Monster Integration - Chapter 1680 - High Emperor

Chapter 1680 - High Emperor

Chapter 1680 - High Emperor

I looked at myself felt the strength coursing through my body; it is not Bloodline Essence that had increased my strength but also the potion; the dangerous quenching of it had provided me with lots of benefits.

It feels amazing to have such strength coursing through my body; I feel like I could do anything, even reach the Sunlit Dome if I wanted to.

Which of course, I could not; the strength require to reach the Sunlit Dome is immense, and I do not have that strength. Even when I reach the Peak of Emperor Stage, it will be extremely hard for me to reach there.

Still, I will try; before I leave this place, I will try my all to reach that place; whether I will able to do it or not, time will tell.

I collected its storage and artifact from the husk of Antman, including the black Essence Rose, which is barely able to form its drained Essence, and put them all in my storage before calling back the green energy sphere.

With everything done, I walked toward the middle range of the forest. I had finished my target of today, and now, I just need to find a hidden safe spot to set up my abode.

With me reaching the absolute limit of Mid Emperor, it is time for me to level up, and fortunately, I have the upgrade ready.

With Ashlyn as a guide, I was quickly able to walk out of the Central Region and found a well-hidden spot in the middle region before setting up my abode underground and walking inside.

She had been outside for more than a month and had been tired of eating the packaged food; even if that food is cooked by me, she is tired of eating it and wants something fresh to eat.

So, after taking a good shower and cleaning all blood off my body, I walked into the kitchen and cooked something good that Ashlyn wanted. It took me about an hour to cook a nice five-course dinner which we ate together first time after a month.

After I finished the dinner, I did not make the preparation for the level up as I wanted to earlier.

I had been awake for more than a day and had fought the bloodiest battle in quite a while. I am feeling a little tired and wanted to sleep to rest my body and mind before leveling up.

I slept and slept for nearly nine hours before waking up feeling completely refreshed. After showering up and eating breakfast, I started to make the preparation for level up.

I missed those days when I could just think and level up; no need to draw the huge formation and place all those rare and precious resources.

I took me nearly two hour to draw the runic formation and place all the resources I needed on the formation. Thinking of resources, I did not look at the stuff I had got from the Grimm Monsters I had killed yesterday; I will take a look at them sometime today after I had leveled up.

I sat in the center of the huge formation and went inside my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and happened on the humanoid-shaped upgrade; a moment later, I got thrown out of my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.


The energy was dense and powerful, and it is being s.u.c.k.e.d by my runes greedily at the ravenous speed. It is not the herbal energy that they are eating but also powerful worldly energy that begins to form inside me.

This time I am not surprised by this worldly energy that is exclusive only to Tyrants. When I sensed it building above me, I quietly close my eyes and begin to comprehend it.

Sensing it and controlling it is one of the conditions to become the Tyrant, and I want to satisfy this condition as soon as possible.


A minute after the breakthrough begins, the Inheritance Core of Clear Heart Inheritance begins to s.h.i.+ne in faint rainbow light, just like it did during the last level up, but this time, it is a little brighter than before.

The rainbow light began to spread into my runes, and soon all my runes got covered in rainbow light, and just as they did, the consumption speed of the Runes has more than doubled.

To create an upgrade for High Emperor, I had just needed a month; the rule book of the Calm Heart Inheritance made creating Inheritance almost easy, there is not much challenge in creating the Emperor Inheritance.

The real challenge is the Tyrant upgrade, which is progressing at a very slow rate even when I give it far more time than I give it to the Emperor Inheritance.

Now only one Emperor Grade upgrade had remained and that of the Peak Emperor Stage, and if I gave it the same time as that of the High Emperor upgrade, I would be finished with it within a month.

Time pa.s.sed by, and finally, I opened my eyes as I could not feel any worldly energy.

When I looked inside me, I saw my runes had stopped s.u.c.k.i.n.g the energy and now are glittering brightly.


A few seconds later, the runes buzzed, and a sea of strengthening energy spread through my body, nouris.h.i.+ng and strengthening every part of me. The amount of strengthening energy that came out of the runes is huge; with it, my strength will rise astronomically.