my abode. Due to these new functions, I had readily agreed to let Elite Tyrant live in my abode.

In my abode, I have no fear against the Tyrant; even if there are more Elite Tyrant, I would still not have any fear against them. Though I could not do anything against them, they also could do anything against me too.

It is not something normal s.p.a.ce abodes could do. The s.p.a.ce abodes are powerful, but they are also delicate, and Tyrants have to be careful in them in case they messed up the spatial wards and got thrown into the s.p.a.ce sea.

From what the teacher told me, the spatial wards of my abode are so strong that even old monsters would have a problem shaking them, much less breaking them, so even if the Tyrant burst out with its full power, no harm would come to the abode.


Ashlyn's chirp brought me out of my thoughts, and I looked at my bed, which is now filled with essence roses that Ashlyn had collected from the seeds; there are twenty-nine essence roses bound in beautiful vibrant strings of seeds.

I took the roses and removed the seeds from them before storing them carefully into my storage; a minute later, I stored all twenty-nine roses, and now, I have twenty-nine softly glowing seeds in my hand.

I took one seed in my hand and begin to pour rule-bending power in it; twenty seconds later, I finished with it and took the second seed and begin to pour rule-bending power in it.

I took one seed after another and recharge them with Rule Bending power. My seeds could take any kind of energy from their prey and convert it to the energy they need, except for the rule-bending power which I have to charge myself.

After charging fifteen seeds, I stopped. Unfortunately, I do not have unlimited rule-bending power; I will have to rest for quite a while before I could charge more seeds; once I do, Ashlyn would take them outside and spread them again in a different position than they had originally been.

With Ashlyn, killing and harvesting have become extremely easy and time-efficient, not to forget I am killing the Grimm Monsters like n.o.body's business with the help of my wonderful seeds.

I am confident that even with so many Grimm Monsters present in the forest and many entering every week, I am making a killing with Essence Roses, even after feeding half of them to Nero.

There is no Emperor in the Devil's Gate, which is killing as many Grimm Monsters as me. I couldn't help but imagine the expressions on the teacher's face when I return and show her how many essence roses I had got.

I had already far surpa.s.sed the quota, collecting more than six-times essence roses than I had supposed to, and there is still quite a time before I leave the devil gate; I am sure by that time, essence roses in my collection would be more than double than they are now.

After resting a few minutes, I walked out of my room, walked into the kitchen, and started to take out the things from my storage.

The straining activities of today had made me quite hungry, and I am not the only one. So a little birdy on my shoulder, also feeling quite hungry that she did not let me rest fully before bringing me to the kitchen.

I wanted to cook something simple, not to reveal much about myself than I already have, but little birdy has nothing; she wanted to eat the newest recipe I had masted.

I had already cooked it for her more than ten times, but she still wanted to eat it.

After removing all ingredients I needed to cook, I closed my eyes and started to take a couple of deep breaths; even if I had mastered the recipe, I still have to be very carefully cooking it. The dish is too complicated and fragile that the smallest mistake spoils it.

After I calmed enough, I began to cook it; I did not use my strings for it. This is because my control over the strings is not fine enough to use the strings to make it.

It could be eaten by anyone; even those who did not practice can eat it and derive great benefits from it.

This is a real culinary art; the skills the control requirements for it are immense could only gain through immense practice. If I did not have the tome which in which I could practice for days within minutes, I would have never had gained such skills.

To have such fine skills, years of practice are necessary, and I had practice for years in the tome.

Due to learning the fine control in the tome, I am able to manipulate the Pseudo Bloodline energy I have, which is one of the most difficult to manipulate.

As I was cooking, I felt Miss Constance entering the hall before coming to the kitchen. Seeing me focused on cooking, she flew, and soundless sat opposite of me.

She did not speak, just sat and watched me, which is good, as I don't think I would be able to maintain my concentration if she spoke even a single word, and that would turn catastrophic for a dish I am making.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I followed the recipe by word, not daring to make a single mistake, and as such, nearly two hours pa.s.sed when I finally took back my soul energy and inheritance energy inside me.