Monster Integration - Chapter 162 Out of Realm V

Chapter 162 Out of Realm V

As we walk near the blue domes, I found that they had a clear lot more area than we would need to pitch the eight camps.

'It looks like they had made a large field preparation for big battle' i joke in my mind.

As we walk near the cam, the small opening formed on the blue forcefield and four people came out of five camps.

William and other elite of the camp went to meed them as they started talking something in between them.

Many small groups of monster attacked us while they were talking but it was handled by Corporal level elite.

After fifteen minutes of talking the four super elites of went back to their camp and soon after the four forcefields closed down.

The people inside their camps are as surprised as us.

"What are they doing?" I asked Jill as she would likely have an idea what are they doing.

"You will see in a few hours!" She said with a mischievous smile.

The four super elites of another camp with other another holding the staffs of artifacts.

Super-elites from our camp also took out staffs of artifact from the storage and started placed them around the boundary of the whole clearing.

When I counted the whole staffs they are placed around the clearing, I became shocked, seeing they are placing 240 staff.

''Everyone Enter inside the boundary of the staffs!" A loud voice boomed, we like headless chicken followed as he said.

What happens next was the amazing and memorable scene I've ever seen in my life.

All two hundred and forty staffs of the artifacts drilled into the ground and suddenly they all lit up with blinding blue light.

The blue light from them traveled up slowly and soon light from all two hundred and forty lines of lights Mets in the sky and started to form a blue dome.

'Gasp!' I gasp seeing this, the giant dome had encompa.s.sed the whole clearing.

If a fight broke out we can easily fight more than fifteen thousand, I thought and that when it ticks in my mind.

I thought it as a joke but it might be true, maybe this is reason erected this gigantic dome.

''Is this where we are going to fight tomorrow?" I asked Jill to clear my doubt.

''Likely." She answered I am a little confused hearing that, we were supposed to fighting our way towards the exit, not stay in position and attack the monsters that surround our camp.

''I don't know anything!" Jill said when I look at her with questioning expression.

Looks like we will only know after William came back but now he is a center where all the super elites had gathered and discussed something.

Seeing it will take some time to come from his meeting, we pitched the side of our tent by side.

There is no distinction between camps right now, it's like the original camp at the boundary of the scind forest.

I am just resting in my tent when heard the loud voice of max.

"Attention, everyone pleases organize in the center of the camp. I repeat, everyone …" Max's voice boomed the minutes.

I got up and walk out of my tent with Ashlyn when I knocked at jills tent and with her, I walk toward the center of camp where Max is standing on the giant tree stump, waiting for everyone.

Within a few minutes, four thousand people gathered around the giant tree stump that max is standing on.

"As you know, we are only a few miles away exit of the realm," he said while taking a break for suspense.

"What you don't know that seeing our big moment in the forest, they had formed a had formed a large horde," he said.

Most of the people are not shocked as they know once monsters notice big movement in their territory, they will form a horde to defend against it.

People are more interested in knowing the number of monsters they are going to face.

Everyone looked at max expectantly with bated breath, wanting to know the exact number of monsters.

"By the Morning, twenty-five thousand monsters will surround the camp and they all will be B grade and there will be a minute number B upper-grade monsters also.!" he said

'Suuu….' all of sucked the sharp breath hearing this.

Ever since we entered the center area, in the past two days we had mostly faced six thousand monsters.

Two thousand people against six thousand monsters and we fought quite bitterly against it but now he is telling us that there will twenty-five thousand monsters will be greeting us in the morning.

The whole is becoming chaotic suddenly as everyone discussing among themselves as this very very bad news.

Not only we will face twenty-five thousand monsters of B grade, but max also said there will be a minute amount of B upper-grade monster.

I know what terror that could bring us, there is the relative difference between the strength B and B upper-grade monsters and that's not all.

Many people out of potions or very few left to them. It became very noisy after all the people started shouting their concerns to the max.

"Quite! All of your concerned will be answered!" Shouted Max, everybody suddenly became quiet.

''There is two good news that I will share with you that will erase all of your concerns!"

"First the good news is that after we defeat this horde, we will not face many challenges reaching the exit!" max said.

Hearing that made lot of people calm but there is still a question about how we are going to beat the monsters first.

"All super elites excluding me had already left an exit for the exit just now to bring the things we will need to fight the monsters!" He said.

First people extremely shocked hearing nearly all the super elites left but were quite relieved hearing they had gone to bring important things.

''They will also bring some reinforcement and not only they will bring the potions, but they will also bring the skills, from the fortune you had received in this realm, I think everyone is now capable of buying the skills."

''We will start our attack day after tomorrow at dawn, tomorrow will be to you to rest and learn the skill!"

He said that and jumped off the stadium leaving people murmuring the single word 'Skill'.