Monster Integration - Chapter 163 Out of Realm VI

Chapter 163 Out of Realm VI

''Skill!" That word kept ringing in everyone's mind, they did not come out of themselves even after max left.

They did not even react when max said that we will not fight tomorrow but day after


When they come to themselves and thought it through, they still did not care about a day late expedition and more monsters that came with it.

All of them were still busy dreaming about the skill.

Only one-third of people have skill while others are mostly are without skill.

There are two reasons most people below corporal level don't have the skill, first is a skill are really expensive.

Even mediocre Grade 1 skill cost two million while the good ones are even more expensive.

The second reason there aren't many places that sold skills. There are two places in a republic that sells skill to normal adventurers.

One is Adventurers Paradise and other is Government.

Adventures Paradise had a strange rule that only Corporal level could buy the skill from them and the Government charged an extra half million that prices in adventurers paradise, that is why most of the people didn't have skill.

One more reason people are excited about that nearly all people here able to buy skill right now, no matter which level.

Even those at Private Grade definitely had collected enough monsters core to able to buy a Skill much less everyone else.

I am also very excited, by my estimate, I have already collected monster cores worth four million credits.

Buying skill is one of my objectives after getting out of this realm.

I had earned a fortune in this realm and with these fortunes, I may be able to finance the best training for myself for at least six months, including buying new gear.

I walk back excitedly with jill back to our tents, she is very sad that her brother left for home after saying just word.

I consoled her saying he will come back by the dawn and this forest there is no monster that is a threat to her brother.

Hearing that her mood elevated a little, we kept walking around the whole camp four before dinner is ready.

The dinner was quite tasty compared to what we were used to eating every day at our camp.

Ashlyn likes it so very much that she ate till she can't fly.

"Ashlyn where do you keep all the food you ate?" jill asked for Ashlyn as I am holding her in my palms.

"Cheew!" Ashlyn lazily chirps in annoyance and closed her eyes, not even bothering to hear any of her questions.

Jill many times to poke Ashlyn but seeing she is not responding, she let go but bitsy did not.

She tried for a full ten minutes but even then Ashlyn did not open her eyes, bitsy became sad seeing this, Jill had to console bitsy with treats.

We talked for a little more before going inside our respective tent.

I Tried to sleep early but I couldn't due to the excitement I am feeling for tomorrow.

The super-elites that went to westblood would be able to return by dawn bringing skill and other things with them.

'Chew chew' I am woken by Ashlyn's loud chirp and sharp beak on my face, when I looked at the time, I got quite surprised seeing it is late morning.

In this realm, I normally woke up at dawn but today I subconsciously let go due to safety and I was too tense past few days, I let go consciously and slept till my body got urgently needed rest.

"Good morning Ashlyn!" I said but she didn't reply to my greeting and looked at me annoyingly.

"Chew chew chew chew!" she chirps at me angrily and asks me to open the flap of the tent, so she could go out.

She must have woken up hours before but lt my sleep and didn't wake me up.

I can see the number of seeds and other parts of fruits lying around my backpack, I can see that she had eaten in the morning.

Ever since we had entered this realm or since she evolved into Specialist grade, her appet.i.te had grown more than before.

She had started to disturb me at night for food, so I always kept my backpack opened before sleeping, so if she is hungry, she can eat herself but this time she is not annoyed because she is hungry but because she is feeling bored in close and wanted to go out.

''Ok, ok ill open it!" I said with my hands in front and opened the flap of the tent slightly, so she could go outside.

Her chubby form flew away from the tent without taking a single glance.

After freshening up, I get out of my tent and I greeted with cheerful atmosphere with no care for monsters that are attacking our camp.

When I saw the number of monsters, my heart skipped a beat.

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! I shouted in my mind seeing the numbers of monster. Max was right there are more than twenty thousand monsters out there.

Not only that, the number of gigantified monsters had reached thirty-two.

When they attack the blue dome, giant ripples spread across the dome, it felt so scared that if I was a child, I would have definitely s.h.i.+t my pants seeing this scene.

There are currently seven monsters specious, four we have fought before while three are completely unknown.

I am very pleasantly surprised seeing one specious of monsters though, I never thought, I will encounter it again.

Its Treants, they are one of the seven s.p.a.cious of monsters that are attacking the big dome and they are in quite sizeable numbers.

These Treants looked quite different than the ones that we face a few days, these once have little purple mixed in their green color.

Of all gigantified minsters, giant Treants are most interesting to see, they are attacking the dome with their tens of branches, no matter which comes in their way, these branches pierce through it but still, they aren't able to do anything except for producing a ripple.

Taking my gaze of monster, I look toward the center of the dome and walk toward it excitedly as nearly all the people of camp crowding there.