Monster Integration - Chapter 1681 - Potions

Chapter 1681 - Potions

Chapter 1681 - Potions

Five minutes later, all the strengthening energy inside me had been absorbed by my body and soul. Giving me strength that made me feel lightheaded with just of thought of the things I could do with it.

I reigned those running thoughts as I have no interest in acting on those impulses; I had already made plans on what I wanted to do, and one of the things is to work on my Inheritance.

As for fighting and killing the Grimm Monsters, my seeds would do that. Though I would still go out and fight the Grimm Monsters, most of my time would be focused on my research and Inheritance.

After looking at my body carefully, I got up and clean the practice hall before going for the shower. Some of the herbal essences had been stuck on me, and if I did not want to smell like every herb out there, I better clean myself nicely.

Twenty minutes later, I walked out of the shower and cooked something for lunch for Ashlyn and me.

One and half hour later, Ashlyn and I finished with my lunch and opened the small gate in the abode to let Ashlyn out. She wanted to go out and fly around, test her strength which she had gotten through this level up.

After she left, I walked into my bedroom and laid on the bed comfortably and about to close my eyes to enter my Inheritance s.p.a.ce when suddenly I remember something.

I had yet to check out the storages of the Grimm Monsters I had killed yesterday. I usually do that while walking around the forest, but yesterday, I was a little careful.

Seeing fifty-something Tyrants fighting around the forest will do that to you. Tyrants may have disappeared for a few days and gave the field to us Emperors but seeing the way they fought, I don't think the Tyrants will remain hidden; soon, they will again come out and start fighting.

I sent a string of soul energy into my storage ring and begin to look at the rack where newly sorted things are kept.

I am really grateful for that Blood red being for adding functions such as sorting inside it. Not only it added many cool formations inside also expanded the s.p.a.ce of the storage ring, that even storage given by the Academy could not be compared to it.

If they had, my storage ring would have notified me; it had been programmed to notify me.

I started to look at the things, and my speed is very fast; as I finished looking at the things, the stuff would fly out the racks and move to the place they belonged to.

The stuff inside them is nothing surprising, some dead human bodies, artifacts, and rare and precious stuff.

There are also many rare potions, and I even able to find a rare King Grade regeneration potion of peak quality which is quite a find seeing how rare these kinds of regeneration potions are.

The regeneration potions are one of the most sought-after potions. Due to constant battles, losing body parts are normal, and except for high-level healer like the teacher who could help in regrowing the limbs, only regeneration potion help in do that.

Though this King Grade regeneration potion is useless to me, I am sure Academy will a precious, adding one more in their coffers, especially now when the war is imminent.

Resources such as this would become far more important as organizations would start h.o.a.rding them.

Adding the potion to the special cabinet where I keep the important stuff, I resumed my inspection. It is the same old stuff I found, but it is important to always inspect as sometimes, I would find something like the regeneration potion.

Few minutes pa.s.sed, and I continued my inspection. Aside from my Regeneration potion, I found a powerful magical ore of Darkness Type, which I am sure many would trade for some nice things.

I was reaching the end, and few racks remained to be inspected when I suddenly stopped with my eyes going wide.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g h.e.l.l!" I cursed loudly as I looked at the stone content of the blade stone case which I had just opened. Inside the case is Bloodline Furnace Potion and not just one but six, and of the six potions, three are glittering red like the one drunk by the Four Eyed Antman, and the other three are glittering black.

It is clear that they are of different grades, and looking at the case and two empty s.p.a.ces, there were originally eight potions in the case.

In the arrangement of the potions, three glittering black potions are above; on that line, there was no empty s.p.a.ce, and on the below are three glittering red potions, and there are two empty s.p.a.ces in that line.

If I am not wrong, then two empty potions s.p.a.ces belong to the red color potion, one of which is drunk by Antman.

I took out the potions and read the label on them, which thankfully was written in a universal language.

The labels are written in technical terms, which I am not fully able to understand bit; one thing I was able to understand that black color potions are higher grade than the red color potion.

I looked at these Bloodline Furnace potions and still could not believe I was able to find them and not but six.

The value of such potions are undeniable huge, they are thousands of time more valuable than the Regeneration potions of Tyrant Grade. Especially those glittering black color potions.

The old monsters, who had lived for hundreds of years and awakened their Bloodline to such degree that no young person could compare to them, would pay a very heavy price for these potions.