Monster Integration - Chapter 1664 - Silver Arrow

Chapter 1664 - Silver Arrow

Chapter 1664 - Silver Arrow

It had been more than an hour since the battle had begun between two Tyrants, and till now, no one was able to touch each other.

Their attack has grown powerful over time, and their speed is so great that I could see them except when they stop on one spot for more than a fraction of the seconds.

With such long battles and power attacks, they have destroyed the huge area around them. The trees in the dense suppressive area where even Emperor with strength like mine will have a problem dealing damage had been vaporized under their attacks.

Tens of kilometers area lay barren around them; looking at it, one might think only a powerful army could bring such destruction, but no, it had been brought by just two very powerful Tyrants.

For a moment, I even thought whether the powerful suppression even affects them, which it does, of course, but these Tyrants are powerful enough to bear it with the strength they have.

Despite not able to see much of their fight, I am looking at it very carefully; I am sure after this fight, things will change in the Devil's Gate, even outside. Simple things could call members Black Moon Corps and Raze Legion.

The battle continued for more than twenty minutes when suddenly both of them stopped and looked at each other without speaking; they just stared at each other.

The staring contest lasted for more than a minute before Black Mambaman said something; hearing what it said, the Moon Lady copped and said something which seemed to anger Black Mambaman too much as its eyes blazed in anger.

Whatever they are talking about, it is related to the Engine thing. Both their targeted on it, and even during their battle, they had their eyes off that Engine thing and were always careful not to hit an area where the Engine thing is.

Few more words fired from their mouth when suddenly, a powerful aura burst out of the Black Mambaman.

This is aura is very powerful, far more powerful than any aura it had ever revealed during the battle. Even I, who is watching through Ashlyn's sense, felt suffocated when this aura washed over Ashlyn.

The strange thing is while I felt suffocated, Ashly does feel much anything as if this aura is not from some powerful Tyrant but lowest level Knight; it is the same for the suppression from which she does not feel anything.

But unlike the suppression, which she is actively s.h.i.+elding me from feeling, she is doing no such thing with aura.

As the powerful aura released from the Black Mambaman, it moved; it did not waste even a fraction of a second; I wish I could see how it had moved, but the difference in the strength is too much for us to see anything.

It has definitely launched the all-out attack, and with the killing, the intent is radiating; it is clear that it wants to kill the Black Moon lady at any cost.

It is like she is revealing her strength for the first, every moment, there is an arrow releasing from her bow. She is is not giving the Black Mambaman a single chance to attack.


One of the arrows finally nicked its shoulder, giving a small would. Though the wound was small, it had created the big effect as the Black Mambaman roared in frustration loudly and went toward the Black Moon Lady.

She again dodges its attack and begins to shower it with the arrows again, and this time, her arrows begin to divide themselves. Each arrow would divide itself into a ten arrow.

With so many arrows coming its way, the Black Mambaman began to have a problem dodging them and started to defend with its sword. It is the chance that Black Moon Lady seemed to be waiting for; she increased the intensity of arrows that Black Mambaman would be always be surrounded by them.

Seeing how is cutting the tens of arrows every moment, it seemed to have fallen into the traps of Black Moon Lady.

Archers are dangerous, especially skilled ones. With the range and attacks they could launch, they could control the rhythm of the battle; such opponents are very hard to deal with because if they are not strong as you, they will run away, and every archer I had come across have an incredible speed, that catching them is very difficult.

More and more arrows came toward the Black Mambaman, but it dealt with each of them without any problem.

It might be trapped, but it is still strong enough to deal with any attack that came in its way.

The Black Moon lady continued to launch an attack at Black Mambaman. I had thought she would continue to launch it when suddenly a silver arrow appeared on the bow. It is not an energy arrow but a real physical one which she aimed at Engine this.


The sudden move from the Black Moon lady caught the Black Mambaman off guard, and it screamed loudly as a silver arrow flew toward the Engine thing.

A powerful aura burst out of it, and it moved toward the arrow, not caring about the powerful arrows that are coming toward it.

Alas, it could not catch up to the silver arrow, it is too fast, and it stuck to the Engine thing before the Black Mambaman would do anything.

The look of horror appeared on the face of Black Mambaman and other Grimm Monsters as they saw the silver arrow striking the Engin thing; they begin to create as much distance they could from it as if it might explode.

I also expected an explosion to happen, but nothing of that sort happened, as the arrow the engin thing, it melted and silver liquid which begins to spread across the Engine thing.

In a few seconds, the whole visible part of Engine thing had been covered in silver liquid, and I am sure it seemed down, covering the part that is buried in the earth and also the huge runic disc on which it stood.