Monster Integration - Chapter 1682 - Life and Death I

Chapter 1682 - Life and Death I

Chapter 1682 - Life and Death I

"Another Battle!" I said as I broke the connection with Ashlyn and changed my direction.

It had been more than three weeks since a large number of Grimm Monsters entered the forest, and we have been fighting against them non-stop. There are so many battles that if Emperor kept running at their normal speed, they would hear the fighting sound every half an hour.

That is huge, seeing how wast this forest is and how a regular Emperor had to scour the forest for the whole day before finding a Grimm Monster to fight.

The Tyrants were silent for few days, just for five days before they started fighting. Now, at every hour, some Tyrant is fighting somewhere; there is one battle just started few kilometers ahead of me, the same direction which I was planning to travel.

With the battle going on, I would have to circ.u.mvent it, and that would take twice a time, but I have no choice.

I now have seventy-two seeds around the forest; a few months ago, handling so many seeds would have taken me days, but now with my strength increased and me finding an efficient way, I barely moved toward the seeds.

The only time I went to seeds personally when they caught a live Grimm Monster; that is the only thing I could not make Ashlyn deal with personally; I have to be present to harvest the Bloodline.

So, I went toward the seed which had caught the Bloodline Monsters; today is my lucky day; Ashlyn had said that two of my seeds have caught the Bloodline Monsters, which is great news.

For three weeks, I had been rapidly feeding the Bloodline Essence to my Runes; every week, my seeds would catch five to six Bloodline Grimm Monsters which is a great harvest.

For such harvest, I did not have to waste hours searching for them; they directly fell into my l.a.p through my seeds; the only thing I have to do is walked out of my abode and recharge the seeds every time they used.

Chew Chew

I was moving toward the seed when Ashlyn informed me of the Grimm Monster. I moved toward it, and a few seconds later, its body in my storage, getting converted into the Mana Crystal.

'Interesting,' I mutter, as I saw the result of a battle of Tyrants; the battle had lasted for about half an hour and ended when the human ran away. I can not blame him; the Grumm Monster is strong; if I had been in his place, I would have run away too.


Twenty minutes later, I landed beside my seed, and as I ordered it, it came up revealing Scarlet Oxman bound in the vibrant green string like a great present; sensing me, deep red eyes of the Scarlet Oxman flew open.

It wanted to say something to me, but unfortunately, it could not; the mouth of it is sewn shut so tightly that it could not let out a single word.

A second later, a green sphere covered Grimm Monster and me, and thing string released from my hand and connected the center of seed that bound the Scarlet Oxman.

As it did, the strings of seeds inside the Grimm Monsters began to grow rapidly, and a few seconds later, they came out and covered the Scarlet Oxman fully.

In this upgrade, I had made small changes. Now, I do not have to remove the seed before starting harvesting; I could now just connect my string to the seed and immediately start the process without wasting some precious seconds.


I started the harvesting process, and just as I did, I felt the resistance from its Bloodline, which only lasted for several seconds before Green and Silver runes came out and destroyed all the resistance there is and started purifying and s.u.c.k.i.n.g the bloodline essence.


Few seconds after that, strengthening essence came rus.h.i.+ng down from my runes. Fusing with every inch of my body, giving me a wonderful feeling which only lasted for a little more than a minute.

After I finished, I collected the essence rose and Grimm Monsters stuff and begin to charge the seed as I moved away; it took me twenty seconds to charge up the seed, and I threw it few kilometers away.

Ashlyn came out of me and again started to guide me; a little more than an hour later, I landed on the place of the second seed, which was holding up a Lightning Leopardman which has quite a powerful Bloodline.

I harvested its essence and Bloodline, collected its stuff, charged the seed, and threw it away before moving back toward the city.

In the past twenty-four days, I had been in the city two times. If its not for showing my face and progress, I would have stayed in the forest. The forest is dangerous, but here, I did not have to worry about someone snooping on me through their soul sense.

I will not stay in the city for long; I will stay for a night and return tomorrow. The forest is much better than the city, where I could work without feeling much stressed even if it is dangerous.

As I traveled through the middle region, I threw away two more seeds. My plan is to expand the net of seeds slowly, I could have added as many seeds as I want in few days, but I did not want to alarm the Grimm Monsters, who I am sure keeping the keep an eye on the development.

Chew Chew