Monster Integration - Chapter 1665 - Melted

Chapter 1665 - Melted

Chapter 1665 - Melted


The Black Mambaman roared loudly and moved toward in Black Moon lady in rage that could be felt across kilometers.

Seeing it coming toward her in a fury, there was no fear in Black Moon Lady's face; instead, there is mirth as if she is challenging it. The smile on her face seemed to make it even angrier as it let out the guttural roar.

She again pulled the string and released the arrow, and this time, the arrow bigger and darker, and it appeared inches away from the c.h.e.s.t of the Black Mambaman c.h.e.s.t in a moment.

Mambaman swiftly fended off the arrow, but a trace of fear and panic could be seein in its eyes for a moment before it had disappeared, and it had taken a step toward the Black Moon Lady when it stopped again, and this time, the arrow was nearly at its eyes before it swatted it away.

A couple of more arrows were launched before they had stopped, and both looked at each other.

The Black Moon Lady opened her mouth to speak, but Black Mambaman interrupted her and barked something before turning toward seven Grimm Monsters and said something to them.

Hearing that, the seven Grimm Monsters hesitated before they appeared behind the Black Mambaman and begin flying away.

Their exit shocked me, and it is even more shocking that Black Moon Lady did not try to stop them. She just watched them leave without doing anything before she landed near the engine thing, which is melting under the silver liquid.

The silver arrow is not the normal arrow, it had somehow melted the whole Engine thing, and now I could it melting the disk.

The Black Moon lady continued watching the melting process, but she also very careful about her surrounding. She might seem relaxed, but she is not; she is ready for war and not to forget, her bow is still in her hands.

I have seen how fast she could shoot; if she sensed any danger, it would not be taken even a fraction of a second before arrows start flying from her bow.

A few seconds later, the five human Tyrants appeared beside her; the lady turned toward Sir Sheldon and begin talking with them; whatever she said seemed to put a grave expression on Sir Sheldon's face as he rubbed his temples in worry.

It is quite frustrating to me that I could not hear what they are talking about. I could not even read their lips; these Tyrants are very careful; they have s.h.i.+elded their mouths with invisible energy, so those spying could not read what they are saying.

It is pretty common practice when talking private but these Tyrants employing it when they are in the middle of nowhere.

The melting process is slow; the final piece of the engine thing had melted, and now it begins to melt the disk.

The Tyrants watched the process as they discussed the things, and as such, few minutes have pa.s.sed, and the disc completely melted, leaving behind a big pool of silver liquid.

She did that for nearly half an hour before again she next silver pool of liquid and took off a palm-size bottle containing brown, red liquid; she opened the bottle's cap and poured the liquid off on the silvery pool.

The silvery liquid begins to saturate as it came into contact with the red liquid, and by a second, its area begins to shrink till there is nothing but a small silver ball had remained, which had numerous runes flas.h.i.+ng on it.

The Black Moon lady picked the silvery ball, placed it in a crystalline box before stored it in her storage.

She spoke few words to Tyrants beside her, and soon, all of them took the air and flew toward the Devil Gate city; in few seconds, they disappeared from Ashlyn's view.

I did not break the connection with Ashlyn and continued to watch below for a couple of minutes, but nothing happened except for few monsters coming in sniffing before leaving in a hurry as if they sense something dangerous.

"What a day!" I said as I opened my eyes and ma.s.saged my head; the past few hours were really something.

I really wish to know what that Engin thing is, but alas, I could not. Though I made a mental note in my mind about it, I will ask the teacher when I got back to the Academy.

Now, with this mess around, I don't think anyone would be able to leave the Devil's gate. The next week and week after that is a time when the gates of Gates opened, old people go, new people came, but I don't think, at this moment, Devils Gate would let anybody leave.

For the past years, the situation between the humans and Grimm Race becoming tenser. Tenser than usual, I had observed it during the years.


A sigh couldn't help but came out of my mouth when I think about war; war is terrible but necessary. Millions of people die, and countless resources were wasted, but the opportunity we humans have to inflict some credible damage to Grimm Monsters or vice versa.

In the last epoch war, we have nearly wiped out the Grimm Monsters under the lead of Ramona Hawthorn.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to hide in their little hole, but a few hundred years later, they came out in huge numbers and started taking back territories we have captured, and now they control half of the Central Continent.

Shaking my head of those thoughts, I got up from the bed. The war may start in a few years, but I feel like the Devil's Gate will face the war-like situation soon enough.