Monster Integration - Chapter 1683 - Life and Death II

Chapter 1683 - Life and Death II

Chapter 1683 - Life and Death II

I immediately connected my mind with Ashlyn and vision Black Moon Lady facing again her old enemy Black Mambaman of the Razing Legion appeared before my eyes.

It is the only Grimm Monster in a forest who could contend against her; others get killed with a single attack.

I had seen her do that; it was so fast that I only saw an arrow released from her bow and Grimm Monster falling on the ground with the arrow stuck in its c.h.e.s.t.

Most of the battles she had fought are with the Black Mambaman; both of them are always clas.h.i.+ng, trying to kill each other, but their strength is almost equal, and n.o.body able to kill each other.

Though Black Mambaman gets injured now and then, these injuries are not serious. It never let her arrow pierce its fatal spot.

I watched their battle for few minutes before I broke the connection; I had watched their battle many times, that it felt slightly bored.

With my mind once again on the road, I increased my speed; even with a huge upgrade in strength, it still took me hours to cross the middle region; the forest is d.a.m.n vast, and not to forget the suppression which suppresses everything.

Chew Chew

About two hours pa.s.sed by, and I had reached the boundary of the middle region when Ashlyn again chirped in my mind, and this time, her voice is hasty; she wants me to look quickly.

Feeling the emotions from her tone, I stopped immediately and looked at what she wanted to show me.


A loud curse couldn't help but come out of my mind when I saw the scene playing in front of me. I saw Black Moon Lady being surrounded by the Three Green Monsters and all three of them belong to the Razing Legion; the huge badge on the armor is proof of that.

The first Grimm Monster is Black Mambaman which is fighting against her earlier, the second is Greystone Rhinoman which is holding a huge stone saber, and the third Grimm Monster, Silver Tusk Hogman, which had huge crystalline green crystalline staff in its hands.

Just one looked at it for me to know that it is a Poisonmaster and since it is from the Razing Legion, a d.a.m.n powerful one.

Three of the Grimm Monsters of Razing Legion attacking the Black Moon Lady, whose real name is Constance Mars as the teacher told me, she is also a good friend of the professor.

I did not have to ask the teacher these things; she herself had told me and even told me to ask her for help if I am really in trouble.

She is getting beaten up badly; she could handle one Black Mambaman fine, but when she is attacked by the three of them, especially a poison master of this level, even she will have run away.

I could tell she had been afflicted by the poison, the signs are visible on her, and that is making her weak. Every second she spends there, she is risking her chances of surviving.

She is drinking the potions now and then, and they are helping her alleviate her symptoms for few seconds before they came back in full force, making her further weaker.

Few minutes pa.s.sed by, and her condition has become even worse, and I don't think she has any chances of surviving.

She is heavily injured and barely able to dodge any attacks that three Grimm Monsters are sending toward her. It won't be too long before one of their attacks landed on the perfect spot that she won't be able to defend.

Every second, her condition became worse and worse; every time she tries to escape, the Grimm Monsters would stop her.

I couldn't help but grip my hands tightly, her condition is desperate, and there is nothing I could do. If I had been Tyrant, I would have been able to do something against it, but with my current strength, I could do nothing to help her.

I am not even a match of the below-average Tyrant with my current strength; forget doing anything against these elites.

Suddenly a change occurred in the battle; She suddenly began to burn her blood and started shooting while escaping.

It is daring to plan move, despite many flaws and extreme danger, would have been able to give her a chance to escape if not for her enemies came prepared. As she begins her blood, three Grimm Monsters took out three purple crowns and put them on their head.

These crown artifacts must be very powerful to weaken the Elite Tyrant who started burning their blood to such a degree.

But despite being weakened, she is fighting furiously and even able to injure the Poisonmaster seriously, which incapacitated it from the battle but still, the other two Grimm Monsters are too much for her to handle.

If she had been in her peak condition and were not facing the suppression of the artifacts, she would have been able to deal with the two Grimm Monsters; running away would not have been a problem for her.

I hope that she has some sort of talisman, not protection but the escaping type, which are very rare and especially the very powerful ones which could fight the suppression and pierce through the s.p.a.ce of the Devil's Gate.

Few seconds pa.s.sed when suddenly, both of the Grimm Monsters appeared around, The Rhinoman in front while Mamban in the back, and both of them launched a powerful attack.

She survives the attack of Rhinoman while taking gruesome injury at her waist, but the attack of Black Mambaman's attack is coming for her heart from behind, and her chances of dodging this attack seemed slim.