Monster Integration - Chapter 1690 - Healed

Chapter 1690 - Healed

Chapter 1690 - Healed

"You removed the poison!" A shock filled with a voice said. The voice is very shocked, the most shocked voice Ive ever heard.

"Not all of it; there is some that are still hiding, and I have to remove it, for you to not to have complications later," I said without opening my eyes before concentrating on her body hard.

Like I had said, 99% of poison had been removed from her body, and only 1% of remain, and removing that 1% of it would not be easy; I would have to perform a couple of procedures to remove it fully.

The first procedure is the one I have performed before; this time, I would be performing at full blast.

I concentrated on my strings, and the next second, I have made them blaze with healing energy.

The healing energy had just released from my strings when loads of thick poison energy came at me. The poison came swiftly, and it concentrated as if it wanted to deal powerful damage to my vines.

It would not happen though, my strings are prepared, and as that concentrated blob of poison came out, my strings moved and pierced themselves into that powerful poison blob.

A few seconds later, the poison blob had disappeared; seeing it happening, I couldn't help but remember my sister who also finished her favorite smoothy within a few seconds; when she eats her favorite food, her eating speed became comparable to Ashlyn.

As the concentrated poison blob disappeared, I blazed my healing energy further, but no further poison had come out.

I had taken out quite a lot of poison with this method, but there are still some that had remained, and it would not come out easily. Fortunately, I have a great method for that.


Taking a deep breath, I deactivated the suppression formation of Rose vines that covered the coffin and started the 'Extraction Formation,' or 'Deep Cleaning' formation.

As it activated, the green poison inside the rose runes begin to burn slowly; while it did, the tiny drops of poison begin to come inside Miss Constance Body which my strigs started to absorb immediately.

This method I had designed is amazing to cleans a deep hidden small amount of poison. I just need to burn some of the poison I had collected before, and it will pull the poison that is deeply hidden in one's body.

The deeply hidden poison begin to come out rapidly before slowing down a minute later; when that happened, I increased the power of the formation, which burned the poison at greater speed but pulled out the poison, which is hiding further deeply.

Seeing the poison burning, I couldn't help but take a painful sigh. The poison is precious; I could make many Grimm Roses through them that many organizations will eagerly buy.

More than 99.99% of poison had been s.u.c.k.e.d out from Miss Constance's body. There is barely any remained, and those of which remained, Miss Constance's own defenses could kill easily.

Still, I will use few more methods; currently, Miss Constance's body is extremely weak, and whatever poison that had left inside could hinder her recovery time, so over the next twenty minutes, I tried a couple of more method that helped me remove whatever poison that had been hiding in her body.

After I finished, I did not remove my strings, instead used them to deliver healing energy into every corner of her body.

Every if all the poison had been removed, she is still extremely weak. The damage done by the poison is huge and could not be healed by simply drinking the potions. The potions could heal her but leave the lasting damages that will hinder her future process.

Her body needs gentle methods; I will damage my healing energy while rest will be healed by her own.

In two days, her body will be healed enough that she would be able to take potions without leaving lasting damage; that process could be expedited by taking some precious herbs, which I don't have.

If it had been the teacher in my place healing her, she would have been able to return to her peak within few hours.

Still, what I did was pretty phenomenal; I had healed an Elite Tyrant who had been injured by an Elite Poison Master. There are around fifty known people in the world who would heal such injuries, and all of them are Tyrant.

While I, on the other hand, am an Emperor who is still growing stronger, by the time I had reached the peak of my strength in the Emperor Stage, healing such types of injuries would not be as stressful as it is right now.


I begin to pull back my strings out of her body which took about a minute for me to do before I activated the formation of a coffin that lit up.

The design of roses begins to materialize, the design of roses begins to turn into the real roses, and three minutes later, the coffin had disappeared, leaving twenty-one green roses around Miss Constance.

"Congratulations, Miss Constance, you are completely healed. You just need to rest for two days before you can drink the potion and return to your peak," I said as I finally opened my eyes.

There are no injuries that could be seen on her body. All the flesh wounds she had has disappeared. The chunk of her waist, which had been cut by the Grimm Monster, had also been healed.

The only proof of injuries is her bloodied clothes and slightly pale skin, which recover its vibrant glow on its own within in few hours.