Monster Integration - Chapter 1691 - The Abode

Chapter 1691 - The Abode

Chapter 1691 - The Abode

"Miss Constance, are you all right?" I asked; she still has shock written all over her face and hadn't reacted at all, except for looking me wide eyes under which I am feeling quite uncomfortable.

"Thank You, I did not think I would survive the poison," She said a moment later as she schooled her expression and got up.

I smile at her compliments before my eyes turn a little serious, "You should hide till you recover; the three elite Grimm Monsters you have fought are still searching for you high and low around the forest," I said.

The Grimm Monsters are still searching for her, and they have got help from the others too, not only Tyrants but also Emperors. So if she leaves now, before getting fully recovered, there is a high chance she might get discovered.

"How do you know?" She asked in surprise, to that I just smiled. She already knows many of my secrete, I will not going to tell her more.

"Fine, don't tell me, and you are right about me recovering fully before leaving; it would be idiotic to leave before I get my peak strength," She said, and she turned to me with a smile that again gives me an uncomfortable smile.

"Do you have an abode where I could rest and recover, right?" She asked with a sweet smile that anyone would have a hard problem in rejecting.

She is an Elite Tyrant, I am sure she has s.p.a.ce Abode in her possession and a good one with that, but she is still want to stay in my above. Her intention behind it clear; with the abilities Ive shown, she would want to get to know me more, try to recruit me if possible.

After the champions.h.i.+p is over, many Supremes have sent their representative to recruit me; I mean, who wouldn't like to recruit a host of Celestial Inheritance, especially since the impact my predecessor made.

I was able to stall their proposals and left the Academy before they became too naggy, but when I return, I will have to face them in full force, and this time, it would not be representative of the Academy would come to recruit me.

"Yes, I have an abode me, Miss Constance, and you are most welcome in it till you recover," I said with a smile while internally I wish that she would just leave and rest within her own abode.

"We should get rid of all proofs here," She said a second later; I nodded and asked Ashlyn about the whereabouts of Grimm Monsters; fortunately, they are far. Unfortunately, there are some Emperors around the area, but they would not be a problem.

In the next ten minutes, I had removed the plates, and Miss Constance moved the earth the way I wanted to. She is not an earth Elemental, but she is powerful enough to move the earth with some focus.

Half an hour after that, Ashlyn found a great spot, a spot which all three Grimm Monsters have looked carefully, and they would likely come again, and even if they do, they would not be able to discover my abode easily.

"Your abode is quite great; there is no information in our archives about your Academy having such a powerful abode," Miss Constance said as she walked inside the abode.

"It is not from the Academy," I replied with a smile. The s.p.a.ce abodes are extremely rare, especially of the grade of this one. They are usually in the hands of important people of Organisations.

"I am impressed and truthfully speaking, your abode is better than mine; the spatial bindings of the abode are extremely strong," she said as she touched the walls of abode.

'Tyrants!' I couldn't help but take an internal sigh hearing that; The Tyrants are powerful enough to feel the s.p.a.ce around them, and Elite Tyrants like Miss Constance or Professor can pa.s.s through s.p.a.ce and teleport.

"Here is your room, Miss Constance; I will call you when dinner is ready," I said as I stopped in front of a room.

"You are not going to spy on lonely weak women like me, are you?" She asked with a pitiful expression just as she opened the door of her room. Her strange question had caught me so off guard that I was able to reply for a moment.

"No, I would not do that!" I said loudly, louder than I should have.

I do not have a death wish, weak as she may be, but she still could turn me into a puddle with slight touch; not to forget I am sure many artifacts on her would stop me from spying even if I use the full power of the abode to do that.

"Look at your face; I was just joking," She said with a laugh and ruffled my hair before closing the door of her room.

I remained standing in front of her door dumbstruck for few seconds before walking into my room. The first thing I did was to remove my clothes which are quite dirty with dried blood, before hopping into the shower.

I felt a little relaxed as Icy cold water cascade down my body; the healing had made me quite tired; I felt like I had fought a day-long battle with a very powerful opponent.

Dealing with such poison was no simple thing, but I was able to do it, and it is a great milestone for me.

Not only that, this had given me much wanted data I needed for my healing arts; It had also given me huge inspiration on the other area too, bringing out a very dangerous idea I had a few months ago.

As I said, it is an extremely dangerous idea; I could die, but if I succeeded, it would advance my strength beyond imagination. Fight and defeating a Tyrant would not be a problem for me.